Dedication to Dermatology: Tim Ioannides

Tim Ioannides MD created Treasure Coast Dermatology. It’s a practice in Florida that offers a wide variety of medical dermatological services to patients.

With a focus in preventing and treating skin cancer, Ioannides helps instructors for dermatological and reconstructive surgeries at the University of Miami School of Medicine. His dedication to his service of others in the field of medicine is impressive.

Ioannides credits his parents that taught him his values from childhood. One of those core values is to find real fulfillment through helping others in the world. Both his parents worked in the field of medicine at the University of Miami.

His mother was a technician at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, while his father created the first dermatopathology laboratory. Both esteemed in their prospective fields, they taught Tim Ioannides MD that it isn’t about recognition. It’s always about making the most of your time in life to help others.

Ioannides shared a story about childhood recently in an interview. He spoke of how his father called a plumber to the house when it was needed. He then proceeded to show the plumber the restrooms that needed the work. His father then helped the plumber. Afterward, the plumber said to him that his dad was a great man. He was impressed because he said never in his 15 years of service had he had a doctor ask if he needed help.

To this day this story resonates so much with Ioannides. He said that it didn’t matter how many degrees he has or how much he’s accomplished. What matters is his passion for his field of medicine that makes him who he is as a physician. He continues trying to reach higher goals every day of his practice for his patients. It shows in his bedside manner in the class too.

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