Supporting Dog Health With Beneful

Dog health is the concern of both veterinarians and the public. Many different types of illnesses that dogs can suffer from can be a health detriment to their owners and the general public. It is for this reason that the study of dog health has grown in popularity. Many researchers are even finding the close link between dog health and their diet.

Canine And Human

Some diseases can be contracted by both humans and dogs. Some, like diabetes can be a direct outcome of diet and activity levels. While it is important for humans to keep active and eat right, this also holds true for their canine friends. Beneful offers healthy alternatives for dogs that can help them avoid being overweight and getting diabetes.

Some other diseases that both dogs and humans can be diagnosed with include cancer, epilepsy, and arthritis. Again a healthy diet and regular activity can help offset the side effects of these diseases. The best way to remain active and healthy is to eat healthy foods. Beneful on youtube is a healthy food for dogs at all stages of life.

Dog To Human Infections

Another important aspect to dog health is those diseases that are considered infections. These can be caught through ticks, fleas, mosquitos and even fungis. The main concern is one dog infecting another although these diseases can also be transmitted from dog to their humans.

Rabies and lyme disease are two such infectious diseases that can be transmitted from one species to another. It is for this reason why vaccinations should be kept up to date for both dog and owner. Regular check ups can also find risk factors for the dog and aid in preventing a risk from becoming a disease.

Proper Diet

Dogs and their people need to maintain the best possible diet that they can. Diet can offer nutrients and vitamins that can help keep the dog healthy and happy as well as active. Activity levels will aid in maintaining healthy weight and the best immune system as can be attained.

Purina dog foods understand how important it is for your dog to get the right nutrients, proteins and vitamins from their foods. That is why they have a team of nutritionists who have studied dog health on their side. These individuals develop the best possible mix of fresh vegetables, meats and grains to offer every dog the best nutrition possible.

Fresh Is Best

Fresh foods offer the best diet choices for dogs ( and their owners ). This is why the Purina line of foods, and Beneful offers fresh vegetables and meats in every bite. Simply opening a can or pouring out a bowl of the dry variety of Beneful will have big meaty chunks and plenty of fresh grains and vegetables.

If seeking a way to treat your dog to the best nutrition when offering a treat or reward, Beneful also offers fresh treats that dogs love and will beg for time and again.

Dating In Russia With AnastasiaDate

The dating scene can be complicated and confusing. People often look to date someone who shares their values and plans in life. They also look for someone who is loving and kind as well as someone who shares their overall dreams. In many cases, someone who is dating is look for a partner who wants the same things they do such as five kids or a place in New York City as both partners pursue a career in the arts. The right partnership can help both parties enjoy longer and healthier lives as well as provide them with a sense of stability in life.

It is not always to find a partner who will be able to help people get to their goals. In many cases, people who are looking for someone to date will find that it makes sense for them to look overseas. Companies such as Anastasia Date can help make this process much easier. Working directly with a company of this kind can help someone open their dating pool and make it much wider. This can allow the user the very real possibility that they may find someone who is truly right for them and allow them to have the kind of relationship with another person they crave.

The company has many people who have signed up from Russia with an interest find a partner who is also right for their needs. Many Russians love the ideals they see in western cultures. They know that a move here can be right for their needs and help them enjoy a much better life overall. They also know that moving here can be a great way to help expand their cultural horizons. Officials at Anastasia Date are highly aware that each person they sign up is looking for a relationship and they do their best to help all of them get one.

Both of the parties will involved here benefit greatly from working with a company of this kind. Each will have access to a relationship that allows them to be able to have a partner who fully shares their values and wants to create a life based on those values. This also allows all those who are involved in the relationship to be able to meet someone who has already been vetted and is willing to go out with others who want the same things in life that they do.

