ZeroAvia: The Combined Forces Of Green Hydrogen Are On A Mission To Change The World

Octopus Hydrogen, a hydrogen refueling company, has signed an agreement with ZeroAvia to install hydrogen refueling stations at airports across Europe. Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel source available on earth. A by-product of natural gas, it doesn’t produce any harmful pollutants. Currently, however, staff members at ZeroAvia explain, there are very few vehicles that run entirely on hydrogen. But this is set to change soon, with several car manufacturers planning to launch.


ZeroAvia, a French aircraft company, has partnered with Octopus Hydrogen to bring green hydrogen fuel cell electric aviation systems to the commercial market. The companies signed an agreement in Paris on September 22 for Octopus to provide the hydrogen storage system and support services for two of ZeroAvia’s TriFan 600 aircraft. The combined forces of green hydrogen are on a mission to change the world. They come from two very different industries: oil and gas and transportation. And they have recently begun working together in what could be described as a marriage of necessity if not love to create something entirely new: 




Green hydrogen. Several environmental problems such as climate change address issues through the use of green hydrogen. First, the production of electricity using fossil fuels releases gases into the atmosphere that cause harm to living creatures and nature itself. Second, burning fossil fuels causes carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to rise much higher than they should be (Prnewswire).


We are very proud to announce that Octopus Hydrogen and ZeroAvia aviation company have signed a green hydrogen partnership agreement. This collaboration proves that remote rural areas with clean, renewable energy come from clean hydroelectric power. In the upcoming months, ZeroAvia will publish more features to make affordable, sustainable energy accessible to everyone. With a cost-effective supply of green hydrogen, both companies will be able to deliver more environmentally-friendly flights. In addition, Octopus Hydrogen can help ZeroAvia finance its expansion plans overseas as the company continues to grow globally.