Tim Armour of Capital Group

Tim Armour, the chairman and CEO of Capital Group, admits that being able to make considerable funds through investing in the right way is not impossible. While money might not be made overnight, it certainly can be made in the long term. Therefore, younger Americans need to take advantage of this situation at as young of age as possible in order to save for their golden years. Most young Americans do not believe they will be able to save for retirement in any other way and learn more about Tim Armour.

Armour is also the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. In total, he has almost 35 years of investment experience, most of which took place at Capital Group. Earlier on in his career, he covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies as an equity investment analyst. He originally started with Capital Group as part of the company’s The Associates Program. He gained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Tim Armour is known for giving his input on many situations. Regarding Warren Buffet’s recent wager about investment strategies, he states that this wager is both right and wrong. While the market is full of mediocre funds that are rather expensive, there are ways to go about long term investments that will make money in the end and read full article.

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Samuel Strauch Speaks On His Success In Business

Samuel Strauch started his business 15 years ago. The idea to start Metrik Holdings came to him after realizing that Miami was growing from a small resort town to a fully-fledged business city. With contacts of clients and investors ready to invest, Samuel Strauch took the opportunity to act on the new idea.

In the words of Samuel Strauch, realizing and focusing on the changing life trends are among the important factors in business. Incorporating transformative ideas sought by the new and young generation provides them with a platform for success. An excellent accomplishment record and timely delivery give clients better satisfaction. These efforts translate to an increased customer base and further growth of the real estate business. Metrik Holdings use an analytical approach to accustom to the changing market trends and ascertain growth and success.

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Understanding the client is critical in every project to fulfill their hopes and targets. According to Samuel Strauch, the client requires the provision of a trusted platform on which they can openly express their desires. He continues that developing a clear relationship with the customer is important. Curiosity, happiness, and fulfillment are qualities that the relationship should embrace. He also encourages teamwork among employees and other parties working together on any project.

With the ever-changing market trends and lifestyles, Samuel Strauch says that his company strives to adapt to the changes seamlessly. Through extensive research, interaction with industry players and involvement in community activities, his firm maintains constant touch with any new developments that hit the market. Operating on a philosophy to encourage growth, Metrik Holdings always ensure there is a platform on which its employees and partners grow in all aspects. Through the use of modern technology and communication platform, Samuel sees a window for growth and a better future for his business. Outreach to the younger generation is much easier, and this increases his business growth potential.

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scott rocklage

Scott Rocklage; The Scientist With A Passion For Helping People

There are people who are in the healthcare industry just for the sake of profits. Besides, medical professionals are well remunerated. However, there are those that are in the same industry because they have a deep passion for helping people. One of the individuals in this latter category is Scott Rocklage. He is an established entrepreneur, who has gained a lot of popularity in the medical industry. Currently, he serves as a managing partner at 5AM Ventures.


Recently, Scott Rocklage had a sit-down with Ideamensch where he talked about his company, 5AM Ventures. Asked of what sparked the idea of 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage was quick to mention that he had always had a passion for helping people. He narrated of how he had watched his father slowly die of cancer and had since then vowed to dedicate his life to improving the cancer treatment tools.


Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in the year 2003, a year after the company was founded. When he joined the company, he was affiliated to the company as a venture partner. However, he received a promotion the following year to assume leadership of the company in the position of managing partner. At 5AM Ventures, he is responsible for raising funds to donate to life-sciences research companies.


Prior to joining 5AM, Scott Rocklage worked for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He held the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Rocklage also worked for Nycomed Salutor where he was the President and CEO if the company.


Aside from leading successful companies, within the medical industry, Rocklage is known to have authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He also hold a number of patents to his name.


Education Background

Dr. Scott Rocklage from the Berkely based University of California with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. He also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a doctorate in the same. While studying his doctorate, he is recorded to have done his research in Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Richard R. Schrock is a Nobel Prize winner.

