Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreens Continue to Expand

Today, one of the quickest growing restaurant chains in the United States is Sweetgreens. While many restaurant chains have large ownership structures, the Sweetgreens chain still continues to be led by three men who started the concept when they were in school together.

The three co-CEOs of the chain were finishing up their education at Georgetown University when they concluded that establishing a fresh and healthy meal concept near campus would be beneficial. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Within a few months of earning their diplomas, the three co-CEOs were able to raise enough equity to open their first location near campus.

Ever since that time, the three college friends have continued to be involved in the business, although each has separate duties. Nathaniel Ru, who is one of the three CEOs of the company, has been very involved when it comes to helping the company grow. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

He has had a lot of relationships with investors, banks, and the media to help ensure the company has the reputation and financial capital necessary to continue the growth.

Thanks to the efforts by Ru and his partners, the company has been able to handle the growth. While they started small with just one location, the chain has been able to grow substantially. Today, there are more than 40 locations, many of which are in the east coast. However, they have also expanded to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and have plenty of targest for future growth.

Today, Sweetgreens has nearly 2,000 employees. While the company has a strong retail presence, they also have a growing corporate and tech staff. One of the most unique requirements of all employees is that each employee will need to spend a few days each year working in one of the restaurants.

This helps all employees to understand the true challenges of working in food service while also understanding what it takes to meet customer needs.

While Sweetgreens is a growing brick and mortar chain, ti seems to be much bigger than other restaurants when it comes to online sales. Today, more than one third of all sales are completed through either the Internet or a mobile app.

This allows for online ordering for pickup, or even delivery in some markets. The company is continuing to invest in its technology in a hope that this segment will give it a competitive advantage compared to other comparable businesses that have not yet expanded their tech operations.


 The Inspiring Leadership of SahmAdrangi at Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management has collected an estimate of $100 million from potential investors who are putting their money on one stock. This is the information that Reuters has received concerning the matter. The new Kerrisdale joint investment fund is unique. The small firm that hails from New York has plans of using the money which it has raised to short an upcoming public company’s stocks. The company raised a reasonable amount of money in a short time as per the remarks issued by Adrangi.

Shane Wilson and Adrangi paid attention to the campaigns that are upcoming and are developing a website and a report to prove their thesis.. The fund is already buying stocks to build its standing in the acquired company which is yet to be named.

SahmAdrangi studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Yale University. SahmAdrangi is the chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management and has been involved in the development of the firm since 2009. His career began in the leveraged finance investment firm Deutsche Bank. He also served as an analyst at Longacre Management when it had a multi-billion dollar debt hedge fund that distressed the firm.

At a young age of thirty two; SahmAdrangi has set a record and has a reputation of a successful entrepreneur that many young investors look up to. His fund has $250 million assets under management, this is very impressive considering his cumulative experience. One of Sahm’s tactics in business is a strong presence on twitter. Kerrisdale Capital always tweets about its position and this tactic has been adopted by other prominent fund managers like Carl Icahn. SahmAdrangi is very curious and vocal in his ideas and opinions. His polished professional demeanour plays a big role in his successful business venture. SahmAdrangi can be described as fearless, a risk taker, outgoing and ambitious businessman and he is yet to achieve much more in his entrepreneurship venture.

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3 Things Rocketship Education’s CEO Has Provided to Educators’ Minds Around the USA

Preston Smith co-founded Rocketship Education in 2007, its first school year being housed in a church in San Jose. Smith, the current chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, has taught in low-income, impoverished, troubled areas for the past two decades, having served as its CEO since early 2013. During this time, he’s picked up on several tidbits of pedagogical info that every educator should have access to. Here are a few of them.

Teachers’ backgrounds are matched to that of the schools they teach in. For example, if one of Rocketship Education’s locations in Nashville, Tennessee – aka the Music City – has 50% black, 20% Asian, 10% hispanic, and 20% white students, teachers are selected in these proportions. When classrooms’ teachers’ backgrounds match those of students, they learn more effectively and behave better in class.

