Faster Way to Test Effectiveness of Antibiotics

Doctors are able to determine how effective a drug will react against bacteria. The method uses an imaging system that helps doctors identify quickly and accurately the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics, and reduces waiting times of about 16 hours down to four.

This is useful because it can offer a more personalized and effective treatment plan to patients. At the same time, it reduces the possibility of drug resistance due to overuse and misuse of antibiotics, which is becoming a big problem.

Many strains of bacterium have become resistant to drugs, and the detection of the success of an antibiotic is between 16 and 20 hours.

A team of researchers at the Seoul Institute of Basic Sciences (South Korea) designed a test called morphological analysis of a single cell which tracks the growth of bacterial cells individually.

A camera captures images of each span of the cells, and how they change shape in response to an antibiotic.

The device was tested on four typical bacterial strains and 200 supplied hospital samples reports Ivan Ong.

The results showed that compared to the current system, the new morphological analysis achieved the same levels of accuracy, but in only three or four hours. This research is published in ‘Science Translational Medicine’.

A Shocking Revelation: Electricity Deprives Individuals Of Sleep

According to a recently published report, appearing in the Journal of Biological Rhythms, that a least likely suspect may be the culprit in individuals not getting a full night’s sleep. The culprit is electricity, which to many is a shocking revelation.

Prior research has ascertained that the electrical currents provided to electrical appliances such as computers, telephones, televisions, and lamps can alter an individual’s circadian rhythm. The study contends that with advances in technology over the past 25 years, there has been an increase in artificial light, which is a significant factor that prohibits individuals from a getting good night’s rest.

To confirm the assertions, researchers employed the participation of two communities, in Argentina, to determine how the imposition of electricity affects the sleep patterns of community residents. Of the two communities, one enjoyed electrical access all day, and all night, while the other community did not. People at Boraie Development LLC have found that a two-year study and observation of the two communities indicated that residents of the community with 24 hour access to electricity, slept, on average one hour less than the other community, without 24 hour access to electricity.

Lead study author, Horacio de la Iglesia, a biology professor at the University of Washington commented, “In a way, this study presents a proxy of what happened to humanity, as we moved from hunting, and gathering, to agriculture, and eventually to our industrialized society.”

Electricity Messes With Your Sleep Habits

Although research demonstrates that computers and TV screens aren’t good for anyone who’s trying to have pleasurable sleep habits, a more recent study demonstrates that the problem is even bigger. According to Susan McGalla, It shows that electricity itself is harmful to a good night’s sleep.

According to this study, anything that runs off of electricity (e.g. lights, computers, TVs, phones) continually disrupts humans’ circadian rhythms. The study goes on to say that this is why people today get a lot less sleep than people in the past.

Lead study author Horacio de la Iglesia from the University of Washington says that it’s because the circadian rhythm “is still embedded in our biology even when we do as much as we can to obscure that difference between summer and winter.” This is based upon the research team’s introduction of electricity into two indigenous communities from rural northeastern Argentina that were very similar in many ways.

My Growing Dog Loves To Eat Beneful

I recently took on one of the biggest tasks of my life by purchasing a dog. The dog was extremely small, and I was terrified about being a new pet owner. I had to take the dog to the vet after I got him, and I wanted to make sure to find out what the best food was the feed such a small dog. I was suggested to feed the dog something that was meant just for puppies. I decided to look around for the best formula dog food for my pet, and I came across Beneful.

Beneful has a special mixture of ingredients that are perfect for a dog that is starting to grow. The dog food is made especially for puppies, and I knew my dog would benefit from it. I went ahead and purchased a package of the dog food, and then I began feeding it to him on a daily basis. I noticed my pet seemed more energetic, and he also seemed to really enjoy his food. I had no problem giving my pet Beneful, and I even decided to choose the Beneful treats to give to my pet as well.

After only a couple months, I noticed my pet started growing rapidly. I couldn’t believe how big he had gotten after feeding him Beneful for only two months. I was so happy to know that my pet was growing strong and healthy, and I really have Benful brand products to thank for it. I was able to take my dog on walks after he had grown big enough to take him out with me. I noticed that even when I ran, he would keep up very well. I kept using the puppy brand of Beneful until I felt it was time for him to switch to the regular brand.

I was worried about how my pet would take the new brand of food, and if he would adjust to it well, but I didn’t need to worry. My pet ate the food without any complaints, and he never left any leftovers in his bowl. No matter what brand of Beneful I choose for my pet, he eats all of it. Beneful has wet dog food and dry dog food, and it’s all a feast to my pet. I would never choose another brand of dog food for my growing pet, and I don’t think he’d choose another brand either.

For more about Beneful, check them out on Youtube!

An Oversight Worth Noting

When was launched in October of 2013 the site initially saw some technical issues that could have been avoided. President Barack Obama took to the media to note that he should have caught these issues. Upon further design and research the president and his IT developers think they have found a way to make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again. The president sat down with Fast Company and published his statement online. He noted that the traditional way of purchasing IT services, programs, and software did not work for the 2013 website. He has noted that this misstep in this site’s existence has led to the IT team working much harder to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. The President and his administration have taken numerous steps to make sure that the IT crisis doesn’t affect citizens who live their lives primarily through technology.


