Know About Eucatex and its Success

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that was founded in the year 1951. It has since its establishment been manufacturing and trading in ceiling linings as well as insulating materials that are made from eucalyptus fiber. These products are of low-density with thermal and audio insulation properties. These products were widely used in the civil construction market in Brazil. As the 80’s began, the financial resources that had been generated through its operations since its foundation were reinvested in implementation of other production lines for hardboards, which is still the core activity of the company.

As of date, Eucatex is the foreign market’s second biggest producer of the wood fiber panels. Its international market share has been estimated to be at around 41%. As at the year 1996, Eucatex had began the manufacture of MDP panels. These products currently give it a market share of about 16% in the Brazilian market. To add on, the company is the leading domestic firm in insulating and ceiling lining materials, doors and flooring products and wall partitions.

Despite the fact that Eucatex has been traditionally known for dealing in wood-related products like wood panels, the MDP panels among other related products, it has come up with a manufacturing line that has entirely been dedicated for the manufacture of paints. The paint products are used for its own consumption as well as for sale. Other products that are also manufactured include: resins, vermiculite-based products, peat, steel profiles and galvanized steel roofing.

The industrial evolution of this company has always been linked to growth of its forests. This ensures that there is a continuous supply of an essential raw material (eucalyptus wood) to feed the industrial process. The company’s core activities are in furniture and the civil construction industries, each of these segments represent an income of 48% and 35% respectively.

The company has put in place some measures that are aimed at ensuring that all dealings are done in a manner that is honest and transparent. The general public as well as potential clients are advised to report instances of fraud, mismanagement and corruption. The management does not tolerate such activities and staffs found to be doing such vices are punished accordingly. The company also takes stringent measures to protect the identities of those who report the vices.

Mr. Flavio Maluf has been the CEO of Eucatex since April 29 of the year 2005. He serves as chairperson of board of executives. He holds the position of vice CEO of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia. He has served as a director of the Eucatex since 29th april 2005. He also served for Sistema S.A. Mr. Maluf finished his undergraduate degree in the field of Mechanic Engineering in Fundacao Armando. He has undertaken specialization course in accounting for non-accountants, management people, foreign exchange principles, rural management and foreign trade principles.

The Skout Social App

In this era of Smartphones, there is an app for almost anything one wants to do. People have outsourced their basic needs to the fascinating gadgets in their pockets (Smartphones and tablets).

Skout is one of the many apps available in this more advanced digital platform. It is a unique social app that provides a platform for connecting people from different geographical regions. It enables users to create account and chat or comment on others pictures and chat. The user also gets notification when someone in the same geographic area joins Skout. An estimate of more than 300 million people uses Skout app to boost their enthusiasm in online social networking.

The two brilliant individuals, Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom started the company in 2007. The app uses the global positioning system as the medium. It is compatible with iOs and Android. One can download it in Google’s play store or App Store.

Skout was initially meant to create a platform for those who want to expand their social circle, but the recent events have proven otherwise. The developers have now introduced other features in a bid to improve user experience.

Skout has a travel feature that provides the user with the ability to meet people in other cities. More than ten million users have adopted this feature. Many people especially the young have applauded the app for enabling them to turn trips into real vacations. The app has enabled them to go an extra mile to connect with their friends from Skout hailing from the places they visit.

People have turned Skout app into a dating app with many successful hook-ups being made through this app. The recent studies reveal that over 70 percent of people use this app for dating. The app was relaunched in 2009 by the founders to accommodate dating.

Recently the Skout team launched Fuse provides the user with an interesting mobile network for those travelling. The goal of fuse was to provide users with an alternative social network that could take them off the address book of their smartphones or tablets. Fuse is highly suitable for the people on the go. It enables one to make automatically disappear, the messages and photos posted.

However, Skout has banned some photos from being posted and shared. The Skout’s team no longer accepts photos that seem to display nudity. Those people with the tendency to take bathroom selfies and posting them through Skout will have to find another app as Skout no longer accepts such.

