Why John Ritenour Has Been Supporting the Annual IOA Corporate 5K in Orlando

The founder of the Insurance Office of America is highly known for his philanthropic activities and the strategies that he has incorporated since moving out of the organization. He has always been interested in making sure that everything that the company has been incorporating in its business operations is geared towards giving back to the community, which is a welcome bonus that has been playing a central role in the success of the business organization.

John Ritenour believes that working as the founder of a company that has been very influential in the country gives him an opportunity to address some of the challenges that have been facing the community. He does not want his organization to be seen as an entity that is only interested in getting profits from the community. As the founder of the company, he has the authority to determine how the company will be incorporating some of the philanthropic policies.

One of the philanthropic activities that John Ritenour has been supporting is the IOA Corporate 5K. This is an event that has been annually held since 1995 and has been supported by the Insurance Office of America. It is a fun day event that works towards bringing most of the people and their families to participate in a 5K family race with the hope of building health awareness and helping most of the people in Orland to maintain their fitness.

Besides participating in the annual IOA Corporate 5K, John Ritenour has been using this opportunity to help in influencing other people in the community through his philanthropic activities. He has already provided thousands of meals to a significant number of people from the population, which is something that has been essential in ensuring that the interests of the people from the region, especially those who have been living on the streets, have been addressed.

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