Choose Well For Those Who Can’t

It’s not likely that a person’s dog is going to get the keys from the rack. It’s even more unlikely said dog will open the driver’s door and jump into the family’s minivan, hit the garage door opener, back the car out the garage, and drive all the way to the store in order to pick up its own food. Should the dog do that, it would be downright impossible for the excitable and mobile canine to keep from speeding through stoplights and intersections. Dogs just have a personality which excludes adherence to traffic parameters! But here’s what is likely: should the family dog sneak into the kitchen, grab the keys off the rack, creep into the garage, put them into the Subaru’s ignition, and drive to the store successfully, it is almost a certainty he’ll come back home with some Purina dog food in the back seat.

That’s because dogs love Purina; and it’s no wonder why. In fact, on Beneful alone, one of the premiere dog food varieties offered by Purina, the year 2013 saw over 40.7 million dollars spent, according to Kantar Media. Here is what that means to the reader: Purina cares enough about a single dog formula to spend literally millions ensuring that it is properly produced, properly constructed, and properly advertised. This means they are not just throwing together some slapdash solution that’s making profit from the waste at a factory. In olden times, the way organizations produced cat and dog food was to re-purpose production waste from other foods and sort of smash it together before bagging it. This was certainly not healthy for dogs! Thankfully, Purina has taken things a step farther.

Beneful dog food has a great selection of natural ingredients designed to keep your dog healthy and happy. The food is balanced so that it can comprise a complete diet for your furry friend, and allow them to be as energetic and enthusiastic as any dog ought to be.

There are no shortage of bottom-dollar options out there that will definitely save the buyer money against Purina. But what does that say about relationship? Does the dog’s love or well being really matter to an individual who only purchases the least expensive food option? It can’t mean much! What a sad testament to selfishness. Thankfully, there are options like Purina out there so that the individual who truly loves his animal can not only show that animal, but can see the difference good foods makes. It’s not a one-to-one comparison, but it is true what they say; and “you are what you eat” also has an accuracy when applied to canines. If they’re fed cheap, processed shenanigans, know then they’ll tear up the curtains and expectorate in the living room. Wouldn’t you, if all you had to eat was canned garbage?

So get that poor puppy some real food! The joy of a four-footed friend is worth quality options; and with Beneful from Purina, those options are realistic.

New Crowdrise Campaign To Help Unwanted Animals

For the most part, animals especially cats are helpless creatures that rely on us for protection and love. We are meant to be their guardians and care for them no matter what the circumstance. Unfortunately not a lot of people see that as a part of life. People will keep a cat for a short amount of time and then decide they don’t want it. Perhaps it doesn’t fit with their lifestyle, they might just be sick of it, or they simply don’t want it anymore. Shelters become flooded with these abandon cats. They become overcrowded and the shelter has no other choice but to put them down because they can’t keep up with the influx. It’s sad and wrong.

That’s why Jon Urbana has a Crowdrise campaign to raise money for ARAS. ARAS is a no-kill cat shelter. That means that all those abandoned cats can stay in a loving place until they find their forever home. They won’t be put down because someone else didn’t want them. This safe place is in the Denver area, where Urbana lives. The shelter houses these cats and provides a loving environment of food, love, and most importantly safety. Cats are welcome here until they are adopted out into a caring home.

This nonprofit organization is now being supported by Jon Urbana. Urbana has been a long time supporter of animal rights and advocate against animal cruelty. Urbana cares for all creatures big and small. He is also a prominent figure in the flying community. Urbana can always be seen out and about in the Denver area, making a difference in a variety of ways. He runs a lacrosse camp called Next Level Lacrosse, and freelance photography also interests Urbana, which you can see on his Flickr page.

He used to play lacrosse professionally and it’s nice to see that he hasn’t let his talents, passion, or dedication to the sport go to waste. He now educates youth and teaches them the proper techniques.

Urbana is also a very well-respected businessman in the Denver area. He has made a name for himself through his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has does especially well in the areas of marketing and sales. Overall, Urbana hasn’t forgotten to care about others even though he’s made quite a name for himself.

