Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is benefiting and empowering migrants

Some of the young migrants aged below 35 years are protected by the DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, program in the United States. This program is intended to assist anyone who is below the age of 35 and entered the US below the age of 16 without legal documentation to get proper work and study documents for two years.

This allows the migrants to access proper education and jobs and even access state provided facilities such as tuition funds. The program usually enables these people to renew their contracts after every two years. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn and Michael Larcey | Twitter

DACA is focused on empowering migrants in the United States who have the necessary requirements not to be deported. DACA provides its beneficiaries with proper paperwork, social security numbers and in some states, they are allowed to have driving licenses.

This program has stood up for the civil and human rights of thousands of migrants and has empowered the country’s economy as a whole. The economy has been improved through the school fees and taxes they pay to the schools and government. The benefits and impacts of DACA have been felt at a local and international level.

Recently, the Trump government has been threatening to permanently close down DACA. The news has been received with fear and anxiety by many of the beneficiaries. The cry of the members and beneficiaries of DACA has been heard by many organizations including the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

These organizations are joining hands so that they help in fighting for a more permanent solution, citizenship, for the DACA beneficiaries. This will ensure that the migrants are not deported from the United States if they meet the requirements of staying there.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by Jim and Michael. These two are co-founders of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. After their wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, due to reporting on proceedings of the grand jury, they were compensated 3.75 million after suing the Sheriff.

The public had a loud outcry about the arrest of Jim and Michael and before 24 hours were over they were released from their cells. The court case took a couple of years but eventually, the two had their settlement. This settlement is what was dedicated to assisting with migrant outcries and it was called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Lacey and Larkin committed the money they got from this settlement to support organizations and movements that supported the civil and human rights of the migrants in Arizona. This is how they got involved in the DACA program, assisting them with proper documentation, funds, and procedures to fight for the rights of the migrants.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund also supports groups that advocate for the freedom of participation in civil rights and speech throughout Arizona including the border to Mexico.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has also assisted other organizations that advocate for the rights of migrants such as the Justice for Migrants & Families Project, JIF, and Justice that Works among others.

NuoDB, Offering a Foundation for Cloud Database Technology

Technology has come of age. Today, you can do hundreds of tasks at a go on your computer all thanks to technology and innovation. Whereas technology happens to be useful, it is also an avenue that encourages exploitation. However, with NuoDB, you get guaranteed of a safe environment for cloud database storage, having invested heavily in the creation of a robust system. Nine years down the line, NuoDB is a top player attracting high-profile clients like UAE Exchange, Dassault Systemes, Alfa Systems, and Kodiak.
By using cutting edge cloud database technology, NuoDB’s system is capable of running from virtually any location providing all the security you need for your data. Also, the system makes use of a logical database that is easy to comprehend, neutralizing all bottlenecks that characterize other database companies. Unlike any other cloud database system you have seen, NuoDB makes use of both new and old SQL approaches making the technology process huge chunks of data in the shortest time possible. Due to its elasticity, the SQL made use of by NuoDB stores your information in an easy to maintain manner.
By the help of the system, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and employ aversion tactics. NuoDB is thus the new black as regards to cloud database technology.

The Magic of Avaaz

Avaaz is a worldwide civic organization that seeks to promote, as the old Superman television series would put it, “truth, justice, and the American way.” Avaaz is a global Dom Quixote, attacking injustice wherever it may be found: Avaaz does this by promoting demonstrations, petitions, and independent press coverage of events.

Created in New York City in 2007, Avaaz encourages activism and offers support to activists. The Guardian Newspaper of England calls it “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network is the brainchild of a public sector organization called Res Publica, a Latin term meaning “public affair” or “commonwealth,” and, an American non-profit advocacy group whose motto is “Democracy in Action.”

Individual founders include Australian-born political activists Jeremy Heimans and David Madden, MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser, Oxford educated Ricken Patel of Canada, former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, International Affairs Expert Tom Pravda of London, and Andrea Woodhouse of the World Bank.

Avaaz campaigners work around the world to bring attention to social, environmental, and governmental problems. They use social media, including email, to communicate with each other and depend on both internet campaigns and grass roots, “feet on the ground” action, including marches, sit-ins, and spectacular exploits to gather media attention. Flickr Photos.