It is this reason that Obama has put forth such an effort to fix the problem. Even though Obama has promised to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, many of his opponents are criticizing him for it anyway. Handy is hoping that he figures it out quickly. Obama was credited with running the most tech savvy campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The first president to run tech savvy campaigns consecutively is the same president who oversaw the most high profile IT failure in recent American history. Despite the critics, Obama’s main goal is to get back on track for the sake of American citizens.

The Shrinking McDonald’s Empire

The McDonald’s empire has been reported to be a shrinking empire with over a 40 year reign. The company has recently reported to be closing down more of their restaurants than ever. The world’s biggest burger chain has not had this many closed restaurants since 1970.

Currently, the number of U.S. locations is 14,300. This number, however, will continue to decrease. The expansion of the company has been attributed to the entire goal of the company which was to give consumers fast and affordable food. During the Recession, this empire expanded even more as the dollar menu thrived. because of people’s nervousness to save money.

Since the recession, companies like Chipotle have been marketing themselves as the better option because they sell better food. Jaime Garcia Dias understands that as much as anyone. Even chains like five guys have been selling themselves as a chain that provides better burgers and fries to customers.

The declining number of restaurants can be attributed to McDonald’s over confidence as well has not having a new inside perspective of what new products to put out. With the new and complicated products added to the menu, it has also been reported that employees repeatedly mix up orders because they cannot keep up with the fast pace.

Worldwide, this franchise is still growing with 300 chains to be built in the up and coming future. McDonald’s, in order to survive must start focusing on promising better food options to the masses instead of quick food options.

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Many people are currently under a doctor’s care for high blood pressure and are bound to a series of prescriptions for the rest of their lives. However, a growing number of individuals are seeking natural ways to reduce their blood pressure and avoid costly medicines that can alter other aspects of their life style. Many methods are simple things that can be done by anybody. For example, one should start one’s morning with a ten minute session of quiet meditation, prayer or reflection. This enables one to flush out the negative thoughts of the previous day and focus on the goals for the day in front of them.

A short period of stretching or other mild form of exercise should be done at the beginning of the day. This avoids the day running out before any meaningful exercise is done. Before any food or beverage is consumed, one should drink at least a pint of water with lemon juice in it says Dr. Jennifer Walden in a medical article. This will help rid the body of toxins and provide the individual with a refreshing start to their pallet before they drink coffee or eat. One should also designate when to turn on and off electronics devices. Being plugged in all the time is not healthy and contributes greatly to stress. One should also log their diet for the day and track the amounts of sugar and salt that they consume. This will enable an individual to watch their limits of harmful products that add to high blood pressure.

A New Flu Drug Works Well Although It Doesn’t Target the Flu

Each year many elderly and immunocompromised people die from the flu causing them to go into respiratory failure. This is because a thin layer of cells (microvascular endothelium) that form a barrier between your circulatory and respiratory system becomes damaged. Fluids then leak into your lungs causing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which results in death from something like drowning.

Thanks to research from a large research team from the University of Toronto headed by Warren L. Lee and Zeca Oliveira, there’s now a new flu treatment, Vasculotide. Instead of fighting the flu, it concentrates on stopping the fluid from leaking into your lungs. This buy your body’s immune system time to outlast the virus and recover.

Since this treatment works really well and isn’t an immune system booster, the research team has applied for a patent. Vasculotide inhibits the flu’s “downstream” effects. As such, the immune system doesn’t get stronger, but it does get more time, which could make all the difference.

5 Ways Exercise Is Good For Your Mental Health

The physical attributes of exercise are obvious but there are also mental benefits as well. Here are five different ways exercise can enhance your mental health.

Mood Elevator

Exercise done on a regular basis can increase your energy and improve your mood. Medical professionals aren’t exactly certain why this is, but it is recommended to improve one’s mood.

Preserves Mental Sharpness

When dealing with a bit mental block, trouble focusing on the task at hand. It may be best to take a break from the task and get some exercise. Doing so can increase brain function almost instantly. With positive effects of your ability for decision making, learning new information, and planning ahead.

Preserves The Longevity Of Cognitive Functions

Studies show that exercise on a regular basis keeps your mind’s judgement and learning abilities astute. It was also proven that it could help counteract the effects of Alzheimer’s for those in their later years.


Our ability for mental recall seems to wane with age. With regular physical activity you can see an improvement in your memory over time. That is why Mikal Watts tries to stay fit. Studies conducted and posted on Wikipedia shows a direct correlation between regular exercise and mental recall.

Gets The Creative Juices Flowing

Dealing with a creative block and in desperate need to get the juices flowing. Try some strength training or a long run. Studies conducted prove that a few hours of exercise can help tap into your creativity.

Remember you are never too old and it’s never too late to get healthy with physical activity and the mental benefits are their own reward.

Fidgeting May Help with Concentration for ADHD Children

Those who deal with children who are facing ADHD may be bothered by the constant movement with those children. Children who are dealing with ADHD find the need to be moving at all times, and this can be frustrating to parents and teachers. Stopping the fidgeting, though, may not be a good response.

New studies suggest that the fidgeting that children with ADHD do may actually be helping them. It seems that fidgeting may help a child to think and study. Fidgeting may allow a child to think more clearly. Children who are dealing with ADHD have a hard time concentrating, but fidgeting around may help them to do better.

While fidgeting might bother the teachers and parents of children with ADHD, it could actually be a positive thing when it comes to the children and the work that they are trying to complete. Fidgeting may help children think and study, and it should not be stopped. Andy Wirth finds this study interesting.