How Troy McQuagge has Supported the Growth of the USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is an accomplished business administrator who currently serves USHEALTH Group Company as its president. The company offered him a job in 2010 and was appointed as the president in February 2014 due to his exemplary performance. The first position that McQuagge was given by the firm was serving as the president and CEO of one of the insurance company’s subsidiaries, which is known as USHEALTH Advisors, LCC. During his time at the division, the company managed to get a significant raise in its sales. Troy’s skills and experience assisted the agency in accomplishing its goals and managing capital efficiently.

The Chairman and CEO of the USHEALTH Group, Ben Cutler, believes that the presence of McQuagge at the firm has bettered its abilities. He has significantly assisted in the improvement of the corporation’s management and sales sections. Troy had worked as an administrator for different organizations for about thirty years before he was hired by the USHEALTH Group. The experience that he accumulated has assisted in steering the company to the right direction.

The accomplishments of Troy McQuagge supported him to be appreciated by the One Planet Award that designated him as the Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year Award. The premier global honor is regarded as highly prestigious, and it is devoted to recognizing various business professionals who have clearly proved excellence in the fields that they have specialized. One Planet acknowledges experts in all industries and all regions of the globe. Any individual who would like to nominate someone or be nominated for the One Planet Award can apply. Any company is also eligible to be part of the award be it private or public.

McQuagge believes that the award has encouraged him to keep offering excellent services to the USHEALTH Group Inc. According to him, it is a great honor to be appreciated by peers in the industry. Troy also said that the award is dedicated to the entire staff of the company for offering excellent services to the clients. He believes that his success was greatly influenced by the efforts of the enterprise’s employees. The administrator argued them to keep striving to accomplish the goals of the corporation. Click Here for More about Troy .

Troy believes that the USHEALTH Group has been working to find ideal solutions for various insurance needs of its clients. The company customizes all the product that it offers to meet the financial abilities of the clients. This has assisted it to be considered as the leading health insurance provider in the United States, and it also attracts several customers every year. The USHEALTH Group has several subsidiaries that offer different types of health insurance solutions that are needed by its clients across the country.

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ClassDojo Partners With Yale Center for Emotional Intelligent to Introduce Mindful Lessons in Schools

ClassDojo, a leading classroom communication app developer, has made learning not just fun but also mindful. Through a partnership deal with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligent, ClassDojo launched a mindful curriculum for learners across the world early this month. Children undertaking the curriculum will have a chance to take a deep breath and face life in a more relaxed manner. The curriculum will be rolled out in full swing for several coming weeks.


ClassDojo videos are used by over 90 percent of all elementary and middle school teachers in the United States. The videos also reach millions of school kids from different countries as their translated versions are available in more than 35 different languages.


Why Mindfulness Skills are Important


According to Prof. Marc Brackett of Yale Child Study Center, mindfulness skills aren’t sufficiently taught in many classrooms, despite the many benefits associated with such skills. A study done by American College Health Association’s students in 2013 showed that over 50 percent of school kids were stressed at school. Another study conducted in 2014 by the American Psychological Association revealed that about 1 out of 4 teenagers were extremely stressed in school. Last year, WebMD Survey established that 55 percent of parents were uncomfortable with stress levels in their children. Mindfulness skills in kids are, therefore, of paramount importance.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo makes use of technological advancement to uplift education standards in the world by bringing together all education stakeholders. The ClassDojo communication app has in the recent past revolutionized classrooms from being dull to a fun-ridden place for kids.


ClassDojo has been in existence since 2011. It’s located in San Francisco, California but reaches out to teachers, parents, and students in over 180 countries.

Susan McGalla Proves that Women Can be Successful

In the modern times, women have worked hard to attain some of the top positions in different industries. There is, however, a few of them who are in the dark concerning the measures they can use to become successful. In the modern times, inequality, unequal pay and lack of enough ladies in the boardroom are a thing of the past. Even though there are some small industries that are still in the dark, there has been significant progress.

