Dr. Chris Brummer is Responsible for Creating the Fintech Week

Dr. Chris Brummer is currently serving as a law professor. Over the years, he has come up with different initiatives regarding financial regulation.

Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Chris Brummer would serve at Cravath, Swaine & Moore as a litigator. The law firm has an office in London and another in New York. Besides being a litigator, Dr. Chris Brummer is also an author, and he has published several books over the years. 

During a recent interview, Prof. Chris Brummer was obliged to talk more about where he got the idea to establish the Fintech Week. As an attorney, his primary focus was on establishing a forum that would allow people to discuss fintech policy. 

Many leaders attend the Fintech Week, and they come from different fields. During Fintech Week, people from the regulatory community can engage those in the financial industry. The Fintech Week makes it possible to make connections between people who attend, and some of them are entrepreneurs and philanthropists. 

Dr. Chris Brummer usually answers different questions from market regulators and participants globally. He is also a lecturer at Georgetown. As a resident of Washington D.C., he usually focuses on current trends and events regardless of who he’s engaging. 

When Prof. Chris Brummer has an idea, he believes that it can only come to life through hard work. Utilize the knowledge you possess and take action to ensure the idea has materialized.

One of the trends that currently excites Prof. Chris Brummer is digital inclusion. Currently, people can easily access information and also get to understand it better. Businesses and people can gain significantly from such. According to Dr. Chris Brummer, such opportunities help to foster progress.

If Prof. Chris Brummer were to issue some advice to his younger self, he would tell himself that regardless of how good a plan is, the future cannot be predicted. The main focus should be on the possible outcomes.