Kevin Seawright Continues To Help Locals Acquire Affordable Homes

Kevin Seawright has been on the frontline to see people own homes with ease. He is the founder and the manager of his company, RPS Solutions that aims at helping the locals realize their dreams of owning houses. Through his efforts, many first homeowners have managed to secure their dream homes.

The entrepreneur has decided to offer affordable homes to the youths in the city and the neighborhoods. He has achieved this through his partnership with other organizations like the national community stabilization trust.

As the former deputy chief operating officer in a local public school, Kevin Seawright was in charge of over $50 million in his city. He rose to the federal government post because he reduced the federal government debt by $600,000 in a single year. Thanks to his public accounting degree, he got from the Rutgers University and a master’s degree in business management from the University of Alameda.

Besides his company, this philanthropist has worked in the Washington district I Colombia. He also serves Newark in New Jersey, where he helped many older people acquire their dream homes. He also helped the local youths get employment opportunities during that summer. Besides, he serves as a mentor to the local youths and involves them in various communities and other assistance programs.

Origin of the Company

Kevin Seawright grew up in the Philadelphia urban, and he witnessed many people living their entire lives in rented houses. Therefore, he has a passion for helping his friends, relatives, and the whole community get their best homes through affordable means.

Therefore, when he gained enough experience in financial management to work for the government, he decided to realize his dream. According to him, paying rent the whole of your life doesn’t help in financial stability. However, if the money is channeled to the right project, it can be of great importance to individuals. For example, investing in real estate or smart business will help people achieve their life dreams. That is why he incepted the company to help such people acquire their homes.

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