Edgard Corona, the Boss

Smartfit’s CEO, Edgard Corona, is a household figure in the fitness industry. Not only that, but he is the CEO of the Smartfit organization, which generated $1 billion in 2017 with 480 clubs. Edgard started the Bio Ritmo chain in Santo Amaro (Sa Paulo) in 1996 with a single unit and no prior experience in the industry. He has been the group’s CEO and major name since then.

Previously, the entrepreneur worked for the Corona family’s sugar mills as a skilled chemical engineer. There was also a chemical laboratory on the premises. Smartfit has solidified the Latin American market, with 1.6 million students, in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

To get a sense of the total, Estonia has a smaller population than the Corona gymnasiums. Smartfit changed the way people exercised in the country, exerting pressure on the overall market to alter as well. It is one of the most prominent examples of the economy of recurrence, including technology, infallible scale model, and appropriate service.

Edgard Corona possessed the trait of being a businessman. He had a materials analysis laboratory in college and subsequently opened a confectionery with its outlets. Later, he sold these two firms and moved to work for a family-owned sugar factory in Sao Paulo’s interior. In Santo Amaro, he invested in a gym, which later became his first Bio Ritmo academy.

He was able to establish a model where the firm did not rely on him to function daily as a result of his challenges. Edgard Corona became involved in specialized interventions, offering obstacles for everyone to progress. In a year highlighted by the economic crisis, the model included organized programs that received the greatest scores and retention. Edgard has great hopes for the next several years of achieving his target of a 20% rise in the number of individuals who exercise. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.