Governor Cuomo Announces New Airport

New LaGuardia Airport Announcement by Andrew Cuomo

It has been years since a new airport had been created in the United States. Now there seems to be a change regarding new airports in the coming months.

Recently, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced there are plans in the works to renovate New York’s LaGuardia Airport, after the airport was once compared to being that of a “third world country.” Vice President Joe Biden was alongside Shaygan Kheradpir and Cuomo when the announcement to give the airport a complete overhaul was made.

Many would say the overhaul to LaGuardia is an absolute neccesity because much of the airport area consists of cramped, aging and chaotic buildings, adding to the fact that is already confined to a small property on the East River in Queens. The plan would be to demolish all of the older and cramped buildings and eventually replaced with a brand new airport terminal that would be much closer to Grand Central Parkway, which already circles the airport.

The change in structure for the airport would allow for more open space, meaning that aircraft that have to leave and dock at certain gates would have more area to work with. This in turn means that passengers would get to use the elevated passageways in order to get the taxiway area, which is set to gain an extra two miles of new space.

Part one of this renovation is set to cost $4 billion is will add thousands of jobs to the area

What Does Beneful Look Out for When it Comes to Dogs?

Those of us who are pet owners understand just how important it is to treat our pets in the best way. We want to make sure that we give our pets the kind of food that is right for them. When I am looking for a brand of pet food that will be good to buy, a brand that will look out for the pet in my life, I know just what I need to find in that brand. There are some things that I look for in every brand that I buy, and Beneful offers those things that I am looking for. Visit Beneful on facebook for more info.

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Brazil Has So Much To Offer Investors

Brazil is a beautiful country that offers much to the eye. Apart from being a very large South American country, it has also been found to be a great hotspot when it comes to investing. Many international investors have decided to invest in Brazil and with great reason. Brazil has an economy that is consistently and steadily growing and a very stable financial market. The Brazilian economy is the 10th largest economy in the world and it has grown on an average of about 4% over the last few years. Many countries around the world are dependent on other countries when it comes to natural resources, but Brazil is completely and totally self sufficient when it comes to oil. It also is one of the world’s largest producers of ethanol and also iron ore. When it comes to investing in the Brazilian stock market, foreign investors have different options. The first option is to invest in the Brazilian stock exchange, and the second option is to try an offshore investment route that is available in the form of ADRs, GDRs, and ETFs.

When it comes to foreign investors the climate of Brazil is very liberal. It is quite easy for a foreign investor or foreign entity to invest in the majority of the financial and capital markets without any restriction. At the same time nonresident investors have to hire a local representative because of issues related to tax and regulation.

Since Brazil has such an abundance of natural resources Brazilians are manufacturing anything imaginable. There is a long list of reasons why Brazil is a very promising country when it comes to financial growth and investing.

In the world of investing in Brazil Igor Cornelsen is a house known name. Igor Cornelsen was known for many years as one of the country’s top bankers, and he was in charge of the majority of the money that was coming and going out of the country. Igor Cornelsen knows everything that there is to know when it comes to investing in any company or commodity. Igor Cornelsen rose to prominence as the country’s top banker by providing expert advice to many of his clients. Throughout his years he had been able to help many entities and individuals to attain billions of dollars. Igor Cornelsen is the proprietor of Bainbridge Bank, and at the present time he is retired and uses investing as a hobby. Igor Cornelsen is a perfect example of a person that took advantage of the Brazilian stock market, and had has made millions off of his investments. In reality Brazil is a wonderful country to invest in, and many people have reaped great benefits by investing in this country that is rich in natural resources.

Dogs big and small loves Beneful Dog food

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Beneful’s Health Products

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Joseph Bismark’s Spiritual Business

It took me a while to process what Joseph Bismark said in his own blog. It has changed my world. I started looking for more that I could learn about spirituality and business when I came across this article about Joseph Bismark featured on the Come on Valerie blog. It essentially says what the other articles have been saying. Joseph Bismark believes in adding spirituality to business. His beliefs have revolutionized business. He has utilized excellent leadership and great service which has been the major driving force behind the success of his company. Ever since he has joined the company around 2008, his ideas have brought out the best in the company.

Among the skills he has learned and used includes yoga instruction and martial arts. Joseph Bismark has certificates in philosophy and meditation. He obviously embraces spirituality. His childhood has shaped his views. He spent time in the mountains as a monk where he has learned all of the spiritual teachings.

Joseph Bismark has inspired me so much with his life story. He will continue to bring his business to new heights. The business industry is definitely in need of some spirituality so that it can be brought to the level needed for increased success and improved relationships. I admire his faith and discipline that he has shown to display according to the articles that I have read. Joseph Bismark continues to provide value to people with his RHYTHM Foundation. He works on projects with the sole purpose of bringing out the best in humanity.

