No Money, No Church

While tithing should be something people who attend church want to do, it shouldn’t be a requirement for being a member. There is a church in Elk River that believes that members should donate a certain amount of money. If they don’t donate this money, then they are considered sinners. This is a church that has pastors who urge members to marry each other and to live their lives for God. Some would think that if you go to church, then this is likely how you want to live anyway, but telling someone they can’t attend because they don’t give the money the church needs is ridiculous. It’s not how God wants people to live life. He wants people to love Him and give what they can to Him. It’s no wonder to the guys at Boraie Development LLC here are people who are turning away from organized religion if all churches have views that are like this.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeon

The world of medicine has long been one that people look to for help in solving many kinds of problems. Many people have turned to doctors because they have a health problem of some sort. This can range from a potentially serious disease to simply the desire to look and feel younger. Fortunately, in recent decades, doctors have been able to develop a wide variety of techniques to help patients of all ages get the kind of results they want. A highly skilled plastic surgeon can work directly with a patient and help them determine which kind surgical methods may be right for their specific needs. In many cases, the doctor can literally have a consultation with the patient and then help them map out a plan to accomplish such goals as reducing the appearance of fine lines, clearing away blemishes and even getting rid of pockets of fat that may be creating a less than desirable profile.

The world of academic medicine has grown a great deal even in the last few years. This is particularly true of the field of plastic surgery. Skilled plastic surgeons can now help any patient get the kind of look they want, often with vastly decreased recovery time and highly improved results. One of those who has helped push forward this particular area of medicine is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rohrich has been a leading practitioner in the field of plastic surgery for many years. His work has helped push forward the boundaries of academic medicine and provided patients with astonishing results that many have found delightful. His work in this field has been widely acclaimed and led him to be the recipient of numerous awards in the field of academic medicine as well as in the field of training the next generation of young doctors.

The skilled doctor was born in the great plains state of North Dakota. While here, he honed his love of the biological world and set the stage for his later achievements in medicine. He completed two degrees at North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota. After completion, the potential doctor entered Baylor College of Medicine in Dallas, Texas. Here, he developed his desire to enter the field of plastic surgery in order to help change patient’s lives. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to advance the field of plastics and train new medical students. More is available on Rohrich on his Linkedin page. 

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

We’ve all been bombarded with the idea that the average person should have at least 8 hours sleep. Babies and some other adults require much more sleep. Sam Tabar has read, however, this 8 hour myth does not apply to everyone. At different points in your life, you might require more or less sleep. Certainly, growing kids require more sleep. Teens require less sleep. Some adults are able to function quite well on 5 or 6 hours sleep. Perhaps, the need for 8 hours sleep is only a myth. MoreHere.

Clearly, at different stages in our life, we require different amounts of sleep. However, the majority of people seem to agree with the prevailing myth that every healthy adult requires at least 8 hours of sleep. Those that are only able to sleep 5 hours or less are not different. They might be genetically programmed or predisposed for less sleep. The fact is that some people actually thrive on less sleep. I’ve noticed that a few close relatives seem more alert with less sleep. Sleeping more than 7 or 8 hours makes them lethargic. Certainly, there is no need to worry, if you are able to function well with less sleep. Count yourself lucky.

Memory Help

Forgetfulness has long been associated with getting older. From what I read on FreedomPop though, while there are certainly reasons for memory loss such as disease or suffering a stroke, not all healthy adults need to fear that they will inevitably lose their ability to remember things.

One of the main reasons that people can’t remember something, both young and old, is that they never committed it to memory in the first place. If somebody doesn’t consciously make a concerted effort to remember a name or a date, then it won’t get stored, so there’s no way for it be recalled. There are many self-help books and videos that teach people various tips and tricks they can learn to help increase their memory capabilities.

Some experts claim that certain supplements, such as those that contain antioxidants, can help to prevent dementia and memory loss, although nothing has been definitively proven. Good nutrition, though, is key to body and brain health.

Keeping the mind active has been shown to be a factor in maintaining overall brain function, including memory. Learning new activities such as playing a computer game or dancing can be extremely beneficial, and fun as well.

Where Are the Christians?

Recently, there was a survey done in America from a religious perspective, to me, a Christian, the results are quite unnerving. The results show that more and more people are claiming to follow no religion, a reported 56 million worldwide. This, in conjunction with the falling percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, has led me to a place of despair. Ten years ago, 78% of the population declared themselves to be Christians, and now, only 71% make that claim.
There are many theories to why this is happening, according to a recent article, but there is one that stands out in my mind. It is the same reason that churches are losing numbers in their congregations and crime is on the rise. This reason can be found in the Bible. It speaks of a time when there will be world wars and increasing death, which is the time we are living in right now.
Many Christians are not willing to stand up for their beliefs in this day and age either. This comes with the decrease in the number of Christians, because being a Christian is not as popular as it used to be. If you speak out for your beliefs, you might not be popular and unfortunately, too many of us are scared to lose popularity. These people just need to remember, popularity will not get you to heaven.

