Great Food Along With Great Wine

To have a superb dining experience, great food has to be accompanied by great wine as well. There’s a wide variety of wines which complement a meal. The trick is to find out which wine is best for the specific meal. In many countries, wine is a regular staple of any meal; children in most European countries are taught the nuances of drinking wine from a very young age.

A great thing about wine is that whether a person is at home or in a restaurant environment, any wine can be relished in the same way. Pairing food with wine is regarded widely as a recent phenomenon, one that isn’t more than 20 years old. However, it’s an understatement that wine will enhance any dinner, more so than any other drink.

The Antique Wine Company specializes in only the very best vintage wines, in business since 1982. It has a growing list of more than 20,000 clients in 70 countries. Cellar planning, wine tasting classes, and rare wine sourcing are among its many services. They cater to a discriminating clientele, one that knows good wine and where to find it. Not all wine is created equal; The Antique Wine Company has an exclusive method by which they can determine the vintage and age of any wine; this gives them a competitive edge no one else has.

A very important fact to mention is that flavor and how a specific wine is relished is a very subjective area; what may taste in one way to one person may taste different to another. This is due to differences in palates and dining settings. Other factors which play a role include the body and consistency of the wine being sampled and also the weight of the food. Both the food and the wine must be perfectly complemented. This in itself is a intrinsic science which a reputable business such as The Antique Wine Company is well versed in.

For instance, a strong red wine such as a Cabernet is suited with a steak and potatoes meal. White wines go perfect with light foods, such as lobster or shrimp. Chocolate has a strong, delectable taste best complemented by Port wine. Either the food or the wine must be the dominant focus when pairing. The Antique Wine Company has Sommeliers who specialize in offering valuable advice regarding wine and food pairings. They’re on your side. Contact them today for the very best wine experience ever.

Taxi Firm Celebrates A Treasured Customer’s 100th Birthday With Her

Central Taxi, of Edinburgh Scotland, has taken weekly calls for taxi pick ups from Christine Gibson for 30 years. The taxi firm has become like family for Christine, and she tips drivers generously every week with a pound and a sweet treat.

Christine Gibson can do most things for herself, but styling her hair is something she prefers others to do for her, so every Saturday she contacts Central Taxi for a ride to Muse Hairdressing in Edinburgh. When drivers at Central Taxi found out that Christine Gibson’s 100th birthday was coming up they sprung into action and contacted Muse Hairdressing regarding having flowers and champagne waiting for Christine on her birthday. Christian Broda has read that Christine Gibson was “absolutely gobsmacked” when she saw her birthday surprise. She lives alone and thought she would be spending her 100th birthday alone without much fuss. Read More About Christine And Her Surprise Party Here.

After champagne and her hair appointment, Christine was driven back to Central Taxi’s new headquarters and given a tour. She got to meet staff who had taken her calls over the years, and even donned a headset and dispatched a few taxi calls herself, an all around wonderful way to spend a birthday!

High School Students Practice What Is Preached To Them

A high school age Sunday School class from the First Presbyterian Church of Richland decided that they had heard enough about what Jesus would do. They wanted to do something positive themselves, something Jesus would do. Students conducted a clothing drive at their church and collected over 100 items. Things like jackets, scarves, packages of socks, and mittens were collected. The students tagged the donated items with the words “I am not lost. If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm. Your friends at First Presbyterian Church of Richland.” They then hung the clothing on trees throughout Bronson Park in Kalamazoo,MI. Read More About This Heartwarming Story Here

Kids can get bored going to church. They often tune out and don’t listen to what is being preached. They may wonder what the point of it all is, and start having questions about their own spirituality. According to Daniel Amen, a great way to keep kids involved and active in their church is to give them purpose. The story above is a wonderful way to show Jesus’ love at work, while keeping kids focused on serving others. Actively serving others will teach kids large life lessons regarding Jesus and what Jesus would do, lessons they might not learn as easily while sitting in a pew.



Laurene Powell Jobs Promotes Social Good

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is not generally known as a public speaker, but rather for her thinking on and funding of issues related to immigration and education. However, she recently spoke at Stanford University on immigration reform, women overcoming career obstacles, and other social issues, and she placed an emphasis on the need for major corporations and venture capitalists to siphon a portion of their funds into a pool to encourage social and civic-minded entrepreneurs.

She stated that while businesses constructed to promote the public good are not as likely to reap the monetary benefits of businesses which are started and run with the goal of financial gains, those that work toward the common good can profit by the many intrinsic rewards which come from simply desiring to do good. Jobs believes it would benefit the socially-conscious and civic-minded entrepreneur to have funding from these sources so that they may also gain a bit of financial footing as a return for their work. Jobs has an estimated $19.7 billion dollars of wealth, according to FORBES, which makes her the sixth richest woman in the world.

She was interviewed by a professor of entrepreneurship for the Stanford talk she gave, and has clout when talking about such topics due to her own promotion for the public good as founder, funder, and advocate for various programs to help entrepreneurs and the underprivileged.

Occidental College President Johnathan Veitch: Leading Into the Future

Johnathan Vietch is the current president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He has been in office since July 1st, 2009, when he took over from interim president Robert Skothiem. Before that point, he served as the dean of Eugene Lang College, a liberal arts college that is a part of the New School in Greenwich Village. Vietch is also the author of American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s, which was published in 1997 and hailed as “a landmark in literary and cultural studies.” He attended Stanford University for his undergraduate studies, and Harvard for his doctoral degree in History of American Civilization.

During his tenure at Occidental College thus far, Vietch has notably improved relations with the community around the campus, responding to the concerns about expansion into residential areas by sharply curtailing the spread of University-owned property into the neighborhood, instead relying on existing buildings to meet the needs of the college. He has taken steps toward making the college more energy efficient by installing a 1 megawatt ground-mounted solar array, which generates around 11% of the energy used on campus annually.

He has also overseen the construction of a new alumni center, as well as the extensive renovations of Swann Hall, Johnson Hall, and the Johnson Student Center. A strategic plan has been outlined for the continued growth of the college community into the future, utilizing the skills and shared commitment of faculty, students, trustees, and staff. Vietch has additionally shown a commitment to expanding the college’s network by partnering with other institutions, notably UCLA and East Los Angeles College. During a recent controversy involving a series of sexual assaults on campus, he remained committed to balancing campus safety against the privacy and autonomy of the victims, proving to be an effective leader during times of crisis as well as during times of relative calm.

Veight currently lives on campus in Wallis Annenberg President’s House, along with his wife Sarah and their three children.

Invocation of “God” Can Lead to Riskier Behavior

Previously thought to be a sure sign of risk-averse behavior, it appears that the use of the word “God” can lead people to act in a riskier fashion than perhaps they normally would. Following a study done at Stanford, evidence suggests that in amoral situations, individuals may be given a false sense of security when hearing or seeing “God”, and as such, will participate in riskier behavior or activities. This theory was tested by providing individuals with the chance to click on ads on social media sites, the same ads existing in two versions, one with the word God and one without. In the case of the skydiving ad, the God version received double the amount of clicks as the other. By contrast, in an ethics based ad (i.e. bribery lessons), the God version saw the number of clicks halved as opposed to the God-less version, loosely confirming risk averse behavior in explicitly moral situations.

This research is quite peculiar though said Haidar Barbouti. There is no real mention of who these people are who are clicking these ads, which has a huge impact on how the word “God” affects them. Believers would certainly be more likely to be swayed in the direction desired by the researchers, so simply confirming their predetermined hypothesis by setting up their study to include Christians would be incredibly misleading. This study contains too many variables to accurately assess this proposed conclusion.