Andy Wirth On The Importance Of Clean Power

Andy Wirth is known more for his hotel and mountain resort endeavors than for promoting environmental consciousness. This perception is likely to change thanks to the op-ed he wrote for the The Reno-Gazette Journal. The subject of the op-ed is clean power. More specifically, the work delves into the reasons why clean power is helpful to the environment and the economy. Wirth does put forth a logical argument for the expansion of clean power and the text makes a host of valid points.

The op-ed notes that the Reno City Council passed the “Clean Power Plan” with the hopes of moving away from coal power and the burning of “dirty” fuel. Cleaner power from solar, wind, biofuels, and others is preferable not only due to the improved environmental impact, but also because cleaner fuel is becoming more preferable in the modern economic landscape.

Wirth has pointed out that a host of companies are moving towards clean energy. Again, the changing economic landscape is contributed to their decision to do so. Companies are better served by being forward-thinking and innovative as opposed to working against changing approaches to energy use.

Not everyone is sold on the idea of switching to clean energy and Wirth does attempt to make a compelling argument regarding why people and businesses should embrace alternative energy. Many see decisions about clean power as being political. Wirth stresses that issues surrounding clean power are apolitical. Again, the notion that economies should switch to clean power as being the wise and correct move to make in the present economic landscape.

Who is Andy Wirth and what is his background? Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has contributed greatly to the growth of the tourist industry in the state. His success in the business world has been incredibly pronounced and sustained. Wirth is also known for his environmental activism so his insights in the op-ed are not surprising. What some might not know is Wirth was seriously injured in a skydiving accident that nearly took his life. Wirth went through a long and arduous recovery process. In the aftermath of his recovery, Wirth started to raise funds for the NAVY Seal Foundation, a charitable organization to help those members of the special forces returning home from duty.

Thanks to Andy Wirth’s high profile, the op-ed likely will attract a lot of attention. Perhaps it will change a few opinions as well.

Andy Wirth Is Great For Reno

Many businesses in Reno, Nevada, have made the first steps toward businesses that rely less on dirty energy, and only on clean, “green” sources of energy for the business. The Clean Power Plan is what the plan has been named, and it does not require much change by any of the businesses at any one point in time. The Clean Power Plan is set forth to take place over a number of years, as any transition to new sources of energy is difficult for any business to do.

Mr. Andy Wirth is the chairman of the Reno Airport Authority Board which is over the Clean Power Plan. Mr. Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley, one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States of America. It is actually estimated to be the sixth most popular ski resort. Mr. Wirth has helped Squaw Valley grow to the size that it is today, although it has always been a top-notch ski resort in the States.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany and grew up in the United States. Mr. Wirth attended Colorado State University and graduated in 1983. He worked at Steamboat, a large ski resort company, and did very well there. He was named the CEO of Squaw Valley in only 2010.

The Clean Power Plan is going to actually attract more business to Reno because more companies in the future will want to travel to a city where there are already established clean energy systems. Reno is the first of many cities to start moving forward in the push for green energy.

Any businesses in the city of Reno do not have to make the change, but businesses are encouraged to start implementing green sources of energy if at all possible.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

