Vik Bansal, the expert in executive roles

Vik Bansal, the former CEO of Cleanaway, has a new role at InfraBuild. He will be joining InfraBuid as the new CEO from 1st July 2021. For several years Vik has held different executive positions from various companies. For the last six years, he was the CEO of Cleanaway, a waste management company in Australia. He transformed the organization to a global level within few years. His transformational management skills have been recognized through various awards over the years. These quality skills have enabled him to secure executive positions in different parts of the world like Asia and the United States.

Bansal is not new in the steel industry because he held one of the top positions at One Steel Limited a few years ago. It doesn’t matter the industry you place him Vik will always perform. The chairman of InfraBuild and the entire board do not doubt Vik Bansal’s leadership because they have seen his quality job. The chairman said Vik’s skills are aligned with the organization’s goals. InfraBuild is on the right track because its products are highly competitive in the market. They have invested in the right technology and equipment to achieve the right results.

Previously before his role at Cleanaway, Vik Bansal was the Chief Operating Officer at Valmont Industries. Valmont is a multibillion company dealing with global engineering and manufacturing, although it’s based in the United States of America. Before that, Vik was the president of Asia Pacific. Vik Bansal holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s in business administration, and an advanced management program. Over the years, he has been entrusted with several director roles from different engineering sectors. The fate of InfraBuild is now in the hands of Vik Bansal. Only time will tell what this visionary leader has in store for the company and the entire industry.A

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