The Ubuntu Education Gala with Andrew Rolfe

Recently, more than £ 603,000 was raised at the Ubuntu Education Gala. This fund helps disadvantaged people in Africa. The amount required was R10, 000,000 in South Africa. Their goal was to raise £600,000. The money will be used to expand the student capacity at the Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus. It will also be used to improve paediatric clinics affiliated with the campus.

The fund is used by over 400,000 disadvantaged persons in Africa. At the campus, the people’s health is taken care of from when they join the campus to when they get a career. Founded in 1999, it primarily focused on the availability of education when they realized that underlying factors such as hunger and HIV that prevented the children from reaching maximum education potential, they started providing health care, nutrition, home stability and more.


Approximately 300 of London’s renowned socialites and philanthropists were in attendance. Chairperson Andrew Rolfe welcomed everyone and performances of Xhosa chorales’ and speeches caught the audience but Sinesipho Rbidyani that stole the show. She narrated her life story involving her drunken father and the negative effects of his behaviour becoming an Ubuntu Scholar being accepted into law school and how she was able to get her mother to leave her abusive father.

Her story and the various talented scholars encouraged generosity and items like a paid South African holiday package, a portrait and two paintings accumulated an impressive £ 33,000. Charlie Ross was the auctioneer.

At the end of the evening, the founder and CEO of the Fund, Jacob Lief elucidated how watching disadvantaged children in Africa grow up for 20 years and made him do something about it. The fund has sponsored about 2,000 disadvantaged children and provided quality education and healthcare. Their biggest accomplishment is the reduction of HIV transmission. Hundred percent of the mothers it caters to have given birth to babies who tested negative. Ninety percent of its scholars are accepted into major universities. The toddlers can also start primary school. The Ubuntu Education Fund is committed to sustainable development.


Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He is also the Managing Director at TowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew Rolfe went to Harvard Business School where he was awarded a Master’s in Business/Managerial Economics and the University of Oxford where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts.

Success Comes Early In The Basketball Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

The basketball coaching career of Yanni Hufnagel has been one success story after another even though the man in question has only reached 34 years of age. A coaching career that began at a young age in his hometown of Scarsdale, New York, where the young Yanni Hufnagel would set out to learn as much as possible about basketball plays and strategy from the books he could find before setting out to become a sports broadcaster with his local public broadcasting station.

While studying for his undergraduate degree at prestigious Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel became the basketball manager for the university’s team and expanded upon this initial role by taking up his first graduate assistant role at Oklahoma University. Yanni Hufnagel had already interned with the New Jersey Nets at this stage and would go on to take on major roles as an assistant coach with a number of different college teams. It was during his initial coaching role with Oklahoma that Yanni Hufnagel made his first impression with Head Coach Jeff Capel recommending him for the role of coach at Harvard University. The latest role of Yanni Hufnagel has seen him become a trusted assistance of Nevada Wolf Pack Head Coach Jeff Musselman as the New York native looks to continue his prolific rise to success as a basketball coach.

The career of Yanni Hufnagel has seen him achieve success as a student with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, followed by a Masters in Education from Cornell University. A former lacrosse player, Yanni Hufnagel first came to prominence when his work assisting in the development of current NBA star Blake Griffin was recognized during his time as an assistant coach at Oklahoma.


The Different Wines Grown in various Regions in France

France is one of the countries where the UKV PLC has reached their influence. The company is one of the best businesses when it comes to creating a connection between vintner who is making the wine and the end consumer. Before the Enterprise arrived, the farmers in the region were used to benefit the big corporations with their hard work. However, UKV PLC started a system whereby it is possible to market your wine directly to consumers and distributors. UKV PLC has a website where the farmers and the clients meet and do the wine business. The company only charges a small fee as commission to anyone who uses their site to market wine.

UKV PLC stocks best wines from all the great vineyards in Europe. They have members from Spain, France, Italy and the UK and are still expanding their reach. The company is very supportive of all their farmers because of the superior quality of the wines they produce. When it comes to French wine, they have the following brief guideline on the wine types that originate from the different regions to learn more: click here.