Lastly, Skout is obviously one of the world’s largest social networks that allow users to connect, meet and date. With the recent advent of new features, the app is gaining more popularity worldwide. According to the company’s website, there has been an increase in the number of new users with a daily average of one hundred thousand users signing up. If one wants a more user-friendly social app with a lot of features, Skout can be a suitable app.

The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful and well respected businessmen in the United States. Mr. Levenson’s accomplishments on wikipedia are numerous and ranging from starting up successful businesses to being an active philanthropist. Mr. Levenson is not only known and respected for being a successful entrepreneur, but also is well known for being the former NBA co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson, while the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, was also an active member on the Board of the Governors for the NBA.

Mr. Levenson, despite his later success, is from humble means. Mr. Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Mr. Levenson was born to a Jewish family which means that he has strong Jewish roots that still influence him in present day.

Mr. Levenson, after pursing a higher education from Washington University, eventually graduated law school from the prestigious, American University. Right after school, Mr. Levenson, along with his co-partner, Ed Peskowitz, began formulating ideas for their new company, the United Communications Group.

The United Communications Group was started in 1977 in the apartment of Mr. Levenson. What this company is based on is informing the public of the oil industry. This company would print out weekly newsletters that all had informative topics of current issues relating the oil industry.

Eventually, after the company picked up momentum, the United Communications Group integrated more an more newsletter. These later newsletters informed the public on hot topics that included the environment, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and many other industries. The United Communications Group also picked up many start up companies such as TechTarget. Mr. Levenson was previously one of the founding board members that sat on the Board of Directors.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most famous accomplishments is the fact that he was the previous co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. While serving as one of the owners, Mr. Levenson played a large role in inspiring and helping the team. One of his most memorable events is the fact that Mr. Levenson and his wife took the Atlanta Hawks to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He took the team to the museum as a way to try and broaden the horizons of the team members and to show them of the importance of remembering history.

Mr. Levenson’s many accomplishments do not just involve business ventures, but also involve many involvements with charitable organizations. One of Mr. Levenson’s most generous donations go to an organization known as the I Have a Dream Foundation. This particular organization makes it possible for children who come from a low-income family, to pursue a higher education.

In addition to this, having strong Jewish roots, has lead him to be passionate about teaching others of the Holocaust. Mr. Levenson is a continuous donor to the museum as well as a continuous volunteer. Mr. Levenson believes deeply that he must be faithful to his roots and continue to educate others on the historic events that took place not too long ago.

Advantages of Being an NBA Team Owner like Bruce Levenson

It is imperative to note that for one to be an NBA owner, he or she will have to part with huge amounts of money. The best part of being an NBA owner is that one makes money while selling the franchise. Most of the sellers of the NBA teams have received profits when selling their franchises. Further, being an NBA owner has immense benefits in the sense that one is able to be recognized thus boosting other parts of one’s business empire. NBA Team owners having business that they want to grow receive immense exposure through their NBA teams. Being an NBA team owner makes an individual famous and known among the populace of the country.
NBA owners are renowned around the globe because most of them have established businesses and lead various corporations. NBA team owner, Levenson, is known owing to his ownership of the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks. He has been the controlling owner of the basketball franchise since 2004, when Atlanta Spirit LLC purchased the team. Atlanta Spirit LLC is an enterprise owned by seven individuals. Levenson has served as the representative for the management team of the Atlanta Hawks. He has been the driving force that has ensured that Atlanta Hawks becomes a force to reckon with in the NBA championship.
Bruce Levenson is an American Businessman who was born in Washington D.C. He grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland and attended college at the prestigious Washington University. Levenson is also a completed his law degree from the American University. It is while at law school that Levenson started comprehending the business world. He would attend school during the day and write for the Washington star during the night.
In 1977, Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) with his friend, Ed Peskowitz. Initially, UCG started as a newsletter focusing on providing information regarding the oil industry from a simple apartment but today, the corporation has grown to be a huge private business. The company went on to acquire other newsletters and in the process, launched various databases. Through his stewardship, the company now offers data analysis, and news for the energy, healthcare, and mortgage banking. This is in addition to telecommunications and technology services.
Levenson is also a founding board member of TecTarget. He has served as the director of the company since its incorporation in 1999. The enterprise was a spin out from UCG. He stepped down from his position of as a director of the corporation in 2012 with the view to focusing on other ventures. Levenson has also served in other boards that include being an adviser to BIA Digital Partners. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame owing to his work with United Communications Group in the Software and Information Industry.
Apart from the business ventures, Levenson supports a number of activities. He is passionate and active when it comes to supporting organizations. Some of the organizations that he supports include The Community Foundation of Washington D.C and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. In addition, Levenson has been supporting charities that deal with making education available to inner city children.

