George Soros Says The EU Is On The Verge Of Collapse And Needs Strong Leadership From Germany

Billionaire financier George Soros hopes the European Union has learned its lesson from Greece, which he says “was mishandled from the beginning.” The world-famous moneyman goes on to explain how the Greek tragedy grew more dire and dire as the years went on. It was a lack of strong leadership that allowed the crisis to deepen to the point where threatened the entire European Union until eventually Germany’s Angela Merkel stepped in. And now Soros is calling on her to do the same with the current migrant crisis, but he wants to see her get out ahead of it and stop the crisis before it starts.

Over 1 million migrants have reached the shores of the European Union from Syria and other parts of the Middle East in 2015. These people, Soros urges, require food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly jobs, security, and hope for the future. Without all of these things the migrants may anchor the European Union’s economy and, worst case scenario, may become radicalized and turn on the countries of the union.

The European Union was founded on freedom of movement between countries for people and for money. The economies of all the European Union countries are tied together. When one economy booms the positive impact is felt across the continent. Conversely, when one economy tanks, much like Greece’s did, the negative impact can be felt universally as well. All of the European Union countries are in the migrant crisis together, but the European Union, according to Soros, is broken and in need of repair.

He is specifically talking about leadership and the need for universal migrant policy. None of the European Union countries seem to agree on what to do with the migrant crisis, but what they fail to grasp is that they need to work together to avoid feeling the impact of the mistakes of a few countries within the union. Soros urges the countries to look toward Germany for leadership, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has enacted in open-door policy for migrants, providing for them the hope of an economic future; the hope of making Germany their new home. Soros not only sees this as the humane thing to do, but the economically beneficial thing to do. It may be the only thing that saves the European Union from total collapse.

George Soros won’t save himself, but anybody afraid of the migrants can look to Soros’s own life story as an example of a migrant’s success. The man was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, which would eventually come under the rule of Nazi Germany during World War II. His life would radically change due to his Jewish ancestry.

His family survive the occupation and left Hungary after the war ended in 1947. Soros worked odd jobs at a railyard and in restaurants while receiving his education at the London school of economics. After moving to the United States, he found success through international investment funds that he set up and managed. To dates, he has given over $11 billion in charitable donations making him one of the greatest migrant success stories of all time.

Sergio Cortes Provides a Plethora of Advice

There are a lot of doctors that work to provide a plethora of information for people that may be in need of medical attention. In Brazil the doctor that appears to have an extensive amount of research under his belt is Sergio Cortes.

What has made him a reliable resource for Brazil is all of the time that he has put into researching the various areas of medicine that a lot of other doctors may overlook. He is the State Health Secretary for Rio de Janeiro, and he has become well-known for his research in areas like orthopedics. This is his specialty, but he has a lot of interest in others things. He has become someone that is able to provide a lot of input on issues for pregnant women and diabetic patients.

Many people that want to see what his findings are on various issues will consult his blog for information. Others that are interested in an abbreviated version of his daily findings, can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.. He has become a voice in Brazil that is worthy of your time, and many people get firsthand knowledge about new findings through his blog.

Sergio has held different positions like Medical Executive Officer and General Director for medical organizations. He has become an authority on things like hip replacements, and he continues to expand his knowledge and the knowledge of others through his research. A good number of people are going to be drawn to his findings on osteoporosis and the preventive methods that are used to stop this. Others may be interested in the mixture of more simple things like the type of clothing that has to be worn during the winter or summer months.

A ton of people that are outside Brazil have become very familiar with him. Sergio has been able to transform a lot of laughs by providing valuable information that people from all walks of life can utilize. He has spoken on many different topics over the years, but the Internet seems to be the easiest way for people outside of Brazil to acquire his findings. He has made himself readily available to people around the world by posting information that can save lives. Sergio is doing a lot of good in Brazil as a state health secretary, but the effect of his findings influence many outside of Latin America

Strong Success With BMG For Marcio Alaor

People who have dreamed big even when they were in small positions are not alone. Marcio Alaor was one of these people. He is now one of the people who are in a hug position with a huge company. This is all due to the fact that he was not afraid to dream big and wasn’t afraid of pushing toward the success that he knew he wanted and deserved to be able to have when he was with the company. Starting out as one of the shoe shiners for executives at BMG, Alaor never knew how far he would really go.