Thanks to Daniel Amen for showing me this, and as a courtesy I’ll link something for him. Check out his youtube video from his ted talk.

Radilogy: News and Trends for 2015

2015 in already into full swing as we enter into the second quarter, there is still a lot to be excited about in the field of radiology. The year will bring plenty of new ideas, new trends, and new technologies to the field. Some of which include 3D mammography, Multimedia enhanced radiology reporting (MERR), the use of cloud technologies, Centralization of clinical data, and Telemedicine. This five are considered by many to have the greatest impact on medical imaging in the year 2015.

Companies like Imaging Advantage help lead these new technologies, trends, and ideas. Imaging Advantage is one of the leading providers of evidence-based, technology enhanced radiology solutions to healthcare professionals and hospitals across the United States. Imaging Advantage offers practice management, onsite staffing, day and night teleradiology, subspecialty coverage, emergency department optimization and the latest technology to help the medical field deliver outstanding patient care. You can find more on Imaging Advantage on their Twitter page.

3D mammography, also known as Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), is going to be continued to be talked about due to the ability to find lesions and reducing recall rates. The use of 3D mammography will only increase as it proves to be a more thorough exam for patients with more dense tissue.

Multimedia enhanced radiology reporting (MERR) is second on the list for trends in 2015 due to the fact that text-only reports are fading away. Healthcare experts have reported that multimedia reports provided easier access to images while also allowing for the monitoring of the progression on the condition. Multimedia enhanced radiology reporting is also a cost savings for Radiologists.

The adoption of cloud based technologies has the possibility to have a major impact on the field of radiology. Initial upfront costs may be high, but the potential savings in the long run may be significant. Cloud based technology will allow organizations to save financially by allowing them to purchase only what they need.

Collaboration is considered to be essential with heath care facilities. Centralization of clinical data will enhance the ability for facilities to communicate and share information. To achieve this though, old systems would need to be deconstructed and done away with. By doing so, the accessibility and usability of patient information would provide enhanced patient care by speeding processes up as well as the overall timeline.

The last developing technology in the field of Radiology is telemedicine. Telemedicine uses information technologies and telecommunication to provide health care from a distance. With the possibility of virtual reading, diagnosis, and reporting, telemedicine has the possibility to bring health care facilities together. Expect telemedicine to grow exponentially in 2015.

Oldest Complete Copy Of Ten Commandments Goes On Display

The world’s oldest complete copy of the “Ten Commandments”, the documents containing the picturesque revelation of the Jewish deity to his chosen prophet Moses, is going on display in an Israeli museum. The 2,000 year old document will soon be on view to visitors in a museum exhibit that highlights the history of the Israeli nation and its most significant moments.

The manuscript, a lasting moment of Iron Age priest craft, is alleged to have been part of the Dead Sea Scrolls find, has never before been shown in its native land of Israel. In fact, the ancient shibboleth has only seen public display in other parts of the world on a very limited basis. As a result, the document remains in excellent shape, considering its age and quality.

As noted above, the manuscript is, indeed, in rather precarious quality. Although this should come as no surprise, considering its age, it should also be no great revelation to learn that the scroll will only be displayed at the museum to the public for a period of 14 days. On their linkedin profile Anastasia Date expressed their desire to go view the manuscript. Afterward, the manuscript will make its exodus to the pitch black, climate controlled, chamber in a back room of the museum, where it belongs for its own safety.

The ancient manuscript was discovered, along with many others of its ilk, near the coast of the famous Dead Sea of Israel, and remains one of that nation’s lesser known finds.

Likely GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Says Allowing Gay Marriages Could Lead To The Criminalization Of Christianity

The Republican evangelical right wing of the party is on a mission. Their mission is to deny gays and lesbians their inalienable rights. They say their mission is rooted in Christianity, but they have distorted the message and the word Christianity so much it doesn’t even resemble anything associated with the teachings of Christ. The truth is, Christianity has been ripped apart and methodically put back together to suit the beliefs of bigoted groups that have their own agenda. That agenda is so far removed from what Christ stood for it should be called Christ-insanity, not Christianity.

Mike Huckabee is one of those righteous souls that would rather hate than understand. The real issue is not same-sex marriage, but the fact that there are three genders not two. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Both words denote an association with our belief about sex. In the time of Christ there were many gays and lesbians. He didn’t call them sinners. He called them brothers and sisters.

Huckabee is right about one thing. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said that his belief and the others that believe in Christ-insanity have distorted the message of Christ using the word Christianity. They should be called criminals by the religions that accept all people regardless of their sexual preferences.