QI Group President Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets of Health And Success

As reported by Yahoo News, entrepreneur, spiritual adviser and QI Group developer Joseph Bismark gives advise on how to maintain a healthy living.

Bismark is completely devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. He has been a proponent of the holistic approach to wellness and health. Bismark says that part of his routine is to exercise daily. He swims, runs, practices yoga and uses kettle bells to stay lean and strong. Bismark also uses an app that tracks every aspect of his workout — calories burned, running/walking distance, speed and pace.

Yoga is the key to life, according to Bismark. He not only practices it, he teaches it at the Singapore school of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark says that people should keep their minds as sharp as their body. For that reason, he uses the web-based app Luminosity, which has a full line of scientific-based brain games to keep the brain engaged.

Bismark was born in the Philippines in a comfortable, middle-class home. He was taken from that environment and placed in the mountains with Filipino monks. He learned a great deal about spirituality, a more simple way of life and humility. He left the monks at the age of 17 and took his teachings into the real world.

The values he learned with the monks is the same approach he applied to his business practices. He believes that all good leaders should possess strength and humility. His powerful vision and core values makes him one of the most respected and revered businessmen in the industry. Bismark has always believed in giving back to his community and feels that philanthropy can also influence others.

Bismmark is co-founder of the QI Group with his business partner Vijay Eswaran. The Group has a number of companies under its umbrella including the highly-successful Qnet. Bismark’s spirituality and common sense business practices are legendary in the industry. It is his goal to continue to grow as a person and help others achieve the same level of spiritual awakening. He continues to instill the importance of integrity when running a business and believes that anyone can duplicate his success as long as they have proper encouragement.

The Amazing Tale of Yeoni Park

Yeoni Park early life was far from easy. She was born into a prominent North Korean family in 1993. When very young, Park began to recognize the true evil of the North Korean government. It was a government that sought to control every single aspect of a citizen and if that failed to work, execution. Her opinion first began to change when she watched the movie Titanic. She was inspired by Jack and Rose’ rebellion against the social system, giving up everything for love.

In addition, a family event instigated the escape. During a harsh famine, the New York Times states that in order to support his family her businessman father smuggled various goods into China. The North Korean government discovered this and forced him into a time of hard labor. He was sentenced to 17 years. However, after being tortured he became very ill and was given a medical release. The horrors he experienced during this imprisonment convinced him that his family need to move as soon as possible. After his release, Yeoni’s father told his family that they needed to flee North Korea. In 2007, through the assistance of various parties the Park family escaped, in the process experiencing extreme hardships: Her mother was raped, he sister disappeared, and her still very ill father died of cancer.

In the end, what remained of the family was relocated to Seoul, South Korea where her missing sister actually rejoined them five years after the fact. Yeoni still resides in South Korea and serves as a human rights activist. She has remained passionately committed to revealing the plight of those who still live under the reign of terror of the North Korean government. She tirelessly speaks at conferences and T.V. talk shows on behalf of North Korean refugees. In addition, she is about to become an author: Here book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom, is scheduled to be released this coming fall.

I recently read in the online DePauw that the now 21-year old Park will be telling her story at DePauw University this October. As advertised, this will be followed by a question-and-answer time and a book signing of her book which should be released by that time. At her very young age, Park is a veteran speaking before crowds. She has had many chances to do so since her defection, most notably at the Oslo Freedom Forum and the One Young World Summit. Park is so popular a speaker because she is able to eloquently recount the horrors of North Korean life and the amazing story of her family’s escape. She has become such a capable activist at the young age of 21, that she is widely considered one of the best living activists in the world.

House Training Your New Puppy

A lot goes into the care of a new puppy, and housebreaking is one of the most confused and misunderstood of all the things a new dog owner will have to deal with. The process of house training doesn’t have to be a challenge for you or your puppy if you will follow several simple steps.