The first region is Burgundy. This area is well known for the production of both red and white wines. The red wines they produce normally have complex earthy tones which are delicious nevertheless. The white wines, on the other hand, are made using chardonnay grapes, which means that they tend to have very light fruity flavors. The most expensive variety of wine that comes from this region is Cote Beaune Chardonnay, it will cost you quite some amount, but it is worth the price.

The second region is Bordeaux, located on the Atlantic coast. They mainly produce medium body red wines and export them to different countries. The area has many brewers, so the wine is affordable. Champagne is the area to head to if you want great champagne while the Loire is the home of light bodied white wines.

These are all wines that you can access through the UKV PLC website. Whether you are a wine collector, an individual customer or a distributor, you will find a great wine for your taste on the site.

Jason Hope: Pioneering Technological Philanthropist and Medical Game Changer

In the brave new world of medical technology, one man is trying to make a difference. Philanthropist Jason Hope, believes the coming advancements in the realm of 5G technology can truly begin to eliminate multiple issues in the medical field, and even save lives.

5G in the Medical Industry

When it comes to technology in the medical field, many current devices rely on a prompt network response. From the use of glucose monitors, to the possibility of future nano-technology, the continuously improving field of medicine is rapidly engineering more lifesaving devices every day. Though current technology and wifi have so far been able to handle the onslaught of newly contrived medical devices, eventually an overload will be inevitable. When this happens, there is a high probability that even standard 4G LTE technology will no longer suffice. This is why new 5G technology will soon be crucial to maintain and possibly increase these inevitable medical advancements. Jason Hope is positive that faster networks can help advance the field of medical technology in monumental ways.

Jason Hope’s Philanthropy

Jason Hope’s belief that 5G technology will change the world is so strong, that he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. He believes that the betterment of available networks may even bring about an age of nano-technology. The pioneering of nano-technology could actually begin to eliminate such inter of things as age related medical ailments. There are so many applicable uses for faster network speeds. Hope believes that 5G technology is undoubtedly the way of the future.

Jason Hope is completely dedicated to helping the world move forward by means of 5G technology. His deepest desire is for human beings to be able to live longer, healthier lives. He contentiously is making strides toward the impressive revolutionary network developments in 5G technology. He is truly a technological game changer.

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How ClassDojo Is Changing The Way Schools Work

ClassDojo is going to change the industry with the way parents, teaches, and students come together to create communities and a place where students can learn and gain insight from both parties. Through the help of a powerful little app, ClassDojo is going to give parents the chance to join in on their students’ academic careers and see them flourish without waiting for parent-teacher conference day once a year.

In a world where students today can lose interest because of a lack of encouragement from parents and teachers, this app can help get everybody involved. This app starts off by providing a positive and safe culture within the classroom. Teachers can encourage their students to work harder while giving them a platform to share what they have accomplished. Students can showcase to their parents through videos and photos on their portfolios that their parents can easily access through the app as well. Teachers can help keep the parents up to date through the app as well to keep them in the loop on their child’s weekly progress.

The app is great for pushing kids through the app’s unique set of awards and ways to recognize the student. For example, if a kid is shy but participates in a class project, the teacher can easily give them a virtual high-five through the app. This gives the teacher the voice to share and spread positivity in the room and give each student that sense of togetherness that their teacher is there to cheer them on.

Everybody is going to gain something from ClassDojo. The teachers have a platform to encourage students; the students feel inspired to accomplish more; the parents are brought in to the conversation, and the school overall experiences healthier and stronger upbringings the classroom ensuring a better future with students who care.

Greg Secker

How Greg Secker Got To Be The Best in The Forex Trade Business

Forex trade is one of the most profitable businesses and Greg Secker has made a fortune out of it. By the time he was in his twenties, he was already in the list of English Multi-millionaires, courtesy of the trading business. Today, he has founded around 17 companies in various industries including motivation, philanthropy and trading. He is mostly known for his role at Learn to Trade where he is the founder and CEO.