The government and some of the non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world have been instrumental in ensuring that women are given enough positions and do not face challenges. Some of the women in the top positions have worked hard and proved that they too can be efficient in leadership. These women have proven that they are fit to face the challenges that come their way.


The modern woman is also known to have a blend of personality that has enabled her to take different roles assigned to her. This is the kind of woman who has managed to take important roles in the corporate world and some of the leading companies and establishments. These women are also good in managing their ventures.


The business sector, for example has registered a high number of very powerful women. There is also a good number that is rising in the industry and promising to do well. In the past, the business world was considered a bad idea for the women. Only men had been allowed to venture in to it. Today, things have changed completely, and businesswomen such as Susan McGalla are made a lot of progress. Women like Susan are also helping other women to do well in their careers. These women have good skills that are crucial, especially for the management positions they have. For instance, Susan is very good in network, something that is vital in the corporate world.


Susan McGalla is a well –known individual in the corporate world. She is a very successful businesswoman, and she knows what actually takes to get to the top and remain there. According to Susan, hard work passion and versatility is what it takes to get to the top. She also says that women should learn how to be confident and learn how to earn the results they want in life. Susan is aware that nothing comes easily, and women must identify their potential and their powerful traits. This, according to her, will take the women from being ordinary to extraordinary.

Arthur Becker’s Love For Art Is Evident In His Office

Arthur Becker, a tech finance mogul-turned-developer, uses money to develop fascinating art pieces. His Tribeca real estate office is full of art displays, including paintings and sculptures that he has created. On his desk, there is a sculpture that he made using ancient currencies, which he acquired from African Countries. There is also a sculpture of crumpled cash in his office. The sculpture features gold bars stacked on top of each other, and origami animals. Arthur Becker has already sold some of his art work and plans to exhibit them during the launch of one of his townhouses in Sullivan Street. On his desk, there are other items like a binocular, a magic ball, cookies, paperweights and brick sample, and a Navisite notepad. At one time, Becker engaged in a binocular, cookie and brick business.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a successful investor, who specializes in tech, finance and real estate. In 2000s, Arthur invested in tech companies before concentrating his investments in the field of real estate. He was chairman and CEO of Zinio, the world’s largest digital magazine distributor. Previously, Arthur was the CEO of Navisite, a company that offered internet technology services. Navisite had active presence in the UK, India and US where they offered data center hosting services and cloud-based management solutions to various enterprises. Arthur began his career as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns in 1988. Later, he worked for ProGroup, a company that supplied golf equipment, as the chairman of the board of directors. In addition, Becker oversaw the sale of the company.

Later, he founded Bnox, Inc., a technological company. He is also the brain behind Advance Partners, a UK-based company that offered financial consultancy services. In 2001, together with a business partner, Arthur Becker established Atlantic Investors. He used this corporation to acquire three data center companies, including Navisite. According to Curbed, his outstanding leadership enabled Navisite to acquire 10 companies in eight years. He sold the corporation to Time Warner in 2011. This way, he ventured into the real estate industry by investing in various projects in New York and Florida. Some of his notable projects include the 465 Washington Street, three townhouses in Sullivan Street and a row development at 111 West 57th Street. Presently, he is a partner at Madison Partners LLC.

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Mike Baur Does Knows What it Takes to Help Entrepreneurs Maximize Their Businesses

Mike Baur may possibly be one of the most powerful resources for people in Switzerland if starting a business is what they want. He has managed to become an expert in the field of startup businesses, and he has assembled a great team of consultants and mentors. There are some mentors like Dave Baucamp and Roger Baur that can be a great resource for anyone that is venturing into the business world for the first time.


Mike Baur is a managing partner and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has a wealth of experience that is linked to his time in the banking industry. He has worked for UBS for years, and he has established himself as someone that is passionate about startup businesses. This passion is what has led him to leave the banking industry and put his time and effort into helping other people that were also passionate about startup investments.


What Mike does for most entrepreneurs is lead them in a direction that they may have never assumed that they could go in. Baur knows what it takes to get to the top because he has been someone that has worked his way to the top. He started as an apprentice. This would be during his years with the UBS company that he provided financial services. He knows the banking industry well, and this is what has allowed him to build a business better investment company.