The first step in doing any kind of training with your new puppy, whether it is housetraining, leash training, or obeying simple commands like “sit”, “come”, “stay”, etc. is to be patient and consistent. Like humans, your furry companion responds much better to positive rewards and lots of praises. Inconsistent training confuses your puppy and makes conditioning the behaviors you want that much harder. Also, anger has no place in puppy training.

When housetraining you have nature on your side. Even in the wild, dogs do not normally soil their dens and by the time they are sixteen weeks old, most have learned through imitation that elimination is done outside, so there is some natural conditioning to begin working with.

Crate training is a very quick and effective method to accomplish housetraining. The crate should be just large enough for the puppy to enter, and turn around in. Too large a crate will allow your puppy to establish their own “zones” for sleeping, play and elimination. The objective is to make your puppy associate his crate as his den and capitalize on their natural desire for a clean environment.

Training also involves a regular schedule of feeding with Beneful on facebook. A puppy’s body is a rather simple machine: they eat, they sleep, they eliminate. Plus, the digestive system of a puppy is extremely efficient and most will want to eliminate anywhere from five to thirty minutes after eating. By feeding on a regular schedule and paying attention to the cues the puppy displays prior to elimination you can anticipate the action and respond by taking your puppy outside, or to a litter box. The cues to watch for include sniffing or pawing. Also, some dogs will turn around several times in a hunched over manner before eliminating.

If you wait too long and catch your puppy “in the act”, don’t scare the puppy, but in an assertive voice interrupt the puppy and say a consistent word or short phrase like “OUTSIDE”. Don’t punish your puppy, but pick them up and take them outside or to the litter box. Reinforce good behaviors with lavish praise and the occasional treat.

After a few days, your puppy should be pretty much on the way to complete housetraining. Accidents will probably happen from time to time, just be sure to clean up the urine or feces since the odor may well be an incentive to use that spot again.

Proper nutrition is an important requirement for dogs of all ages, but especially puppies. A well balanced and thoroughly researched dog food is Purina’s Beneful brand. Beneful is available in a number of different varieties and as wet or dry food. Purina has invested millions of dollars and thousands of research hours to ensure that Beneful contains the best ingredients so your puppy can grow up healthy and live a long happy life.

The Best Pet Care and Canine Dog Food from Beneful

Having a pet can be very rewarding, or it can be very troublesome. How you care for your pet will determine the level of enjoyment that you receive from owning one, especially when it comes to dogs. There is a lot of information that you need to know in regards to caring for your canine friend. Let’s take a look at some of the most important information you need to know to make sure that your experience of being a pet owner is the best it can be.

General Feeding Information
The amount of food required and the type of food that should be fed to your dog depends on its age and size. For puppies that are between 8 and 12 weeks old, it is recommended that they eat four meals a day. For puppies between the age of 3 and six months old it is recommended that they have three meals per day. For canines over six months old but less than one-year-old it is recommended by the ASPCA that they have two meals per day. Once a dog reaches 1 year of age, it is recommended that they have one meal per day. With some larger canines, it is recommended that they receive two smaller meals per day rather than just one large one.

What to Feed and What Not to Feed Your Canine Friend
What you feed your dog is equally as important as how much and how often you feed them. While most canines love to eat what you are eating, this is not the best diet for them. It is ok to allow your canine friend to have some “human food” but it should be limited. Some of the foods that we eat that are also alright for our canine friends include frutie and vegetables, cottage cheese, and cooked eggs. These should be in addition to their balanced diet dog food and not a primary source of nutrients. There are also some things that you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs. Those items include grapes, chocolate, onions, poultry bones and salty foods. These foods can have a negative adverse effect on your dog’s health.

Well Balanced Options from Beneful
To ensure that your canine has a well balanced diet it is important to know what is in the kibble that you feed them. At Beneful, they only include all natural and healthy ingredients in their line of dog food brands. All Beneful dog foods include vitamin-rich veggies and real meats to ensure your pet gets the absolute best food possible.The Beneful line of dog foods includes eight different dry foods and over 20 different wet foods all with the best nutritional ingredients available for your canine friend.The Beneful line of dog food was introduced to the market in 2001 and is available worldwide.

