Navigating Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) With Salesforce’s Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International (DSI) is the current leading service provider for inventory management solutions. Debuting its Cloud Inventory program, the company is setting the pace in spearheading customer relationship management across the business sphere.

The Cloud Inventory program, Salesforce, integrates customer relationship management services and works as a complementary suite of enterprise applications.

Bookkeeping and inventory checking is a business’s most overlooked activity. Accounting for the purchases, sales, thefts, obsolesces, and risks of damage can easily be down-sized or over-estimated for the same matter. Most times, we might not be able to stash that receipt well or even remember the cost of damage; this is where Salesforce comes in, eliminating all the previous excruciating paperwork. Real-time visibility into these risks will establish employee responsibility and accountability and have the correct field data to keep the business running.

The inventory incorporates field data, equipment data, tools, and field tickets into one virtual form. It allows clients to issue orders and track the stock using the mobile app. Field technicians can enter the field data, update the work status, and integrate it with the rest of the CRM system.

Field Inventory Management give you power across the physical and enable you to control ongoing activities from any place at any time. Inventory keeping encounters challenges in managing projects, employee performance follow-ups, and keeping track of high-value assets. The cloud inventory eliminates these obstacles offering you real-time visibility into the location, processes and procedures, employees, and assets. The greatest strength of this process is that it transforms the supply chain into a value chain progressively over time.

Based in Kansas City, DCI’s Salesforce brings together clients and business partners and effectively establishes customer relationship management solutions by creating and expanding a business’s community. This platform helps market products as you quickly reach out to new clients while maintaining the existing ones. Its mobile app has a more straightforward interface with a built-in ERP integration that provides real-time updates even when offline. Read this article to learn more.


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