Among the many inspirations to Marcio Alaor’s success, Dr. Wilmar is one of the biggest. According to this article from, Marcio Alaor was shining Dr. Wilmar’s shoes when Wilmar noticed that there was something different about the young man. He was not like many of the other shoe shiners and truly took pride in the job that he was doing. He was also a very hard worker, which was difficult to see in people who had these low paying jobs like a shoe shiner position. Dr. Wilmar took an interest in Marcio Alaor.

Throughout his time getting his shoes shined, Dr. Wilmar would talk with Marcio Alaor and would find out more about him. He would learn of where he came from but, more importantly, would learn about where he wanted to go in his life. Wilmar was impressed with the big dreams that Alaor had and knew that the young man would be able to succeed at these dreams if only he worked as hard as what he was working while shoe shining. This quickly became a great friendship that the men developed and Dr. Wilmar gave him the chance of a lifetime at BMG.

Dr. Wilmar recognized that he couldn’t just put the young man with no experience into a high-pressure situation, so he put him into an entry level position with the bank. He wanted to see the boy succeed, but he did not want to hand it to him. He knew that Marcio Alaor would work hard and that he did. He never stopped striving for success while he was working at the bank and was always among the hardest workers. This allowed him to gain promotion after promotion. The drive for success and hard work ethic are what led him to becoming the vice president of BMG.

Is the Penny Here to Stay? US Money Reserve President Doesn’t Think So.

Electronic Forms of Payment
The interview with CNBC Squawk Box has brought up many good points and questions surrounding the penny. There is one very valid point about the demise of the penny. This is because of the electronic payment method. It should be known that approximately 75 percent of transactions are electronic. The penny may have lost its overall use. The current methods of payment are a factor that is incorporated in the penny debate.

To Eliminate the Penny of Not to Eliminate the Penny
The debate over the penny continues. The penny is the seat of President Abraham Lincoln. The state of Illinois does view the penny as a valuable coin. There are many who will claim that there is not a need for the penny. Many also claim that it is not worth picking up a penny at this current time. There are many views that may lead to the demise of the penny.

Economist Think Prices will be Distorted
There are some economist who hold the belief that if the penny is eliminated, the overall prices will be distorted. This is one argument that is for keeping the penny in circulation. Most transactions should not really be affected if the penny is removed from circulation. Would the prices be rounded up?

No Need to Irritate a Customer Over a Penny
The business perspective is included in this penny debate. A business will not want to irritate and lose a customer over one or two pennies. The nickel has been included in this penny debate. Competitive pressure may affect the penny debate.

Protection for the Penny
There are many groups who believe that the penny ought to be protected. The penny lobby would like to keep the penny in circulation. The production of the penny has actually been outsourced. The zinc industry would like to keep the penny. The state of Illinois also has an interest in keeping the penny protected. This entire process must be taken slowly. Thought is being put into this decision.


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Traditions In Giving Back, Envelope The DeVos Family In Warmth

In, a recent article by Shandra Martinez, about Dick DeVos and his family’s charity warmth is placed in the hearts of many. There is something to be said about a family that gives to others. A heartwarming true tale to be told to the masses and it would be fantastic if more families were to build their fortune only to help the world and not just themselves, it is refreshing. It speaks to the idea that people see a persons worth by what they do in the world and not just by their material accomplishments. It is in what they do for the world that is so extremely appealing. The family over the time they have been giving, much more than most dream of in life, having given over 1 billion dollars. That is an astronomical amount but, it is very well received to various charities in need. Click on the following link to read to full article:

It is important to identify that those contributions to the greater good have absolutely nothing to do with other political donations. Dick is said to be conservatives and strong in his faith but, his giving to those organizations is outside of the creation of betterment for others. Take a look at his family foundation which, is a superbly dedicated force to be reckoned with in the world of giving. They are well versed in giving back to the arts which, not only entertains but, offers a cultural perspective of elegance to the world. Dick offers his own humble thanks for the recent publicity his family foundation’s charitable donations receieved.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