What American Corn Farmers Need Know About Syngenta Litigation Case

The litigation case filed in the Minnesota a State court has been ongoing for some time now yet some affected corn farmers are still not aware of its progress. While just a few aren’t completely aware of the case, most don’t know if it affects them or if they are in a position to sue. Others just don’t know how to go about the process or who to approach in order to lodge a complaint against Syngenta. This informative piece will offer a comprehensive coverage of the basics that every American corn farmer ought to know by now.

What is the case about

This is a litigation case in which Syngenta has been sued accused of negligence and issuing false information to the American farmers. Syngenta sold a new genetically modified seed to the farmers with the assurance that its harvest will be marketable and that major markets of American corn had approved or were in the process of approving the corn.
This however adversely affected the American corn prices when these markets including China failed to approve the said corn trait for consumption in their country. They had also made a promise that they won’t mix the said corn trait with the rest of corn for export. When they went ahead and intentionally broke that promise, major US corn markets banned any corn imports hence affecting the whole of American corn producers.

Who is affected by Syngenta actions

Generally, every corn farmer in America is affected by the actions of Syngenta. Those who actually bought, planted, and harvested the modified corn trait from Syngenta only to lack market for the commodity can sue for misdirection.
The rest of the American farmers who planted other types of corn can also sue. They can sue for the loss they experienced due to poor market prices or lack of market for their produce because of Syngenta actions.

What attorney can you approach for representation in the case

Mikal Watts of Watts’s law offices is an attorney in this case representing the farmers. Watts is helping thousands of farmers file their complaints in the case. He is offering legal advice and following up on this particular case by putting up evidence that will lead to the compensation of the American farmers. He is charged with proving the burden of guilt on part of the Syngenta. He will be also be evaluating the extent of loss by the farmers and proposing to the Honorable Judge a fair amount of compensation that the farmers ought to receive.

The Changing Ownership of Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson on is a renowned investor and an entrepreneur whose business acumen has put him on the limelight. He is best known for his ownership of an NBA enlisted basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks. He is a great fan of the hawks other than being part of the management team as a managing partner and a co-owner at the same time. Bruce has achieved a lot in his business career and he currently has a number of startup businesses under his name. Smart entrepreneurs are careful not to make losses in their investment and Bruce has done the same by diversifying his investments.

The Hawks is a team enlisted in the NBA league and it has been performing very well in the recent past. The team has however been on sale and currently there are two front-runners seeking ownership of the team although the process of purchasing it has become a long process. Investors seeking to place bids on the sale had up to the 10th of April to make their bids a deadline which was to be closed on its expiry date. During the period of sale, both the currently owners of the company and the investors interested in buying it had an agreement of non-disclosure.

During the period of sale, interested groups were holding meetings in the team’s city, Atlanta and during the process, only one group came out with full knowledge that it had lost the bid. Nonetheless the entire process was very competitive and all interested groups were fighting tooth and nail to get a chance in the purchase. This is why the process took too long from the date of the deadline which was set at 10th of April going on to June. The process took very long considering it had begun in September 2014.

The Atlanta Hawks has been under numerous changes of ownership with the recent resale being the latest. The sale begun soon after Bruce Levenson declared that he intended to sale his stakes last year September. The team has been performing very well considering their recent win of the Eastern Conference. With this performance, there are high expectations that the hawks will carry home the NBA championship title and if this comes to pass, there will be a slight confusion on whom to give the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Commentators and experts in the game suggested that the trophy is more likely to be handed to the current owners.