The main purpose behind Avaaz is to unite idealists worldwide and to offer them support and guidance as they fight their individual battles. According to Co-Founder Ricken Patel, the mission of Avaaz is to close the gap between the first world of plenty and the third world of need. Click here to know more.

Igor Cornelsen: Lifting Other Investors Up Through Reliable Investment Advice and Insights

Igor Cornelsen is an accomplished investor from Brazil but currently residing in Bahamas, South Florida. After completing his education in Brazil, he went on to work in the banking sector. He worked for top Brazilian banks, holding top managerial positions. His impressive know-how in investments can be attributed to the experience he got at the time. After a successful career in banking, he went ahead to start his investment journey. The investment path led him to start an investment company in the Bahamas named Bainbridge Investments Inc. The firm provides expert advice on investments to the market.

Igor’s Investment Advice

Though retired, Igor Cornelsen keeps himself abreast with investment markets around the world. He is particularly fond of the Brazilian investment market as this is the place he has made most of his investments. He has continued to offer his insights on investments based on his personal experience. He understands that investments can be complex when an investor has no knowledge. It is important for one to be equipped with the necessary information about the investment one needs to make. If it is in a foreign land, he advises on understanding the rules that govern investments in that country. Investment advisors can guide the way if an investor finds it complicated. He also notes the need to start investing early in life and taking up several investments. According to him, the chances of reaping big are increased while the risks are minimized.

Damaged Stocks

Igor Cornelsen has always endeavored to see people adopt the practice of investing to improve their lives. It is for this reason that he offers his insights on the affordable investments that the markets can provide. He relentlessly advises people to invest in damaged stocks because they are cheap to acquire. He, however, discourages on investing in damaged companies. According to him, damaged stocks have a chance to revive again, something the damaged companies are unlikely to have. His tenure of many years in the industry gave him the needed exposure to understand the investments patterns. His contributions have been featured by top media companies like among others.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: A Mall That Encourages Exploration

When people visit Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago, one thing they are going to notice is that it is a big mall with tons of different features. They will not only see tons of stores but also a lot of exclusive features that they can look at. Therefore, people who visit Manaira Shopping for the first few times are going to have to do some exploring. They will be surprised at what they will find in the mall. They will find tons more than the usual stores. This is more than just finding a very new and unusual clothing store.


People will find a wide range of entertainment, restaurants and even bars at the mall. This means people have a spot that they can go to where they can watch the game while enjoying some of the best food that these stores have to offer. However, it does not stop there. This mall also has one of the best types of movie theaters. While it has become common for malls to have movie theaters, Manaira Shopping has Cinepolis which has a feature that allows people to order full meals beyond the usual popcorn and hot dogs. They can have food like steak, potatoes and plenty of other items on the menu.


There are also tons of events at the mall. The Domus Hall enables people to look at events such as concerts and art walks. When people check out some of these events, they can look at some of the most passionate works of art that are being displayed. Manaira Shopping is a great place for exploring art and finding special events to go to.


One of the best things to explore at Manaira Shopping is the fashion choices for people that are interested. They can find plenty of stores with products that are unique and not easily available in the communities. This allows people to actually explore different outfit ideas without having to go to different shopping centers. Manaira Shopping with its size and variety is very likely to have every store that a customer needs when it comes to shopping for clothes.


Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Guide to Dressing Stylistically under the Lab Coat

It is required for professionals working in the laboratories or hospitals to put on a lab coat. Some people may find it frustrating given that they have to keep the white coat in mind whenever they are choosing what to put on. While there is no fashion stated in wearing the lab coat, its importance cannot be understated. It is protective to the clothes ensuring that no harm comes to your favorite items. Accidents such as spill overs are possible therefore the lab coat becomes a requirement. It is, however, possible for an individual to keep up their sense of style and at the same time put on the lab coat.