What is and is Not Recommended for the Various Treatments of Back Pain

North American Spine strongly believes that you shouldn’t wait for years in agony before doing something about any back pain that you have. They are known to be the only ones to knowledge who use the AccuraScope method. AccuraScope is a minimally invasive surgery that effectively treats lumbar, thoracic (the upper back) and cervical (or neck) pain. The lumbar involves the use of a small camera and other diagnostic tools, the thoracic involves use of an acupuncture-like needle and a laser and the cervical involves a range of treatments from x-rays to a surgical microscope. The thoracic is especially advantageous because it is also used to treat the discs on an individual basis.

Lower back pain can be a result of numerous things from unplanned weight loss to a history of cancer to neurological deficits. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is usually not recommended for the early stages without knowing the patient’s histories. This tends to increase your clinic bill and not do much for the pain.

Administration of elective injections are also usually not recommended unless it’s immediately harmful not to do administer it to the patient immediately. If the administration of the medication does not hit the exact spot, then its effectiveness is often decreased and results in additional needed care, which can be quite costly to the patient. In some cases, it could also result in a lawsuit.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (a.k.a. rhBMP) is never recommended for spine fusion surgery in the neck. rhBMP is a technique that involves stimulating growth and repair of the bones. This has been known to lead to life-threatening complications and at best to difficulties in swallowing or airway pressures. This due to the tissues around the neck being one of the softest.

EMG’s (electromyographs) and NCS’s (nerve conduction studies) are never recommended to determine the cause of lumbar, cervical or thoractic pain. Both are actually measures for nerve and muscle-related issues rather than skeletal ones. However, they are sometimes recommended if the presence of a neurological injury or disorder is suspected.

This may surprise many but in cases of the pain being located in the lumbar area, bedrest is not recommended for more than 48 hours at a time. If anything, lying down horizontally beyond that time period can wear down the already-damaged muscles or discs and even destroy the lumbar. It’s usually best to just keep moving and to stay sitting up as best as you can.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

My pets are like family to me. I love them, adore them, and treat them like one of the family. I take them on walks to the park with me everyday and I make sure they get regular checks ups, grooming, eating Beneful foods and more. They are like my babies and I treat them with as much love as I can give them.

I also do my best to eat as healthy as possible, and because of that, I also try to feed my dogs the best foods possible. I know that when I eat right, exercise, and get adequate sleep, I feel my best. I would just guess that the same type of lifestyle would be true for my dogs as well.

Most dogs only live a certain number of years and I want my dogs’ lives to be filled with happiness. Part of being happy is feeling healthy and full of energy. I know when I do not eat right, I do not feel very good. I usually do not have as much energy and I feel sluggish. I know that my dogs are the same way. If they do not get enough to eat or eat too much, it changes their behavior.

It took me some time to figure out what type of dog food I wanted to fed my beloved pets on an ongoing basis. There are so many different brands to choose from and it was a bit overwhelming at first. I did ask around. I talked to friends and family who had dogs and I even spoke to my veterinarian about their opinion. I like to take a bunch of different opinions into account and sort of take the average of everyone’s opinion, if that makes any sense. Anyway, at the end of the day, I decided on Beneful.

I noticed that after I started feeding my dogs Beneful dog food, they seemed to have more energy and their coats even seemed to look better. They seemed to like it when I brought home different flavors also. They would get excited. I mean it makes sense to me. I like to eat a wide variety of foods also. I am sure that if I fed my dogs the same food everyday, they would get bored of it eventually. They see to brighten up and jump around more when I bring home a new flavor. It makes me happy knowing I am doing something extra special for my dogs.

Beneful dog food offers wet and dry food as well as a diverse line of dog snacks. It offers my dogs healthy, wholesome food with a wide variety of different flavors. The wet food comes in pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. Some other ingredients that can be found in this dog food brand are green beans, carrots, rice, and barley. They offer packaging that is resealable and can even be used as dog food dishes. These are perfect for when I want to go on a road trip and bring my dogs along.