The sale of the team to different owners has taken too long and the only reason for this is the complexity involved in such a giant sell off. Of all the groups expressing their interest in the sale, only one group has raised concerns about the conditions of the Philips Arena which is included in the sale off. The group argues that the facility is not very well maintained and this could compromise the teams practice sessions and ultimately it’s performance.

Joseph Bismark and QI Group Recognized for Sustainability

United Nations Global Compact
Joseph Bismark is in the news again. He has accepted a certificate for becoming a Member and Sigatory of the UN Global Compact. It is Qnet that has been noted to be a member of the UNGC. This story has originally been released through Yahoo Finance. QI is the parent company ofQNet.

Responsible and Sustainable Business Practices
QI had made a pledge to incorporate and adopt responsible and sustainable business practices. This is under a 2015 United Nations initiative. There is a strategic policy initiative in place by the UNGC. This is for any business that is fully committed to aligning all of their operations and strategies. The alignment would be with ten of the universally accepted principles. These areas include:
*human rights
QI did partake in this initiative. They did this in order to clearly show that they are a company that is completely committed to good practice. This practice is for sustainable business as well as social success. This also includes development.

A Great Honor and a Privilege
Mr. Bismark will make the claim that it is truly a great honor as well as a privilege to become a registered member of the UNGC. The QI Group is indeed very committed to improve the companies function in the areas of human and labour rights. This is a company that ought to take pride in their alignment with the universally accepted principles. It was Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, Chief Governance and Social Sustainability, who presented the certificate to Mr. Joseph Bismark who is the Group Managing Director of the QI Group. This is an opportunity that has the chance to adopt a policy framework that is a globally recognized policy. This is a company that has earned recognition for their commitment.

About The Founding Director
Mr. Joseph Bismark had assumed the role of Group Managing Director in the year 2008. He is the founding director of the QI Group. This is a man who has had a grand desire to pursue wisdom and knowledge in his life. He is an intriguing individual who has a broad range of interests. He is a deeply spiritual man who is devoted to the Lord. He believes that human beings are not only about their physical bodies. Each person is really identified as a spirit and a soul. It is very clear that he is a man who indeed believes in universal principals in every area including business.

Slyce: A Reputable Visual Search Company

Slyce is a start-up technology company based in Toronto Canada. Most people are familiar with Slyce as being a visual search company. The company is a result of a partnership for visual search by two business oriented genius minds, Cameron Chell, and Erika Racicot. Initially, Slyce was formed as a consumer technology company.

The Slyce Company picked up drastically during the shopping season of 2011. The transition from the analog mode of communication to the now digital way of communication inspired the founders of Slyce to come up with the app. The transition was primarily after the emergence of smartphones that have become the new mode of communications between customers. The smartphone era thus brought about the big idea of a business opportunity. This technology would link retailers and customers for a common goal that is shopping, by sharing photos between themselves. This sharing is however not direct but through an application platform with coded command instructions.

Slyce as a company came up with an application named after the company. The Slyce application is similar in its working principle to Shazaam. However, the big difference between the two is that unlike Shazaam, which applies to music, Slyce is for visual items. The app first identifies the item or the object being displayed in the photo. Whether it’s a shirt, cup or any other item, the app takes note of this. The image undergoes analysis by a program designed by the Slyce team known as the Schema through an attribution model. The app’s analysis is perfect at picking details to the extent of identifying the color, pattern or even the location of the pocket on a shirt.

Most retailers have come with unique systems to help them photograph their stock for their online stores. This way, it becomes quite easy for the system to differentiate between items, making the comparison and distinguishing images whether an item is a toy or just a mere pan. Once Slyce makes up the details of the object in the picture, the system can provide a definite product match. It searches for the most comparable item a retailer has, and the particular retailer who has stocked this perfect match item.

According to Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein, the company is consistently trying to perfect their apps and the functionality of their systems. The improvements and enhancements enable the company to offer major retailers with the visual search platform. In a bid to deliver on this promise, Slyce acquired Tel Aviv-based Pounce. The technology that comes with the Pounce team comes in handy at speeding up things and improving the user experience.

