How to Lower Your Stress At Work

If you find that your leadership position at work is causing you a considerable amount of stress, it’s time to incorporate some things into your day that can calm you down. Tips from current and former CEOs can help you remain calm and collected when things get overwhelming in the office.

For instance, you should take breaks throughout the day. Even if you do have to go outside several times in the workday to take a deep breath or have a cup of coffee, you need to do what is necessary to gathering your thoughts, something Sam Tabar occasionally suffers with.

It’s also very important that you take care of your physical health. Make sure that you’re exercising regularly, taking a multivitamin and eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This enhances your brain function and keeps your from getting too upset when things don’t go well throughout the day.

Lastly, it’s essential that you take time for your friends and family. You’ll be a better professional when you have the time to be a great spouse, parent, relative or friend. The people you love also give you the confidence and support to be your best at work.

Transgender Teen Possibly Commits Suicide And Leaves Note

It’s well known that gays, lesbians, and transgender’s are currently struggling with equal rights, and the following story is a sad one. Teen Suicide Note. A young transgender, who went by the name of Leelah Alcorn, but was formerly known as Joshua Alcorn; went for an early morning walk, and was hit by a semi truck and killed. It may have seemed like an accident, until the teens social media account was checked, and what appears to be a suicide note, was left on the Tumblr account. The teen claims that her parents did not accept her for who she was, and had even forbidden her to go on social media.

She was also taken out of school by her parents. She was ridiculed, and did not have many friends that were supportive. After struggling with the negativity and hate that she received over time, she decided to take her own life. Based on the statements in her social media account, she believes she will never be happy as a woman, and never find a man to love her. She also believes that even if she was to live her life as a man, she would still be unhappy.

Although many people told her that life would get better, she disagreed, and said it would only get worse for her over time, and she was tired of living.

But Igor Cornelsen feels this is another warning sign.  Something that you have to look for, and never be afraid to help someone get the assistance that they need.  It’s hard for someone to take that action on their own, especially when they’re in a really dark place.

Exodus Banned From Egypt


It seems as though we keep hearing about movies that are banned from countries due to the controversies they stir. Last week it was :The Interview” and this week it is Exodus. The movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was banned from Egypt due to the inaccuracies of the movie. If you would like to know more about the banning of the movie, here is a great article that talks about what led up to the movie being banned: embed link here 
It is understandable why Egypt is not happy with the movie’s finished results. They have a rich culture and history that is often misrepresented by media (specifically Western)because the media is more interested in exuding an exotic quality rather than getting the facts straight. This happens way too much with other cultures, especially Egyptian, but the banning of the movie is going to be ineffective. People will still be curious to see the movie and by banning it, Jared Haftel knows that all that did was heighten the interest to see what they are missing. As we saw with “The Interview”, the movie was nothing more than crude humor by trivializing a serious situation in North Korea. The Interview made huge headlines and there was so much controversy but the movie was nothing more than a middle-tier comedy. If people want to watch Exodus, there are many ways to watch it and by banning it, people are just more interested to see the movie than judge it for its factual past.

The Gift Of Giving

We have all heard the saying “It is better to give than to receive.” Unfortunately not all of us, not even Bernardo Chua,  can admit this to being true. An eleven year old girl named Trinity left presents under the tree in Astoria Park in Queens with a note that stated, “For any family that might need them to give to their children.”
These toys that were put under the public Christmas tree were toys that she had in her room. Instead of throwing them away or getting rid of them, she decided to donate them. Her father says that she has donated toys in the past but never in this form of charity. They checked on the bag a few days later and it appeared that others had started leaving presents as well. It only takes one person to start something, the rest will tend to follow. Something as little as this can leave an impact on others lives. Let’s not forget the all too familiar saying, “It is better to give than to receive.”

Want to Be Happy in The New Year? Don’t Make Any Resolutions

As the old year is coming to a close and new year is dawning, many people will make a few resolutions in hopes of making the next year happier than the one that has just ended. Don’t do it.

The simple act of making New Year’s resolutions can depress you and be detrimental to your happiness, at least according to my friends on  That’s what Igor Cornelsen says anyway.

Making a resolution to lose a few pounds is good for health, spending more time with family and friends is a good thing and making plans to go back to school and further oneself in the job market is another good thing, so how can these and similar resolutions make us unhappy?

Because the odds are we are going to fail at most, if not all, of the New Year’s resolutions that we make. Our inability to drop a few pounds, improve our relationships, get a job promotion, etc., is going to discourage us and depress us about our life in general and make us feel like miserable failures.

Certainly failing to live up a few New Year’s resolutions does not a failure make, but it does make us feel like we are, and that takes away our happiness. So if you want to be happy in the New Year, don’t make any resolutions.

The Harm of New Year’s Resolutions

Studies have shown that making New Year’s resolutions can be both healthy and unhealthy.