Before dashing into having some style makeovers, it is important for individuals to always keep in mind the dress code as stipulated by the work place. Given that the first impression lasts, it is necessary to create a perfect one, especially for the clients. At first glance, the customers should see an individual who is capable of doing their job perfectly. Dr. Akhil Reddy recommends that one puts on a shirt and a tie. With this outfit, one looks stylish even when in the white coat. Another combination that he recommends is the business casual which is comprised of a shirt without a tie. The versatility of this outfit cannot be understated since one can choose to put on a sweater, a blazer or even a sports jacket with your shirt and trousers. You can also opt to skip all and rock the shirt alone. With this particular look, one is both stylish and comfortable.

A combination of Khakis and a dress shirt is yet another outfit recommended by Dr. Akhil Reddy. It not only helps one showcase their style but also gives one an easy feeling. He recommends that every man have this outfit since it is not difficult to rock. It also has a provision of choosing a variety of shoes that are in line with the workplace dress code. With this dressing, one can work on long shift without having to worry about what you are putting on. Dr. Akhil Reddy affords this and much more advice since he has been in the dentistry industry for many years. He readily shares knowledge about finding great wines. On wines, Dr. Akhil mainly focuses on areas that are not prominent because the pricing is a little low. He recommends that one picks up wine from estates that are well known rather than famous names.

The Achievements of George Soros

In a long career that began in the early 1950s, George Soros has seen a lot of things. Books have been written about him. He has also written several books himself. He has delivered hundreds of speeches on numerous platforms. Needless to say, George Soros has held thousands of interviews where he has discussed numerous issues in finance, politics, and philanthropy. Some of the books that George Soros has written include George Soros on Globalization, Underwriting Democracy as well as the Crisis of Global Capitalism. He has also co-authored numerous books such as the Tragedy of the European Union and the New Paradigm for the Financial Markets. Most of his books touch on the topics of geopolitics, stock trading, and finance. George Soros is also knowledgeable in economics. This illustrious career has attracted many awards and honorary degrees. He has an honorary degree from University of Bologna and Yale School of Management.

Other institutions that have recognized George Soros with an honorary degree include the Corvinus University of Budapest and the University of Oxford. Finally, the billionaire has been recognized by New School for Social Research for his exemplary work in finance and economics. All these awards have culminated to the mother of all awards, Institutional Investors Alpha Award that made his name appear on the Hedge Fund Manager Hall of Fame. This means that his name appears on the wall alongside other successful hedge fund managers such as Julian Robertson, Alfred Jones as well as Jack Nash. Other names on this wall include Steven Cohen, David Swensen, Paul Tudor Jones as well as Michael Steinhardt. George Soros is also active in philanthropy where he has supported various causes. Politically, he funds liberal movements, and this is why he is a regular Democratic donor. In the last elections alone, George Soros parted with over $30 million. He has funded the party since the 1970s.

His earlier participation in philanthropy is the funding of black students from the University of Cape Town as they fought the apartheid rule. To ensure that his help reaches the needy people, George Soros opened the Open Society Foundation. This is an organization that spends close to $500 million annually on philanthropy. Soros donated $50 million to the Millennium Promise back in 2006. He is also attributed to helping his native country transform from a communist nation to a democratic one. Through the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has managed to address issues facing the minority such as sex workers, drug users, and the LGBT people. George Soros opposes the oppression of these people by the mainstream society. At the moment, George Soros is 86 years old having been born in a communist occupied Hungary. His wealth is estimated by the Forbes Magazine to be approximately $30 billion.

Honey Birdette Affirming Their Stand on Marriage Equality

The term polarizing has been receiving some critics because of the flash mob that was held in support of the marriage in equality. Honey Birdette workers and models held peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Sydney within the Central Business District. This comes as a result of the oncoming postal plebiscite organized by the federal government of Australia.

The Honey Birdette employees and models wore lingerie and took to the streets from Pitt Street Mall to Martin Place carrying placards and signs with various messages of love and anti-plebiscite. The company streamed the event live on social media drawing a lot of traffic from critics and supporters.

Some fans gave messages of support for their business, saying that the company is holding up its opinion and is accountable for issues that are not only affecting their customers but the community as a whole.

Honey Birdette Company managing director Eloise Monaghan said that she was happy that the walk created considerable attention and sparked to the community what was happening out there. She continued to say that marriage is a fundamental right and the government should not get involved in the voting of the plebiscite.