Expansion Plans Released For North American Spine In Dallas

According to a release in the PR Newswire, the North American Spine announced they will be adding 4,000 square feet to their headquarters in Dallas Texas that will be workable space. This space is said to be necessary to accommodate their rapid growth. This two month project will also include space to cover future expansion plans.

Vice President of Operations, Chance McElhaney stated they need to continue to add staff in order to keep with their mission of patient care always being a top priority. This is the third expansion North American Spine has completed and it will provide space for computer programmers, account managers and financial advisers.

This third expansion is testament to North American Spine’s commitment to patient care. The growth they have experienced in the past six years is evidence that their patients are putting faith in their treatment methods of chronic pain. Jon Sasser, Director of Public Relations says it is a very exciting time for them.

The North American Spine doctors in Dallas have been performing a procedure called, The AccuraScope. This is a minimally invasive spine surgery. Doctors are able to perform the surgery in less than an hour with the use of small laser that is tinier than the tip of a mechanical pencil. This tiny laser only works on the tissue it touches, making it the best type of surgery for those suffering from tissue issues and not bone problems. One of the great advantages to this method of surgery is the patient being able to return home the same day and be immediately free of pain. Many patients are also able to return to work within a week after having surgery.

The doctors at the North American Spine are spine specialists. They have received special training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Interventional Pain Management and Neurosurgery. They are able to provide minimally invasive stabilization and decompression for patients to alleviate pain. PR NewsWire states research shows this procedure has an 82% success rate and saves patients over $23,000 in out-of-pocket expenses over a five year period by reducing their need for medical visits and medications.

Father of scientologist leader to write book

Ronald Miscavige Sr., , the father of the current Scientologist leader David Miscavige, has announced that he will be releasing a book about the church that is set to be titled “If He Dies, He Dies” and will be released by St. Martin’s Press.

David Miscavige replaced the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard in 1986 upon his death and has greatly expanded the church’s wealth and power since then. In the process Jaime Garcia Dias noted that he has stepped on many toes including those of his father who is now estranged from the church. In fact, the book title comes from an incident in which David had agents of the church spy on his father. When they noticed that he was grabbing his chest in distress, David gave them orders to not call the ambulance and indicated that if he dies, let him die.

Ron introduced his son to the church in the 1960’s when he joined. His book, if truly a tell all book will likely sell well and e part of a growing outcry against the church that continued earlier in the year with an HBO documentary called “Going Clear”. Ron won’t be the first one of David’s family members to publish a negative book about the church. Jenna Miscavige, David’s niece, wrote a book called “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape” which also criticized the church back in 2013.

Pope Francis’ U.S.A. Itinerary Released

Pope Francis will visit the United States In the coming months. That has been made known for several months, however, his exact itinerary has been kept a secret until now. In an official statement, the Vatican has released Pope Francis’ official itinerary for his September visit to the states. It will mark his first papal visit to the U.S.

According to the official timeline, the Pontiff will land on September 22nd in the United States. He will rest for the evening before joining President Obama at the White House on September 23rd. He will spend much of the 24th in Washington D.C., as well. His stops include St. Patrick and Catholic Charities, as well as Congress.

ValueWalk writes that Pope Francis is expected to arrive in New York City on the evening of September 24th and take part in evening prayers at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. He will join the U.N. General Assembly the following day, and perform mass that evening at Madison Square Garden before heading to Philadelphia. His days in Philadelphia will include a prison visit, several masses, and a meeting with Bishops before he departs for Rome on September 27th.

Pope Francis is being hailed by many as a modern Pope with views that align better with modern ideology.

Complex Sunscreen Labeling Confuses Most People

According to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the general public is confused by what sunscreen ratings really mean because of the dual rating system. The organization conducted a study that looked at 2,000 adults in the UK and discovered that about 20% did not realize that SPF ratings do not protect solely against all sun damage. SPF ratings actually only refer to the damaged caused by UVB rays. UVA ray protection is denoted on the labels via star rating which many people in the survey were unaware of.

UVA rays causes wrinkles and premature skin aging and both UVA and UVB rays can lead to the development of skin cancer says Igor Cornelsen in this article. Therefore, sun creams need to be rated highly against both types of rays, but most people mistakenly only look at the SPF rating and assume that both types are covered. This can be potentially harmful as UVA rays are actually able to penetrate into the skin at a deeper level leading to premature aging of the skin.

The survey discovered that only out of every three people actively looked at the UVA star rating before they purchased sunscreen. The star rating ranges from 0 to 5 and indicates how much sun is absorbed by the sunscreen.