Many people have seen what Mike Baur has been able to with his 3-month accelerator program. It is through his investor network that he has been able to help a lot of companies build a better business plan. The companies that have the best business plans are going to be the ones with the best chances of surviving. The financial advice that comes from the consultants is priceless. Entrepreneurs can build better portfolios.


It is easy to see how individuals can gain some insight when they share connection. There are times when business leaders can get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs and improve upon their own businesses. Mike Baur received his MBA from the University of Rochester. He also has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. These are all things that have allowed him to help other business men and women build better businesses. He has managed to create some ultimate tips for starting up a business successfully.



Hollywood Stars’ Obsession with Kabbalah

There was a time when Madonna confided that she had an interest in the teachings of Kabbalah and almost immediately, everyone in Hollywood wanted to get an experience of the same. Others such as Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have all expressed some level of interest in the teachings of Kabbalah. The teachings have been followed so keenly by some of the stars that they even converted into Judaism to understand it well. The trend has made a lot of people wonder what it is about the teachings of Kabbalah that makes people get hooked to the teachings.

Sandra Bernhard followed the teachings at some point and said that it as the best experience of her life. She stated that learning the ways of kabbalah helped her deal with the chaos that had been part of her life before she knew about the teachings. She was happy about the sense of peace and calm that she had gotten after she started listening to and following the teachings. Another star that talked about her experience with the teachings is Paris Hilton. She stated that the teachings are what helped her deal with the nasty time that she went through after split from now ex, Nick Carter. She confessed that for a long time after the split, the only place she could go to for some real comfort was the kabbalah center. When she went for the first meeting, she was given a bracelet and then she felt the freedom to open up about the breakup. She made it a habit to visit the center as often as possible and it helped her get her life back together and read full article.

At the core of the teachings of Kabbalah is the need to help people understand how to live a joyful and fulfilling life. The teachings have been proven to completely change the manner that people view the world. To most of the devout followers, kabbalah is the soul of the Torah, which is the religious teachings of the Jewish people; it is seen as a way of God making an interaction with the world. There are other Hollywood stars that have joined the kabbalah teachings, not to resolve any crisis but to be part of the thousand years of history that are part of these teachings and learn more about Kabbalah.

There are kabbalah centers that have been established in various cities around the world. They will serve as hubs where learning about the ideals will take place. The Kabbalah centers are in Los Angeles, Europe and other locations around the world.

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How to Find and Use Beneful Coupons

When it comes nutrition, most pet parents choose Beneful as a safe and delicious brand. However, adding this to the family budget can get expensive. When you’re taking care of home, the extra cost can sneak up on you. Luckily, there are websites that can help you find ways to cut the extra spending. In addition to coupons, you must consider where and how you purchase Beneful. To make sure that you are getting the best savings and discounts, follow these tips.

Purchasing Options

Today, Target and Walmart are two of the biggest names for families and pet owners. You can purchase everything on multiple home lists because of their many departments. These superstores also have comprehensive pet departments. Their websites include the latest coupons that you can use on your next pet food run.

You can also go to any local grocer that you usually shop at if Target and Walmart are not your go-to. Beneful”s website also has up to date coupons for any or participating grocery stores. To find other compatible coupons online, visit Couponsherpa,Coupons.com and Pet Coupon Source.com
Before Using Coupons

When you are gathering your coupons and before you take them on your next shopping trip, be sure to check out whether there is an expiration date. It’s best to use them quickly to get your discount. Each website will have the date posted in a clearly visible location near the coupon. This way, you will not waste your time nor miss out on savings.

Some coupons will have specific instructions. For instance, one coupon may only be for a particular type of Beneful product. In this case, you must match the coupon to the product or products listed. Shopping for pet food with coupons makes the family budget more manageable. Luckily, there are plenty of resources where pet owners can find discounts and savings on their favorite pet food brand.