The motive behind the flash mob came because of issues the company had encountered the previous weeks after complaints about the company’s revealing poster that was promoting the brand’s lingerie line. The store had been vandalized as a result of the ad and the flash mob that brought to attention the support marriage equality.

The flash mob was the only way they could think of to get the team involved and the most efficient way to get their message passed across. To let people know their idea of marriage equality. The company said that they are continuing to campaign for the wedding justice through various advertising ways and posters in the stores though it considered whether or not to continue with the flash mobs.

Gregory James Aziz’s journey to success

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car. It is the world leading manufacturer and engineering company of railroad freight cars. National Steel Car Company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz was born London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He attended Ridley College.

Greg Aziz later joined the University of Western Ontario and majored in economics.Greg James Aziz helped to run a wholesale food business, Affiliated Food which was owned by his family. The company bloomed within a period of 16 years to become an international importer of fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America. The business also distributed fresh food to major wholesalers in the United States and Eastern Canada.

In 1994, Greg Aziz used his earnings to purchase the National Steel Car from Dofasco. James Aziz had a vision of making the company the leader in railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. Through his leadership, he emphasized on the company’s strong engineering capabilities and focused on team building, human resource, and capital investment. Using this strategy, Greg Aziz has managed to expand the company from manufacturing 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars per year by 1999. The number of employees also increased significantly from 600 to about 3,000 employees.

The National Steel Car Company is currently among the leading companies in the innovation of new cars. It is the only railroad freight car, engineering, manufacturing company in North America which is ISO certified 9001:2008. The company has held this honor for over a period of 18 years with multiple recertifications. The company has also received the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996. National Steel Car has sponsored various activities within the Hamilton community. They include the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and other local charity organizations. The National Steel Car Company organize Christmas party for its former and current employees and their families every year. Greg Aziz and his wife are also the sponsors of the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada known as Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

The National Steel Car Company is committed to quality delivery to its clients. It is diverse, dynamic, and innovative and value driven company. Through the loyalty and commitment of its customers, the suppliers and a team of 2,000 members, the company outstands as the best and trusted company in the region.

Gregory James Aziz


Betsy DeVos – Restoring Educational Freedom

As a parent of two elementary school students, I can appreciate the work Betsy DeVos has done throughout her career. The mere fact that she was appointed to serve as Secretary of Education under the Trump administration led me to believe there was something different about her. With President Trump’s promise to bring sweeping changes to Washington, I immediately assumed she would be the antithesis of the bureaucracy that has long-characterized the U.S. Department of Education. I began to enthusiastically research Ms. DeVos’ accomplishments, and I was not disappointed.While her political resume is impressive, I was most appreciative of her philanthropic work to advocate for our underprivileged youth. She clearly has a passion for the underserved children in this country, and school choice has become central to that passion.

Shortly after her husband was elected to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990, DeVos became active in the fight for school choice by starting a foundation for education that awarded scholarships to low-income families. These scholarships allowed families the opportunity to send their children to the schools of their choice. In addition to this scholarship program, DeVos and her husband became involved in supporting the Potter’s House Christian School. This is a faith-based school committed to providing quality education to underserved children in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Clearly, her passion for school choice resulted in much more than her local philanthropic work. Ms. DeVos formed an action committee devoted to creating more charter schools in Michigan. Her success in this effort progressed to a national movement, which eventually led to her involvement in the American Federation of Children (AFC).

Her work in the AFC provided a catalyst for school choice policy in several states: Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. Other states, including my home state of North Carolina, have drastically increased funding for charter schools. While there is not a publically funded voucher program in North Carolina yet, it has been a highly contested issue during recent gubernatorial election cycles.By advocating the needs of low-income families and being a catalyst for the school choice movement, Betsy DeVos (@ betsy devos) | Twitter clearly demonstrates her concern for the educational challenges families and their children face. This is clearly evident based on how she has invested her time and money. Her track record indicates she will place more importance on addressing these challenges rather than preserving the bureaucratic interests of our traditional public education system. I look forward to seeing the work she will do as our Secretary of Education.