Everyone Needs Help From A Realtor When Looking For New York City Real Estate

Generally, when people think about real estate, they always think about houses. Houses used to be the most popular form of real estate, but when apartments, condos, penthouses and other forms of homes came into the picture, then real estate was redefined. Real estate can also mean land as well, so anything can possibly be real estate. The reason real estate is an important thing to think about is because if you need help looking for a new home, don’t think that you have to be searching for a house to get a real estate agent. Many are confused about what real estate agents do, and if they are not looking to purchase a house, then they won’t bother looking for a realtor.

In New York City the housing situations can be very complex, and a real estate agent can help you to figure out your next move if you’re looking to find a new home in the city. Depending on what type of lifestyle you live, you can give your real estate agent the information necessary for them to help you find the perfect home to suit your lifestyle. New York City luxury real estate is a big place, but most people would like to live within the heart of the city, and they can easily get to all the hotspots. New York City is filled with places that have entertainment, restaurants, and many places to shop.

The majority of people who have to live in New York City would like to live where everything is going on, so it’s best that they find a home within New York City. Although you may be looking for a home in New York City, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one, especially if you look on your own. Give Town Real Estate a call, and they can help you determine where your next home will be in New York City. You know what kind of home you want to live in, so let your real estate agent know this information, and they’ll be able to accommodate you.

Town Real Estate is not like any other real estate agency out there, and they have several services that can help their clients find a new home as well as location services that can make sure they are comfortable with their choice. Whether you’re moving for personal reasons, or if you’re moving for business reasons, your Town Real Estate agent can find you a perfect place in New York City. Work directly with your agent, and give the agent all the information they need to know to help you find a place that will be suitable for your lifestyle. Town Real Estate has some amazing homes available in New York City, so give them a call now.

Connection Between Psychiatry and Physiology in Depressed Patients

The connection between psychiatry and physiology has been studied a lot in the past by experts and researchers. For instance, when a patient is suffering from depression, a lot of physical symptoms are noticed. Here are a few physiological symptoms of depression –

Digestive Problems In Children and Adults – First symptom includes digestive problems in both adults and children. This includes diarrhea, nausea and queasiness. As the depression gets worse, patients can also suffer from digestive disorders like ulcers, colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Constant Headaches, Especially In The Morning and Evening – Having frequent headaches is noticed in patients as well. It is usually a dull kind of headache, getting worse as evening approaches. Tension headaches are common as well and occur due to contracted scalp or neck. This is because depressed people tend to have tensed muscles in their groups and this causes headaches.

Issues With Sleeping and Insomnia – Insomnia and sleeping problems are associated with depression. Patients frequently have trouble falling asleep even if they are tired. They might wake up during the night and find it difficult or impossible to go back to sleep. Often, patients suffering from depression complain about insomnia on a frequent basis. Usually, if the problem of insomnia persists for a couple of weeks and a doctor doesn’t find any cause behind it, it could be because of depression.

Muscle Aches and Back Pain Due To Lack of Exercise – Muscle pains are common physical manifestations of depression. As depression takes its toll, exercising or even moving and getting out of bed can seem like a chore. This causes back pains and muscle aches. In fact, studies show that people who already have chronic pain can feel it worsening due to depression. Lack of healthy eating during the condition also contributes to this problem.

Fatigue and Constant Exhaustion – Depressed patients are often frequently fatigued. A lot of this is due to lack of sleep but utter lack of energy is one of the biggest signs of depression. When patients get treatment for depression, they suddenly feel energized and it is almost like they have finally slept well after a long time. Expert psychiatrists have often mentioned how depression and fatigue tend to feed off each other.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a bestselling author and a US based psychiatrist. He is a specialist in brain disorders and also serves as a consultant for post-concussion care and issues for the National Football League. He is also the Director of Amen Clinics and has always stressed on taking care of the brain to deal with psychiatric issues. He has also insisted that diagnostic tools like SPECT should be used for identifying brain disorders instead of pooling everything under general headers.