How Bruce Levenson and Other Top NBA Teams Owners Made Their Money

NBA team owners are financially sound individuals. They are some of the wealthiest people across the globe with most of them having net worth running into billions of dollars. This financial mighty is important since buying some of the top NBA team will cost investors even a billion dollars. However, passion is another critical factor. Most NBA team owners are essentially basketball lovers who draw lots of pride from owning these teams. Below are some of the top NBA team owners and a brief description of how they made their money.
Herb Simon
Herb Simon owns the Indiana Pacers. Apart from recent poor performance in the NBA league, Indiana Pacers have a good history. Herb Simon took over the ownership of the team in 1993 when he paid $10 million to the previous owner. Simon made his money from a number of companies that he founded in much earlier years. His first company was a small development company called Melvin Simon & Associates. He later founded a real estate company, Simon Property Group, which has exponentially grown to be one of the largest in the United States.
Leslie Alexander
Like Simon, Leslie Alexander bough his NBA team, Houston Rockets, in 1993. However, his involvement in the operation of the team has enabled the team to improve its performance in the league. He entered the Wall Street straight from New York University to trade on bonds in 1965. By 1980, he had made enough money and garnered enough experiences to enable him start his own investment company. The success of his company enabled him to buy Houston Rockets in 1993. He has since won two championships as the owner of the team.
Bruce Levenson
Bruce Levenson has owned the Atlanta hawks since 2004. He is known for founding several successful companies that have enabled him to generate lots of wealth. In 1977, he founded his first company, the United Communication Group (UCG). Levenson has since founded several companies including TechTarget. Bruce has rendered his services for different companies such as BIA Digital Partners besides Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce and Ed Peskowitz’s, Bruce’s business partner, names were inducted in the Hall of Fame of the software and information industry in 1997 owing to their remarkable performance at UCG.
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks, started out as a bartender and a part time computer sales person. His deep computer knowledge that he acquired from the University of Indiana enabled him to found his first company, MicroSolutions. The company sold computers and software. Cuban also provided his clients with other services such as training and configuring their computers. The $15,000 capital that he used to start the company was a commission for quitting his sales job. He bought Dallas Mavericks in 2000 at a price tag of $285 million. Mavericks have enjoyed numerous successes since Cuban took over the team.
NBA team owners are greatly adored individuals. The adoration is even higher for those owners who have put many efforts to ensure the success of their teams. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson managed to improve the performance of Atlanta Hawks by hiring Danny Ferry as its general manager. It is important to note that ownership of an NBA teams gives an individual a direct seat at the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Entrepreneur Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Dream Come True

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. Deere is an entrepreneur. She is also an entertainer. But most of all she is a fighter. She also had a dream to become a businesswoman. Before she could do that she had to get out of the homeless shelter in which she and her family had found themselves. She was just a child. But she knew that she had to be strong. It was not easy living in the shelter. It was frightening and embarrassing. It wasn’t the life she thought she would be living when she left Russia. She thought in America she would have a chance at the good life she had seen on television.

The family did not have stay in the shelter too long. Friends and well-wishers gave them the money to get a place of their own and get back on their feet. Doe Deere’s dream never wavered. She knew she was going to succeed. When she was old enough Deere enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She dreamed of being a fashion designer or a model. She was willing to do the hard work it would take to succeed. She studied hard, worked on her designs, and even created a website to sell the clothes she made. It didn’t work. She couldn’t make enough money. Her dream was deferred.

But Deere is resilient. She created a new goal for herself. She would become a rock star and make lots of money. Deere worked with her boyfriend to start a rock and roll band. They recorded a few albums and did some shows. But no record company signed them. She didn’t give up. She tried to make it as a solo artist. She recorded another album and did more shows. Deere searched for some loud makeup that would make her delicate features stand out when she was on stage. When Doe Deere couldn’t find the makeup she needed, she didn’t give up. She made some of her own. Still her music career flopped.

One of Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics was doing makeup tutorials online. When the people that took the tutorials saw the makeup she was using, they asked her where they could buy it. She told them she made it herself. They asked her to sell some to them and she did. They loved it. They told her she should try to sell it to others. She agreed to try. Doe Deere loved lime green, so she created a website called and offered her homemade cosmetics online. The response was immediate. People were clamoring for Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere was selling Lime Crime cosmetics as fast as she could make it. She was a success.

Doe Deere had worked her way up from that homeless shelter to become the creator of one of the hottest new makeup lines. Lime Crime was being worn by people all over the world. Doe Deere’s dream had become a reality.

The Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive in the field of technology. After rising through the ranks of the business world, he has established himself as one of the most respected people in his field. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coriant, a software and hardware manufacturer.

