Arturo Stays Active Because Of Beneful Playful Life Dog Food

I have a Russell Terrier and his name is Arturo. Arturo is a very active, alert, and bold dog. The reason that Arturo is so active is not only because of his breed but because of the fact that he eats Beneful dog food daily that allows him to stay active. The specific type of Beneful dog food that Arturo eats to keep him active daily is Beneful playful life. Arturo gets more energy to be active when eating Beneful playful life because it not only is made with real beef but also is made with eggs to for extra protein. Arturo also eats Beneful dog treats []. Arturo eats Beneful dental twists to keep his teeth clean and shiny. Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about Arturo’s breath smelling because Beneful does not cause his breath to smell like other dog foods on Wal-Mart supermarket do. Arturo also eats 2 other types of Beneful dog treats that are baked delights snackers and baked delights heartfuls. Arturo loves both baked delights snackers and baked delights heartfuls because they not only have a huge burst of flavor in every bite but they also don’t cause him to fart like other dog treats do. I am very thankful that sense being on Beneful dog food and Beneful dog treats Arturo not only has been even more active and healthy but he has also started farting less and enjoying life more. When Arturo gets older I plan on switching the type of food that I give him. The type of food that I plan on switching Arturo too is Beneful originals in the salmon flavor and this is only because when he gets older I don’t think it will be as necessary for him to have all kinds of energy because it could cause him to have sore bones all the time from trying to keep up with all the energy he would have. I hope that Beneful knows that they make the best dog food out there and that they have a lot of happy customers including me and Arturo. It would be hard to come across a great dog food nowadays if Beneful was not on the market. Good thing it is available on Amazon too!

The Best Help From InnovaCare

Many individuals have been able to benefit from the InnovaCare Health Medicare advantage plan. InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that is committed to providing their clients with high-quality healthcare that is affordable. Even though their healthcare is low-cost, they are able to provide their patients with the most advanced medical technology that is on the market. The membership at InnovaCare has a base of over 200,000 individuals, and they have more than 7500 providers that are in their network.

When it comes to their patients, InnovaCare Health truly believe that they are their top priority. They want to be able to give their patients high-quality care, and they also want to be understanding when it comes to patient care. InnovaCare has a mission to redefine healthcare management in order to meet the needs of their patients and the challenges of the complicated healthcare environment.

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InnovaCare has the mission to redefine healthcare management in order to meet the needs of the complex healthcare environment. The vision of InnovaCare is to be patient-focused and they also want to build sustainable models of managed-care that are truly cost-effective, innovative, and of high-quality. The leadership in InnovaCare is made up of Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. And InnovaCare Health Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer.

The medical practices and networks in InnovaCare are driven by top physicians that have a focus on efficiency, sustainability and quality of care. InnovaCare Medicare Advantage Plan has satisfaction rates that reach 99%, and the dis-enrollment rate in the InnovaCare Medicare advantage plan for seniors is 40% lower than the previous years. InnovaCare specializes in working with hospitals, doctors, patients, and they are able to build a network of physicians that work in the best interest of all the parties that are involved. There are many choices that an individual can make when it comes to their healthcare, and many seniors have found that the InnovaCare Medicare Advantage pPlan is the most comprehensive benefit plan for them.

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Award Winning Cosmetic Surgery Now at Your Fingertips

Quickly becoming on of the most popular names in the medical field Dr. Jennifer Walden is receiving accolades across the country. She is one of the nations up and coming plastic surgeons that has had tremendous success but also approaches the industry from a slightly different perspective.

Admittedly, she states in an article from MD Monthly that cosmetic plastic surgery has gotten a bad wrap due to the less than desirable results we have seen on television and in the media. She states that the people she see in her practice are normal, down to earth, everyday people.

In an impressive explanation of the value of cosmetic surgery Dr. Walden cites some cases the have benefited from the practice that you might not expect. Listing examples such as a young man with a hump on his nose that caused him certain insecurity or a younger woman with extremely large breasts that can actually lead to intense physical pain.

Dr. Walden begin her medical pursuits at a young age and had a natural attraction the the sciences. Her parents were in the medical and dental field and she was no stranger to the reality of providing medical services to people on a day to day basis.
A native of Austin, TX she moved to Manhattan where she worked where she was mentored by the famed Dr. Sherryll Aston.

Despite being greatly outnumbered as a female in her profession she has launched the outstanding Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in addition to be named one of Harper Bazaar’s 24 best beauty surgeons of 2014. With compassion, a dedication to excellence and impeccable results she is vastly becoming the most sought after plastic surgeons in the country.


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George Soros Sees Potential in Ukraine

George Soros has a long history of speaking up for the underdog on the international scene. This time, Soros is brining attention to the plight of Ukraine and the need for international financial support to ensure that this newly reformed sovereign state is able to survive in the long run. Specifically, Soros Ukraine is calling on the European Union to step up its game in making sure that Ukraine has enough of a financial buffer to be able to continue on the path to putting down democratic roots. Soros has laid out a strategy that benefits both Ukraine and the EU in that it strengthens the solidarity of the entire region. It is clear from Soros’ latest round of outreach to European leaders that he strongly believes in the potential of the new Ukraine to hold its ground against Russia and extend the goals of the EU throughout the continent.