In addition to the arts they have many other branches that their giving extends to and their organization is multifaceted offering a proclamation of goodness to many areas. Some of the reach extends to education, leadership and even to better the justice system in the country and around the world. They are a family that takes their monetary gift and spreads it among some of the most impoverished areas leading to nothing more than a whole lot of good and change in the world. It is something that many people wish for and think about but, even upon achieving never activate a call to service. The DeVos family has done more than activate they have made an impact on others who can also give back and make this world a much better place. When what a family does has an impact on others causing them to use their wealth to help others this world and the good in it only picks up speed.

Expensive Gourmet Dog Foods May Be Impressive, But Our Doggies Love Eating Beneful Dog Foods

While drinking a cup of coffee this morning, I had the opportunity to read an article that examines the pet food industry’s shift towards producing premium-style dog foods. As I read the online article, I learned that it is becoming common for pet food companies to add vegetables, fruits and whole grains to their dog food products. The article mentions some of the products that are being made by different pet food companies. In addition to well-known companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Mars Petcare, and Nestle Purina PetCare, the article also mentions smaller pet food companies such as Blue Buffalo and Freshpet. It was amazing to read in this article about the huge amounts of money that pet owners spend on premium dog foods each year. With tens of billions of dollars being spent annually on pet food  according to Amazon in the United States alone, dog food is big business. The article mentioned how Freshpet products contain fresh meat and vegetables, and have their own refrigerated display cases at thousands of retail stores. That all sounds impressive, but I can say from experience that our two dogs are big fans of several different varieties of Beneful dog food. Our bassett hound and our Russian terrier are fairly finicky, and they tried a wide range of dog foods before they let us know that they really like the Beneful products. Our bassett hound Orville really likes the wet Beneful chopped blends combinations, and FiFi, our terrier, prefers to savor the dry Beneful IncrediBites. Both of them also enjoy eating the Beneful Prepared Meals. For a few years now, our doggies have been very satisfied with the flavors and textures of several varieties of Beneful dog foods. We’re happy that they enjoy eating such healthy, high quality foods that are also reasonably priced. Funny thing, many of the tasty and healthy items that the new premium dog foods are touting, are already contained in various Beneful dog foods.


Some things are funny; typically men have no embryos or the biological systems that are responsible for a woman getting pregnant. Dr Sergio Cortes examines how men exhibit symptoms of pregnancy alongside their female counterparts. They are more visible to men who are anxious about getting their first child and graduate to fatherhood. The symptoms are not considered of medical attention. They are also not considered a disease; they are known as couvades syndrome.
The French own the origin of the term couvades. It simply means incubate. To be more specific, it refers to keeping a set of factors that are not originally possessed. The primary symptoms associated with the syndrome nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weight gain and belly bulge. The later coincides with what happens as the child develops inside a woman’s womb. The men, therefore, can also be referred to as pregnant.
According to the medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes, study shows that some men experience the symptoms when their wives are expectant. The most common are observed in men who are anxiously waiting for their first child. The main reason is the excitement and emotional attachment for would be fathers. Understandably, the brain may replicate the feelings of their partners.
Most men have a natural, responsive behavior. The need to be a father and the excitement triggered by it may be the cause of couvades syndrome. Sergio describes the syndrome as the demonstration of the father’s affection for his unborn child. There is scientific evidence that proves men experience an elevation in hormones during the late pregnancy of their companions. There ar5e several theories developed to explain the phenomenon. Some ascertain that the father of the unborn child may experience some physiological subversion.
Sergio Cortes is a medical expert and a doctor in Brazil. He is also the current secretary of health in the Brazilian state of Rio. He continually publishes blogs related to health matters in his personal website and other journals for the general public. Dr. Sergio is reachable on his linkedin and Twitter accounts. He is also reachable on his personal website. Among the important blogs related to health, Sergio advice on the benefits of good posture in eliminating back pain. He also explains on ideal body exercises to stay healthy.