Dog Food Products Made with Homestyle and International Flavors

A recent article focused on the recent changes made within the dog food industry. The article featured facebook comments from some of the corporate heads of several leading dog food companies. The overall tone of the article indicated the changes made in the formulas used to create dog food products, led to the increase in sales of these same products. The new changes incorporate pieces of real food, making the new recipes very similar to the foods people prepare for themselves. Some companies have expanded their lines to meet the increased interest shown by pet owners, to serve their pets dishes that resemble their own favorite recipes. The resulting products now feature Italian, Mediterranean and home style varieties for dog food.
Flavorful Varieties From Beneful

Beneful is a line of dog food that has always based its recipes on good nutrition, as well as good flavor. To meet the needs of today’s pet owner, Beneful now offers several nutritious products in recipes made to replicate those used by people. Pet owners who want to give their dogs a taste of homestyle cooking can choose from several varieties of Beneful wet food products. This line offers beef stew, chicken stew and a simmered beef entree. Each product contains real pieces of meat and vegetables to provide a dog with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Dog owners who prefer giving their pets a taste of other cultures can choose one of the international varieties available from this PurinaStore brand. These products include their Mediterranean, Romana and Tuscan style medleys. As with the homestyle varieties, these products contain real bits of beef, lamb and chicken, as well as chunks of carrots, tomatoes and spinach. To further enhance the taste of their international varieties the products also contain rice, pasta and savory sauces. These‘s products are sure to win the hearts of both dog owners and dogs with their delicious and nutritious formulas. Their products are available online:

George Soros’ Take on the Soaring Chinese Debt

Since the great depression and the Second World War the world has never faced another large scale economic challenge until now. 2007-2008 were two dark years on that the world economies deteriorated and faced uncertainty. The two years saw the collapse of various institution and others declared bankruptcy in order to protect themselves. Some years have passed by and we could be facing another economic meltdown. George Soros who is a renowned economist has predicted that we are not out of the woods yet. Some symptoms which were exhibited during the 2007-2008 financial crunches have begun exhibiting themselves.

However unless other financial recessions that happen due to a series of errors the immediate one will be caused by miscalculations done by some economies. For instance China devalued its currency in order to adopt a new economic system. China has a debt deficit of 2.34 trillion Yuan which is approximately ($ 362 billion). According to George Soros their current economic woes resemble the US economy during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The trouble of fueling such an economy is that banks are operating on cash deficit which is needed to counter bad debts. George Soros further stated that Chinese banks are being negatively affected by the credit crisis since they have more debts than they have assets. The end result is that banks will continue borrowing from each other delaying the inevitable. Some may say that the Chinese economy is not doing badly with a 62% increase in real estate in Shenzen. The borrowing is a continuous circle on that can play out in different ways but the end result will be the same, the US economy was in such a position in 2005 and 2006. We all know what happened in the end.

George Soros is not the only worried person Andrew Colquhoun who is the head of Asia Pacific Sovereigns at Fitch ratings is also concerned. While offering an interview in New York George Soros is of the view that China’s debt and increased borrowing from banks would eventually eat up the economy. It is evident that the Chinese government is using state infrastructure to sustain the feeble economy while at the same time asserting that the economy is stable. He observed that some companies on are pulling out of the economy. He gave an example of China’s Anbag Insurance Group CO. which withdrew its $14 billion takeover offer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide INC.

George Soros who is a hedge fund billionaire has correctly predicted various economic scenarios which have played out his way. Since 1992 he has managed a hugely successful business empire posting more than 20% gains since then.

QNET Positive Thoughts Project

QNET and the RYTHM Foundation are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which they do business. Now comes word that QNET has created the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this program QNET will provide water filtration systems to two educational institutions that work with children that are beset by learning challenges. The program is very simple. If people visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and post a total of 1000 positive posts over the course of a month, QNET will install free water filtration systems at the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School. It’s as simple as that.

People throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have long depended on QNET for quality products at affordable prices. The company is also beloved because of all the jobs they create in poverty stricken areas. Plus since 2005, QNET has been providing a host of charitable and philanthropic services for people in need through their RYTHM Foundation. This has helped to make QNET a much loved corporate citizen in many parts of the world. Its founder has even been given numerous awards for being a ‘Hero of Philanthropy‘ in the Asia-Pacific region.

So this new Positive Thoughts Project is just a continuation of the company’s commitment to improve the quality of life for people in need in the communities it serves. And QNET has made participating in the project so easy, that all it takes is a computer, internet connection and a few minutes to help provide clean water to people in need. This project is truly unique and very much needed. Drinking dirty water is responsible for many of the learning disabilities children in the world’s underdeveloped suffer. Creating a program which helps to provide these populations with clean drinking water is a godsend.

The Rashid Centre and the Taarana School are two institutions that help children with learning disabilities overcome their conditions and gain the tools they need to be able to more fully participate in the world in which they live. These are the organizations that will be the beneficiaries of the German designed, Korean build, top of the line HomePure RED water filtration systems QNET will donate. The Positive Thought Project not only helps children with learning disabilities, it gives the public at large an opportunity to show their support by simply sharing a positive thought while visiting the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page.

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Getting Professional Work Done By Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery is something that a lot of people know about and many people go for themselves. If you are interested in plastic surgery, it pays to get it done by a professional who has years of experience in the business. A trusted and professional surgeon will be able to talk to you and get your own opinions on what it is that you would like to get from the procedure being done. You will also find that this helps you to feel more confident knowing that you are working with a professional who knows what they are doing.

One amazing surgeon out there is known as Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the top female plastic surgeons in the country and has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and television shows. A lot of people are proud to go to Dr. Jennifer Walden for any type of work that they need to get done because she is down to earth and willing to work with just about anyone who might be interested in getting these types of procedures done. Dr. Jennifer Walden has a lot of experience and education in this field and is a prime choice for anyone who might be involved.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits to going with Dr. Jennifer Walden for your own surgical needs. This expert can help tremendously and benefit you when it is time to look your best. Whether you are going for a simple face lift or you need something more intrusive, Dr. Jennifer Walden will be there for you and get the job done in a professional and efficient manner so that you can get back to life in no time at all. There are many reasons for you to think about working with a professional like Dr. Jennifer Walden, so be sure to consider her as an option for yourself so that you know that this is something that is going to be a good option for you when you need to get this done. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a prime choice for anyone who wants to look their best.