Jake Medwell, CEO of Freightwaves

Freightwaves.com is a company that helps truck drivers find the perfect freight match for their needs. Jake Medwell, CEO of Freightwaves, recently sat down with us to tell us about how his company is changing the face of trucking as we know it today.

First, Freightwaves is revolutionizing the way that truckers match up with their loads. According to Mr. Medwell, most of these transactions are done through word-of-mouth referrals between drivers and brokers. However, this process has been streamlined immensely by creating an online system where carriers can seek out prospective long-haul riders.

Second, Freightwaves has been bringing transparency back into an industry that was once hiding behind closed doors. Many brokers choose to keep their rates internal, meaning that truckers are never aware of how much they’re being charged. Allowing the market forces to determine freight prices has opened up a whole new world for both carriers and drivers alike. Plus, it’s become easier than ever before for carriers who need additional business to find willing riders!

Third, Freightwaves has been able to bring the power back into the hands of drivers. One way they’ve done this is by allowing carriers and shippers to rate their experiences with drivers so that other people in need of a long-haul rider know who will be worth dealing with before ever making contact. According to Mr. Medwell, “We want to build a community where the best and most reputable carriers get all of their business through word-of-mouth referrals. Plus we want drivers to be able to work within an environment they feel good about.”

Finally, Freightwaves has been working tirelessly with industry leaders across multiple industries to create efficient partnerships that will benefit truckers and carriers alike.

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