In appealing to leaders of the EU to contribute greater financial assistance to Ukraine, Soros explains that Ukraine has almost completely transformed itself from a corrupt, isolated country into a democratic and transparent society. Although there are many reforms that have yet to be implemented, George Soros Ukraine is incredibly enthusiastic about the progress Ukraine has made so far in ridding the country of corruption and instilling a standard of transparency in government. Through Soros’ work as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, the goal of openness in government is paramount for him. With the assistance of European leaders, Soros thinks that Ukraine can continue on its path of restructuring its old bureaucratic system of government.

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George Soros – Project Syndicat

According to Soros, the situation in Ukraine is far from stable at the moment. All of its successes in holding off Russian intervention could be completely wiped out if Ukraine is not able to stabilize its economic situation. The country has borrowed heavily from foreign sources in order to stave off Russian military invasion. Soros says that European creditors of Ukraine should be understanding of this situation and realize that there is much more to be gained from a stable Ukraine than a country on the brink of economic collapse. Essentially, Soros hopes that European leaders can see past the immediate need to collect on their debts from Ukraine and lend further financial support so that Ukraine can get itself on proper footing.

For Soros, there is no question that a prosperous Ukraine is in the best interest of the EU. If Ukraine is able to pull through this period of transformation, it will be clear to the world that Russia is an unwelcome force in Ukraine’s political affairs. Furthermore, a stable Ukraine will show the world that economic stability is possible in that region. This would quiet Putin’s accusations of Western hostility toward Russia because a healthy Ukraine means that Putin is the only roadblock in the way of economic prosperity in Russia. Soros thinks that EU assistance to Ukraine could expand the reach of the EU and quickly shut down any attempts of forceful intervention by Russia.

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Benefits of Beneful

Healthy with a side of happy is Beneful’s mantra, and that is good news for Rover. With great ingredients such as meat and vegetables, you can be sure that your furry friend is getting all of the nutrients he needs. There are many varieties of dog food to choose from, but Beneful leads the pack in more ways than one.


Salmon is not a common dog food ingredient, but Beneful’s dry dog food makes the fish front and center in one of their dry food varieties. Sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots accent the Omega-3 rich meal that your pup is sure to love. For more finicky animals, there is a wet version as well. You can see the wholesome ingredients as soon as you pour them into the bowl, so you can be certain you are buying on Wal-Mart the best.


For pooches having trouble with their weight, Beneful makes a dry food with chicken that helps manage that particular problem. It contains apples, green beans and carrots for a shiny coat and happy pup. There are ten percent fewer calories than the normal package, so no need to worry about unnecessary pounds being packed on. With so many varieties to choose from, Rover is sure to find something he loves!


Beneful also offers treats made of the same great ingredients as their food. Three types of dental twists will keep your pup’s mouth clean and healthy. Whenever Rover is a good boy, you can feel great giving him one of these beneficial snacks. Made with chicken, rice and peanut butter flavoring, your pup will be begging for these sticks every night.


Whether you are looking for puppy chow, a nightly treat or some wet food for your furry friend, you can find it at Feel good treating Rover to a healthy meal without blowing your budget. Happy with a side of healthy with Beneful.

Buy Beneful online!

U.S. Money Reserve Releases a self-directed gold holding program for individuals

Philip Diehl is the President of U.S. Money Reserve and transformed the U.S. Money Reserve to a more entrepreneurial agency. Philip, a former U.S. Mint Director, had a chat with Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Entreprise Radio. Philip discussed the trends in the gold market, his history of leadership and the improvements the U.S. Money Reserve has done to improve its service to the customers.

Diehl achieved a lot when he was the U.S. Mint Director. He is responsible for minting the first-ever U.S. government-issued platinum coins and the 50 States Quarter program. At the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl is on the frontline for making the firm one of the largest distributors of government-issued precious metal bullion, bars, and coins in the U.S.

The firm has begun a program directed to individuals to hold gold physically as a means of wealth protection upon retirement. Customers can also benefit from an increase in gold prices.

Ownership of precious metals has always been there in the past safeguarding wealth in times of economic crisis. Paper money is known to be dependent on the government that has issued it. When the government collapses, the currency becomes worthless. Read more:

US Money Reserve | LinkedIn
US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

However, precious metals are never at the mercy of the governments due to their scarcity and finite amount. When everything fails, they are the true currencies left. Many people, therefore, have decided to have some part of their wealth in the form of the U.S. government-issued gold.

Customers are highly encouraged to go with the U.S. Minted gold, silver, and platinum coins because the U.S. government supports them as legal tenders. The government assures customers of quality content, weight and purity. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The central banks of Eastern nations like China, Russia, India, Iraq, and Turkey, are protecting themselves by stockpiling gold and trying to flee from the U.S. dollar. Due to this kind of global politics, analysts have predicted that the price of gold is expected to rise. War, terrorism, nuclear threats create global unrest.

The tension Russia and Ukraine, China and Japan, nuclear force in Iran and North Korea have made many to buy precious metals for safety and stability just in case the situation becomes severe.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now one of the leading private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum products.

With its offices in Austin, Texas, the firm has a team of highly trained professionals with vast market knowledge for finding products that will yield high profits for the precious metal buyers in the U.S.

The article can be found on PRNewswire.