After being born in London, Shaygan Kheradpir spent his formative years in Iran. He eventually moved to Switzerland and went to a boarding school known as Aiglon College located in the Swiss Alps. The son of an ear, nose and throat physician, Shaygan decided to attend college in the United States. He eventually chose Cornell University, eventually earning a B.S., M.Sc. and a Ph.D in electrical engineering from this prestigious Ivy League school.

After graduating college, Shaygan was first hired by GTE Laboratories. At this job, he was responsible for network control, management and routing. He ascended to become GTE Corporation’s chief information officer. GTE would later merge with bell Atlantic in 2000. The company then became known as Verizon Communications. Shaygan on ireport.cnn was first assigned the position of the e-business division president. He later became the first CTO/CIO in the history of the company. He was integral in making many operations at the company become automated. He also was one of the main people responsible for Verizon starting to offer a larger variety of telecommunications services.

In an effort to create new ideas for products in 2001, Shaygan decided to divide employees into different teams. This strategy turned out to be a large success that earned him praise among his colleagues. He started a cycle for the testing and modification of various new prototypes that were being developed. This cycle would last for 30 days. It was Shaygan’s team that was chiefly responsible for developing the FiOS fiber optic video initiative released by Verizon. Another one of his team’s key creations was iobi. This was a manager of caller ID and address books. 2004 was the year he was responsible for overseeing the development of Verizon One. This was a portable device that has modem, router and phone capabilities. The automated customer service system, website and call center for Verizon were also re-engineered by Shaygan and his team.

Shaygan was hired by Barclays in 2011 to become their Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Global Business and Retail Bank. His contributions were invaluable to developing the software for mobile payments known as Pingit, as well as a variety of other products that quickly caught on with customers. The products he introduced were so successful that Shaygan eventually earned a promotion to the position of Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Prior to his promotion, no technology executive had ever been a member of the Barclays team of executives.

In early 2014, Shaygan was given the position of Juniper Networks CEO. He immediately started an Integrated Operating Plan that helped to raise dividends, help stock to be repurchased and lower expenses across the board. He then became CEO of Coriant in 2015.

A Few Facts About Bernardo Chua You Should Know

Bernardo Chua is not a strange name in the multi-level marketing circles. He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and has in a recent couple of years been involved in spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the different corners of the world and partnering with people while at that. His business model is well known for being effective, and one of the best network distribution systems that ensure that every dollar earned is shared by involved Organo family members.

Recently, Bernardo opened a new Organo Turkey office, and it marked the 39th country in which the company has branches. Speaking after opening the office, he was optimistic that the office would play a very integral role in allowing better operations as well as providing a platform for customers and distributors to be served.

The move to Turkey was seen by many as a natural one owing to the fact that the country has a wide reputation for its love for coffee. Back in the history books, it was the first country ever to open a coffee house in the 15th century. However, Organo hoped that with their natural thirst for coffee, Turkish citizens would warmly welcome its portfolio of products because of their healthy benefits.

Bernardo has been very instrumental in spearheading the company to become a global leader in all matters related to making products that come accompanied by a variety of healthy benefits and giving distributors a chance to make a living. He is also a firm believer in teamwork and empowering others.

In the Pacific Rim, he is considered one of the most successful businesspeople and has even been recognized with a few awards. He has been honored in five different award ceremonies with the ‘Direct Sales Company of The Year’ recognition as a result of his exemplary leadership.

Because he has been able to establish his company as a global brand, his focus is now centered on refining the business as much as possible so that it can become better. When he was setting up his business model, he saw the need to incorporate ordinary people through direct selling and the idea made the company grow tremendously within a short duration of time and from the humble beginnings at the Philippines, it was able to spread to other parts of the world.

Currently, the company is based in Canada, and it has more than a million distributors from around the globe. The company strives to always focus and stay ahead of the competition precisely the reason it has been experiencing tremendous growth over the years. Chua is of the firm belief that being based in Canada gives many customers the piece of mind when buying its products because the country has very strict guidelines and regulations in place.