Jake Medwell's Report On Current Plans For Infrastructure.

Jake Medwell is and entrepreneur who has spent most of his life building companies and contributing to their successful future. Jake Medwell is a founding partner of 8VC, a company that focuses on logistics and transportation. Jake Medwell is observing the impacts of the current plans for infrastructure and taxes that Congress will discus in the coming months. So far, the current plans for infrastructure legislation is uncertain. The job market has reported a very lean workforce. With the impact of the pandemic, the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped off. To ad to the uncertainty, Inflation has increased slightly, by .8% in April, which may have been significant for some time but the Colonial Pipeline Crisis threatened many Americans across the country.

The current state of infrastructure legislation may certainly be a turbulent task, amongst many other issues. Over many discussions, Congress is expected to spend $1-2 trillion later on this year with a moderate tax increase. As Congress continues to try to target the best plans for infrastructure spending, Democrats argue that human infrastructure is an important topic to focus on. Human infrastructure includes many social programs that support health care, education and many other social programs. many others feel that physical infrastructure would be a better solution. Using government funding on many roads, bridges and many other major projects that support the transportation industry, across the U.S. The President and many Democrats plan to spend less than 10% on physical infrastructure projects this year but it will be much more than the infrastructure plans of 2009. The current infrastructure plans may have increased but not enough to see a significant change.

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