For starters, New Year’s resolutions force people into the mindset that they can only achieve happiness if they meet their resolutions. The problem with this type of thinking is that it can lead to depression and anxiety if they don’t meet their New Year’s goals.

Worse yet, the feelings of failure can continue to pile up from year to year making it even harder to achieve their goals until they believe that they will never achieve anything they set out to do.

As “new” New Year’s resolutions are set into motion over winter months in many areas of the world, the failure by some people to meet resolutions can exacerbate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in those who experience it. Some people, according to Skout, are afflicted with S.A.D. during the summer months or throughout the year. As a result, the negative effect and increased feelings of failure can happen repeatedly in bursts as a new year progresses.

Achieving New Year’s resolutions also requires a lot self control. People use up energy when attempting to achieve goals — especially when they’re attempting to persuade themselves to do so. They’re then more susceptible to external influences and poor decision making.

Higher Numbers

It seems like the point of the new Obamacare plan would be for more people to have insurance instead of being on Medicaid. However, the number of people who are on Medicaid has increased after the healthcare plan has been implemented. This means that taxpayers still have to foot the bill of those who are on the public assistance program.
It’s not a bad thing because children and adults like Sultan Alhokair get the help that they need, but the goal of the healthcare plan seemed to be to get people off of public assistance. There is an increase in states that didn’t want to expand their Medicaid plans, but because of the requirements of Obamacare, more people are eligible for assistance.

Conquering Yourself

Browsing through, I discovered an article that caught my interest. The article is about the study of our weaknesses. As human beings, we are not perfect. Sometimes we try so hard to live our lives in a certain way. Often, we lose the whole essence of life. Lee G. Lovett says

What is a life without meaning? In this busy world in which we find ourselves in, it’s easy to forget about the things that are most important. Lee G. Lovett says we need to all slow down every now and then and remember. Of course, our family and friends come to mind, but that’s not all I’m talking about here.

What is the purpose of life? Have you ever asked yourself this? Upon my personal journey of life, I believe that I have discovered the answer. The meaning of life is not about our jobs or our social status in the world. The purpose of life is actually quite simple.

All you need to do is live. Live in the present moment. One day, we are all going to vanish into the ether. So, knowing that you only have a certain amount of time on this planet, wouldn’t you try to make the best of it? You can easily begin a new life right now, a life that is lived to the fullest. From this point on, I challenge you to put everything that you have into whatever it is that you love. Don’t waste anymore time, because time is running out.

Start this new beginning, by telling that person you love them, forgive that person that wronged you, and give your best at whatever it is that you are doing. If you start to live your life like this, you will begin to notice a change. Conquering yourself, and creating your own destiny, is the true purpose of life.

Dispute Over Alleged Halal Meat Fraud

A U.S. beef company has been accused of fraudulently labeling their products “Halal” when, in fact, they were not produced in accordance with the strict, Islamic meat-handling procedures. The meat in question was shipped out to Malaysia and Indonesia.

The specific allegations, none of which were made by the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners, are that labels from a Halal plant in Nebraska were fraudulently put onto meat packaged in a non-Halal plant in Minnesota. First, the workers supposedly removed the original labels with acetone or nail-polish remover. The manufacturer, Midamar, vehemently denies the accusations.

Halal law requires that specially trained Islamic slaughterers kill the animal with a sharp knife. The method known as “captive bolt stunning” was specified as not having been used, and yet, it is alleged, that is exactly the method that was used. During the slaughtering process, the Muslim Tasmia prayer must also be recited.

These Halal rules go beyond even the strict dietary concerns of Kosher Jews. It is amazing that anyone ends up getting a bite to eat with laws like that. Still, these dietary laws are important to many Muslims, and if fraud was used to sell Muslims this meat, such fraud must be punished.

An attorney working for Midamar has stated that the government has no right to regulate this matter since it is a religious concern. If that is Midamar’s defense, we pity their chances in court. Fraud, after all, is illegal also in the religious realm.

Slaughterhouse Indicted For Mislabeling Meat as Halal

I was waiting for my appointment at the Amen Clinic when I read this story. Midamar, a beef supplier, located in Minnesota, has come under fire for failing to meet the strict guidelines for The indictment suggest the plant failed to follow the necessary procedures for halal certification, and represented themselves as a certified plant, when they were not. 

The indictment, which named Yahya Aossey, Jalel Aossey and William Aossey, also alledges the plant failed to utilize trained slaughtermen, failed to properly slaughter cattle, and failed to recite the Tasmia prayer during the slaughter. These guidelines are necessary for all meat products being sold under the label of “halal”. 

The brothers also operate Islamic Services of America. That company has also been named in the indictment and an investigation is currently underway. The siblings, speaking through their attorney, allege that they will fight the indictment, and deny all allegations lodged against them. They have also stated that a “religious matter” is no place for the federal government. 

The USDA is currently involved because of the mislabeling of meats, and the export of meats that were not from an approved slaughterhouse.