George Soros Turns Again To Bearish Investments

Few people have been as successful with investment as has been George Soros. He has been on hiatus from the markets, but recently returned to make some bearish investments. According to the Wall Street Journal, he saw ways to enhance his fortune because of troubled economic times. This is often an opportunity for people who know how to increase wealth through wise investments. Soros Fund Management, which handle about $30 billion in assets for him and his family, has taken money out of stocks and put it into gold and gold-miner options. CNBC reported that Mr. George Soros expressed concerns about capital flight from China and the potential for a collapse of the European Union. This may be the outcome of the immigration crisis, difficulties in Greece and a potential for the U.K. to leave the Union.

George Soros is no newcomer to financial matters world wide. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has earned a large fortune with Soros Fund Management, the company he started after leaving school. His exposure to Nazi persecution in his youth and experience in Communist-held Hungary taught him many valuable lessons about world scale conflict and political upheaval, which he uses to his advantage in his sensible trading (although these experiences happened in his youth). They seem to have given him an instinct for the right way to react when problems arise on the world stage.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Indeed, his philanthropic efforts are what make him a name to be followed. From his childhood in Budapest until the present day, he has had reason to be concerned about human rights. He began this work in 1979, paying to fund black students to attend Cape Town University during the time of Apartheid. Now the Open Society Foundations operate in over 100 countries. They have annual expenditures that reached $835 million in 2011. The Foundations’ goal is human rights, an open society and transparency.

Soros is the author of many books, including The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). He writes prolifically, and his essays are shared in many newspapers and journals around the world. His life has brought him to a bittersweet pinnacle of success, as he has a deep awareness of the trouble our world has faced.

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Andy Wirth Helps Veterans Through Special Warfare Warrior

Recent drought conditions nearly brought the California ski industry to its knees. The unseasonable weather patterns resulted in a small amount of snowfall due to the lack of moisture.

Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth was interviewed on KCRW’s Press Play With Madeline Brand to speak about the recent drought that gripped the industry over the last few seasons.

Brand revealed that in an effort to conserve, California water usage fell about 27 percent in June. And a recent poll revealed that residents are more concerned about are drought conditions more than any other issue. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

When asked about the how the dry conditions affected the ski industry, Wirth responded that the past winter was pretty tough. The area was hit by what Stanford meteorologists define as the ridiculously resilient ridge — a weather system that prevented low pressure systems from entering the mountain region.

Despite the drought, Wirth said his resort made out better than he imagined. There was a drop in visitors of about 20 percent.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Wirth said that his resort could theoretically withstand a number of winters of drought if forced to do so. Squaw Valley’s business structure is solid, and as long as they continue to be profitable, there is no reason to panic. The key is taking advantage of the situation you’re faced with, according to Wirth.

The good news is that meteorologists are predicting El Nino conditions. This should bring plenty of storms and an excellent snow season.

Andy Wirth assured listeners that Squaw Valley will be okay. “Even if we have 4,000 acres of skiing opposed to 6000, we should still have a great ski season.”

Andy Wirth is a pretty tough businessman. He is also a sportsman who does a lot of daring things that many would shy away from. About two years ago, he had a terrible skydiving accident that ripped his arm off. This is something that nearly ended his life. But he looked at it as another challenge.

Thankfully, Andy Wirth has a good support system that helped him through his ordeal. While undergoing physical therapy, he befriended a group of Navy Seals training in the area. He was able to form a support group that supports the Navy Seal Foundation, which supports veterans and their families.

Wirth admits that the stories of these brave men have helped him on his journey to recovery.

Laidlaw & Company Has The Best Options For My Retirement

I have to retire on time so that I can be there for my kids when they are getting older, and the only way to make sure that I would get good results was to call Laidlaw & Company. They have great brokers, and I even got to talk to James Ahern about how he thought I could get real results. He asked me about how I was going to retire, and he wanted to know if I had any big plans for the future. I shared all this information with him, and then my file showed that I could get accounts for each need.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern
There are a lot of people like me who want to retire well, but they also have plans for the future. I wanted to get a boat that I could use on the weekends, and I need to pay for my daughter to get married. I have accounts that are going to help me make all the money I need for these things, and they are all spread out to help me make a lot of cash. I am going to pull out the cash when it is time, and they are all set up to mature at the times that I need them the most.

Every person who wants to make money needs to come to Laidlaw & Company for help, and they will get the same kind of treatment that I did. I learned a lot from Matthew Eitner and I have found out that they have help for me that makes my life a lot better. They have checked in on all the things that I want to do, and they are making a plan for my future like it was their own. I feel welcome in their office, and I feel looked after.

7 Day Experiment Shows Wen By Chaz Is The Real Deal

How many late night commercials have you seen promoting the latest and greatest Total beauty hair care product? Too many to count right? Well chances are one of those late night commercials was a Wen hair By Chaz commercial.

Over the last several months the Wen By Chaz hair care line has become extremely popular, especially on Sephora. More and more women are jumping on board and using it as their go to everyday product. So the million dollar question is, does the product really work?

In an article published on, Emily McClure decided she would put the product to the test. Here’s what happen.

Day one of the experiment was filled with travel. McClure was in planes, trains and automobiles literally all day. Once she finally made it home she thought it was the perfect time to start her little experiment.

In the name of complete transparency, McClure was a bit thrown off by the amount of the product she needed to use. The label recommended between 10 to 32 pumps depending on the length of your hair. That’s a lot of product!

Either way, she followed the instructions and proceeded to wash her hair. After she started massaging the product into her hair, she almost instantly noticed a difference. It was like her hair magically became thicker. She also noticed she was losing less hair in the shower.

After 7 days of using the product McClure was very pleased with the results. She said it was a great product for women who have fine hair.

About Wen By Chaz

With Wen By Chaz you can say goodbye to bad hair days forever. After just one use you will notice your hair looking and feeling stronger and fuller. What makes this product so unique is its 5 in 1 formula.

It is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner all in one. And unlike ordinary shampoos, there are no harsh sulfates in Wen By Chaz products.

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