How Tim Murawski is Helping to Improve Lives

For a blip second in time, covid-19 stalled the progress of Augmedic’s revolutionary technology, Xvision Spine System. Despite this, the enthusiastic Augmedic team led by Tim Murawski has moved forward with explosive energy in a post-pandemic world. In 2019, The Augmedics company raised $15 million dollars in funding, despite the halting of the economy during the peak of the pandemic. Xvision spine system (XVS) was cleared for approval by the FDA at the end of 2020. Sales for XVS were initially slow because of the lack of procedure taking place due to the pandemic. 


Augmedics was forced to find alternative uses for XVS, but by the end of 2020, XVS had been utilized in over 250 spinal surgeries. The revolutionary technology gives surgeons the capability to visualize and navigate during a surgical procedure with increased accuracy. The XVision Spine System head-mounted display continuously streams a 3D image of the location of surgical tools and the position of the patient’s spine. Tim Murawski then announced that the latest round of funding closed with an impressive $36 million raised. 


Successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski, the CEO of Augmedics, and the Augmedics team are confident about the revolutionary capabilities of the technology. Members of the Augmedics team continue to back XVS not only with talk but financially as well, demonstrating the team’s confidence in medical technology by supporting it financially. Tim Murawski has over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. He has helped to design and develop life-changing healthcare technology that continues to improve patient experiences. Murawski has a first-hand view of how medical technology continues to transform lives. He takes pride in knowing that the work he participates in is utilized to improve human lives.

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