How Tim Ioannides MD Is Attending To Patients During Pandemic

The outbreak of the pandemic has created a perception that there is nothing more important in the world today than getting the virus out of this world. That is why every other person is doing everything possible to adhere to the current restrictions that have been provided by the government that will help in eliminating the virus on the face of the world. However, there are some essential aspects that must be undertaken by people, such as visiting doctors for scheduled medical checkups.

Despite the pandemic, Tim Ioannides MD has been offering other forms of medical attention to the hundreds of patients who have been visiting his facility. The prevalence of the pandemic has not changed the fact that people need to access various healthcare attention to cater for healthcare aspects in other parts of their bodies. However, this does not mean that Tim is not concerned about the pandemic.

He founded Treasure Coast Dermatology and has been serving the residents of Treasure Coast for more than 15 years. The American Board of Dermatology has certified Ioannides to conduct dermatology procedures. He is also part of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Mohs Surgery, and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

As an experienced medical professional who understands better, Dr Tim Ioannides knows that the current pandemic is not something that people can ignore. A huge number of people have already died while the issue of infection continues to increase. That is why he has incorporated some innovative operational strategies in his facility to make sure that he is preventing the spread of the virus to the patients who have been visiting his medical facility.

Dr Ioannides is mandating facemasks in his facility because he knows that this is one of the essential ways that medical experts have highlighted that will help in preventing the transfer of infections from one person to another.

Besides the mask mandate, the number of patients that Tim is attending every day has significantly been reduced. This is helping in reducing the chances of overcrowding at the facility, which is something that would have promoted the issue of the pandemic at the institution. Read this article to learn more.



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