Psychiatry’s Past: The Shame of Slow Progression

For over 100 years traditional psychiatry has worked on the premise that talk therapy alone can diagnose and resolve disorders of the mind, with drugs filling in the gaps in hit-or-miss fashion. While counseling troubled patients certainly has its place and modern pharmacology is often necessary, they are only part of the growing scientific knowledge and resulting treatments available to today’s patient.

Psychiatry has roots extending back to ancient Greece, and through the centuries offered such archaic cures as exorcism and bloodletting, practices that were in use even into the 1900s. In the Middle Ages, lack of scientific understanding of body and brain function often meant that something like depression could be blamed on the supernatural.

Until much more recently, advances in psychiatry have been slow in evolving and often detrimental, with less than optimal understanding of actual brain function. Even while other areas of medical science have shown astounding advances and success rates in both diagnosis and treatment, psychiatric science has changed little in the last 60 years. Many doctors are still prescribing medicines that act in the brain with a “wait and see” method that is prolonged and potentially ineffective like Daniel Amen.

Technology Making The Difference

While nothing can replace an expert clinician’s evaluation of mental health issues, there are a growing number of tools and dedicated scientists who are making the scientific connection between brain and function of the mind.

What if a patient’s problems are due to a brain injury, illness, or chronic condition? How would a clinician even know? This is where scientific research and pioneers are making exciting progress.

Daniel Amen is the nation’s leading scientist and best-selling author in the field of psychiatry and brain imaging. He is the Founder and Medical Director of the renowned Amen Clinics, where finally, technology and psychiatry meet and work synergetically. His work with football players was key in proving that brain injuries and resulting damage are frequent and often treatable.

Dr. Amen’s research into brain imaging has resulted in a reliable approach to resolving mental health issues using the results of functional brain scans that reveal areas of abnormality. Now a patient may clearly see the areas in his or her brain that are causing symptoms. Further investigation includes neurological diagnostics and lab tests, more accurately providing a complete picture of a patient’s overall health. Dr. Amen’s clinics then go on to create a scientific-based treatment plan that addresses the whole person and improves patient’s lives in every aspect; biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

These promising technological developments in psychiatry have been met with overwhelming enthusiasm by both peers and patients and are long overdue.

Providing nutritious pet food is just one part of raising a socially happy pet

According to the Humane Society of the United States there are many ways of making sure a pet is raised in the correct way to ensure it is happy, healthy and socially acceptable. The providing of a healthy balanced diet is the first step in making sure a pet remains healthy and lives a long life with a regular diet of Beneful on petco from Nestle Purina. It is also a good idea to make sure a pet is spayed or neutered to give them the best chance of living a long and happy life without the threat of an unwanted pregnancy or the behavioral problems that go along with a sexually active dog.

A balanced diet is something that any veterinarian will explain is vitally important to your pet living the longest, happiest life possible. Beneful from nestle Purina has been scientifically formulated to make sure the product on offer is the best possible one for any dog to enjoy. Instead of filling the food with a range of synthetic materials, natural ingredients are included to make sure the food offers the best chance of maintaining good health and allowing a dog to live for a long time into the future. Beneful has always placed the needs of an individual dog above thoughts of profit, which was seen in the fact the company produced a marketing campaign aimed solely at the dogs of Austrian owners in a bid to publicize the company and give dogs their own choice of which food to eat.

The need for nutritious food like Beneful is a major part of life for pets across the world, but there are other aspects of life that should not be ignored. One part of life that many dog owners do not get right is the fact that they should be providing a large amount of exercise for their dog to keep them fit, but not to keep them exhausted at any time. Striking the correct balance between keeping a dog fit and active instead of simply making them too tired to cope with any aspect of life is something that any pet parent can understand as everyday activity is essential to a healthy, long living animal.