Greg Secker enjoys motivating young people to be economically independent. That is one of the major reasons why he is always seeking a platform to talk to young entrepreneurs and show them winning strategies to make them successful. He has spoken in some of the world’s most popular platforms including Success Summit Congress and National Achievers Congress.

All this success, but Greg Secker did not just wake up one day and find himself successful. Secker attended the University of Nottingham and acquired a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. Bu, while in school, he concentrated in the making of computers. That is how he learnt to code and program and his skill earned him a seat at a fair. That is where he met a guy from Thomas Crook Financial Services and they immediately connected, as they both had interests in computers. So, when he completed school and there was an opening at Thomas Crook, he was called to an interview and he was taken in.

It was at Thomas Crook that Greg Secker learnt about Forex Trading. He had been appointed to develop the Virtual Trading Desk, which was to be the first ever online trading platform. As the programmer of this platform, it meant that he had to interact with elite traders and had no option other than learn every detail of the trade, if he was to code the trading strategies without any discrepancies. In the process he learnt that the business was very profitable and he decided to try it. He borrowed 5,000 Euros and started his own trading platform from his apartment, the rest is history.

America Is Home to Myriad Civil, Human and Migrant Rights Groups

The United States is a country that has stood at the forefront in the championship of human rights since it is on this basis upon which it was founded. Given this status, many groups and organizations that advocate for human, civil and migrant rights have been up and running for many decades now.

Some of these groups include Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA is an organization that is based in Los Angeles County and focuses on immigrant rights. The organization formally operated at a local level but has since evolved, and its effect is felt nationwide.

It serves and organizes institutions, individuals or even coalitions to transform the public opinion, build power and transform the policies with the aim of achieving human labor and civil rights. CHIRLA has also championed for legislations and policies that effectively work to benefit the migrant communities.

Many advocacy networks and organizations targeting issues to do with migrant rights have also work in partnership with CHIRLA to achieve their goals. One of these coalitions is CGWA (Coalition of Garment Worker Advocates) whose goal was to bring to light the violations of labor laws in line with the Los Angeles garment industry.

The coalition created the Garment Worker Center in 2001 which provided an opportunity for these workers to come together and create options to better working conditions.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

AILA is a voluntary bar organization of over 13,000 law professors and attorneys that were founded in October 1946. These attorneys have dedicated themselves to teaching the immigration law. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

The attorneys represent many U.S. families that are pursuing permanent residence for their families and also U.S. businesses that are in need of talent from other parts of the world. This association also represents foreign entertainers, students, athletes as well as asylum seekers always as a matter of public interest.

The not-for-profit, non-partisan association offers ongoing education, professional services, expertise and information using its 38 chapters and 50 or more national committees. It was originally called Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers (AINL).

In 1982, AINL established a national headquarters that it based in Washington, D.C. and subsequently changed its name to American Immigration Lawyers Association. By 1985, AILA had increased its membership three-fold from 1975 to become 1,800, and by 2012 it had more than 12,000 members in total.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a fund that was set aside by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to support migrant right groups across the state of Arizona. This Fund is meant to help various groups that advocate for the human, civil and migrant rights and also those that fight for the freedom of speech and open participation of the society across Arizona.

One of such groups is la línea fronteriza. The two journalists dedicated the whole $3.75 million settlement towards this mission.

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Jose Henrique Borghi; The Brazilian Advertising Guru

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe agency. Borghi is the co-CEO of the advertising agency. He is known for his creativity and the innovative approach that he takes when developing advertisements. The Mammals of Parmalat campaign featured children who were dressed in stuffed animal costumes singing catchy jingles. He was behind the Sazon advertisement that led to the creation of the “It is the love song” by Zeze Di Carmago and Luciano. He was drawn to advertising when he saw an array of commercial advertisements that were nominated at the Cannes festival. Borghi’s sister had invited him to see the performance at the Castro Neves Theater.

Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente. He graduated with a degree in Advertising from PUC-Campinas. He started his career at Ogilvy in 1989. Jose Henrique Borghi went on to work at other top agencies such as DDB, Talent, and FCB. He eventually decided to open his agency and partnered with Erh Ray to establish BorghiErh. They started without any outside investment or help from anybody. Their efforts paid off when Lowe & Partners bought the company in 2006.

The agency changed its name to Borghi Lowe after Ray sold his share of the agency. It merged with the Mullen Group a few months ago and acquired the name, Mullen Lowe. The agency works with clients in both domestic and the international market today. Some of the clients that they have worked with include Unilever, Fiat, Delta Airlines, Asia Motors, and American Express.

Borghi has established himself as one of the top executives in Brazilian advertising. Borghi’s advertisements and campaigns have won him many awards. He has 10 Clios Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 15 April Advertising Awards, and 14 Cannes Lions. He is a marathon runner and likes to do it because of the persistence it requires.

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Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a type of dry dog food that is manufactured by the Purina Food Company. The food is mainly composed of chicken and beef recipes. Naturally obtained glycerin is also used to give the food variety in its texture. The glycerin helps retain the crunchiness of the crunchy kibbles and maintain the softness of the tender kibbles. The variety makes pups enjoy the meal. Moreover, no natural sugars are used in manufacturing Beneful Puppy Food.

Meaning of Beneful

The term Beneful denotes the word beneficial. The food is described as highly nutritional and beneficial to the dogs. It has many flavors and is healthy for consumption. Moreover, its quality is highly monitored in Purina Company laboratories. There is competent onsite staff that checks the product before it is released in the market. The staff mainly check for the nutritional value as well as the safety of the food. There are also comprehensive food quality programs in Purina to ensure food quality is always checked.

The innovation of new lines of products and improvement of the old products is also critical in Purina Company. Innovation helps the manufacturers to incorporate the pet owners’ suggestions in Beneful. Moreover, it helps in keeping the dogs delightful and the customers happy.

Fabletics Does Things Differently for Clothing Companies

Fabletics is much different from most of the other athletic wear companies that are available on the market. They have tried new things and they have been really successful with the clothes that they are selling. Since they have been in business, they have managed to grow their value by a lot and they have also been able to make sure that people are getting exactly what they need from the company. Since Fabletics has taken over the scene, they are expected to bypass Amazon with the clothing sale market in the e-commerce division at some point in the near future.


Kate Hudson helped to start the company and she has played a huge role in it since it first opened up. She continues to design clothes for Fabletics and has even done a lot of advertising for the company. Because of the way that Kate Hudson has positioned herself for the brand, she has been able to make both herself and the brand more famous than what they both were when the company started. By doing this, she has been able to help herself and the company that she plays a huge role in by making sure that things get better.


The clothes that people can purchase from Fabletics are unique. This is because they do not purchase them from a multi-channel distributor or buy them from the same places as other brands. Instead, the clothes are designed by Fabletics in combination with Kate Hudson. She stays on top of the trends and uses the company to make sure that people can get exactly what they need in the way of fashion. This helps the clothes to stay trendy and as unique as possible so that people will be able to look great while they are working out.


Using a subscription service is something that most people are familiar with but Fabletics was one of the first. They did what they could to position themselves in one of the top tiers of the industry and they also wanted to make sure that they could show people what they were able to do. Thanks to everything that Fabletics did for subscription services, people are now able to get more out of the service and out of the options that they have. It has helped the industry to grow from where it was at in the beginning of the Fabletics company.


One thing that Fabletics does is use the reverse showroom technique to help people with the options that they have. Instead of having to browse through many outfits, customers only have to find a few outfits. The company uses results from a style quiz and puts together options for all of their customers. They want people to be able to choose but they don’t want the choice to be too difficult. By putting a few clothing choices together, Fabletics makes sure that everyone can find something that they like as efficiently as possible while they are using the Fabletics site.