Pounce is a product from BuyCode. It links item photos not only to the inventory but the pricing information as well. The final product allows users to scan different items, browse through various deals and checkout with just a few clicks.

Why Consult an Economist


A company, investor or government cannot operate without the services of an economist. The services the statistics and financial expert offers are indispensable. It is thus crucial to discover the reasons which make an economist an all-time reliable professional. Over the years, the world changing business trends in imports and exports, inflation and need for secure investments have even escalated the need for an economist. This is because beyond their knowledge on production, distribution and consumption of resources, they offer concise, tailor made solutions. Here now is the reason why they remain crucial all the time.

Growing need for solutions

Every day, investors, companies and governments are seeking solutions to fix the widening economic crisis. In many countries, there has been a push by activists who want the government to introduce certain policies. Companies are also under pressure to improve the working standards. Individuals are also shy to invest when they are half-sure of the outcome. All these problems can be solved through an economist. This is because the expert will show how certain policies are not working and how new ones would work for the benefit of a country. Through research and analysis of statistics, are best placed to analyze complaints by clients and thereby offer matching solutions.

Emerging business trends

The world is shifting to a point of using technology for business. This is one of the emerging trends which have affected different companies. Investors and governments are also affected by the import and export of goods. Through an economist, the advice will be on how to counter competition from technologically empowered companies. The governments will also need to be advised on the possibility of inflation. This crisis can be predicted and thus countered. Economists will analyze statistics of the imports and compare it with other countries while trying to check the possible turn of events in the end. This speculation mechanism helps counter losses by getting prepared for the outcome.

Project rejection

An economist is a specialist who can analyze policies set by a company or government. This leads to a conclusion which will predict the acceptability of the policies or even the rejection rate. In some instances, governments have suffered burn outs when they introduce what is later rejected by the people. Therefore, consulting an expert who will do a research and compile findings will be necessary. It is also beneficial to have a specialist who will remain curious and thus analyze even what could be overlooked by an investor or a government department.

Christian Broda economic prowess

Reliable experts always have an experience and a wide base of knowledge. This has been the case of the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management Christian Broda. He exudes much confidence when it comes to economic matters. As a financial expert and an economist whiz based in New York, he has remained resourceful. When it comes to the contributions he has made, Broda of chicagobooth has registered a landmark in contributing to international journals on economics. This includes the Quarterly Journal of Economics. His research work has also received support from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Joseph Bismark Changes Game for Business Life

When it comes to leading a life as a business official you have to be prepared for long hours, bad food, and more stress than you’ll ever want or need. It isn’t easy striking out for a career in a field that demands so much of you and that is why many people are grounded down and worn out by the time they are reaching middle age. According to a report in Reuters one man seems to have found a secret to staying fresh, staying focused, and staying successful — his name is Joseph Bismark, the founding Director over at QI Group.

For Joseph Bismark life is all about staying focused and staying busy which is, ironically, how he manages to stay so relaxed and calm. Bismark firmly believes in the importance of a busy life and he’ll stand behind that statement any day of the week. Bismark says that having a full schedule “helps us conquer self doubts and fears” and he goes on to say that it allows us to “achieve the best version of ourselves” possible. Joseph isn’t just busy for the sake of being busy, however, as he believes in advocating “holistic health and wellness’.

A typical day in the life of Mr. Bismark includes prolonged sessions of Yoga, whether at home or over at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. At the school Bismark is a Yoga Master and it is there that he educates new students while also learning from more advanced ones. He is a constant learner, opting to read books and study the art form over more conventional forms of entertainment. He stays focused by listening to a SoundCloud account that is loaded with pre-recorded mantras and chants.

A sharp mind is as important as a healthy body to Bismark and that is why he spends so much time keeping his mental faculties in motion. Bismark uses a website called Luminosity to stay sharp by playing their scientifically engineered games. These games are both entertaining and great ways to stay mentally sharp. Bismark tries to get in at least 15 minutes of game playing per day. This serves as a de-stressor along with all of the other benefits that we highlighted above.

For the QI Group to remain so successful it needs people like Joseph Bismark steeped in its business practices. Bismark is a spiritual and mental leader who pushes his employees in healthy ways.