Teachers also visit student’s homes each and every year. Seeing as Rocketship heavily values individualized learning, visiting their places of residence helps form these lesson plans more effectively.

Rocketship Education’s administrators aren’t scared to roll back plans that were once expected to perform well, like the school’s former flex model. If these plans don’t work well at all schools, they should be rolled back.

Rocketship Education was created by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007. Like most other organizations and businesses created in the Bay Area, home to some of the world’s leading entities, Rocketship Education is by no means short on innovation. The group of public charter schools is one of the first in the United States of America to implement technology in its everyday activities, even further, on an individual level. While students spend most of their time at school in traditional classroom settings, those that include each and every student in lectures that focus on classes as a whole, individual students are provided with tablets, desktops, and laptops that feature individualized learning programs to help them hone their respective skill son what matters most. As kids in low-income areas, those that Rocketship Education’s 18 facilities are located in, aren’t often privy to quality educations, this line of schools is helping change the tradition of bad areas getting bad schools.

Wearing EOS Lip Balm

Many women wear EOS lip balm because it is good for their lips. It stops them from being chapped and dry. It also makes their lips look soft and supple.

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The Latest Type Of EOS Lip Balm Is Called Crystal

The Crystal EOS lip balm is clear and see through. It is so nice for women to wear because it makes their lips look natural and beautiful, refer to They love it, and they are raving about it.


It Comes In A Cute Package

It is so easy to carry around with them anywhere that they need to go. The packaging is cute and small, and many women find that they want it with them all the time.


How Much Is It?

The cost for this lip balm is $5.49. There are also coupons, sales and promotions that women can take advantage of. They can usually find out this information online, so that they can save money when they go to purchase it.

Buying a lot of the EOS lip balm at a time is what many women do. They want to have extras on hand in case they run out of it, and they also like to give it away as gifts. It makes wonderful presents at any time of the year for special occasions.

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Futurist, Technologist, and Philanthropist –Jason Hope

He has passion in what he does as a technologist. However, he is not only a technologist but also a philanthropist and a futurist who mainly focuses his attention in technology industry. He is an American entrepreneur who advises the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to be focused on one project instead of indulging on several projects at a go. As an entrepreneur, a futurist as well as a technologist; Mr. Jason believes so much in the power of Internet of Things (IoT). He trusts that the power of internet of Things is the future of the modern community as the advancing numbers of devices become connected. Jason Hope is a strong believer of technology and trusts that technology is of a great benefit to both individuals as well as investment who wishes to exploit on technology in the future.

Jason Hope was born and grew in Temple., Arizona. After his High School graduation; Hope attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in Finance and later attended ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Mr. Jason is a philanthropist, who has invested so much in the education sector, biotechnology, as well as the health industry. Hope values the importance of education and he is a sponsor of learning both in and outside the classroom. Jason also supports those organizations which have a major influence on disease, cure, and prevention. In his humanitarian activities; Hope has worked with various organizations including; World Wide Orphans Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountains Chapter, the Family Health International, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Arizona Science Centre and True Colors Fund among others.

Jason Hope is also very passionate about the young people, their goals, as well as their future. Jason has a program that supports the young people who have big ideas but lack capital. He believes that the future of technology lays with great ideas which the young people have, has led him to offer assistance by providing grants for them to pursue their dreams as they bring innovation. Recently an interview was conducted and when asked how he brings his ideas; Jason Hope said that he has learned to keep things basic and avoid over complicating things and he also share the ideas with people close to him, and later works the project step by step. Mr. Jason believes that networking has helped him accomplish a lot in life. His advice to the young and aspiring technologist is to keep a close eye on the SEO, social media as well as internet marketing which are in high demand. Being a successful investor; Jason has also failed and he says when he established Mobile Technology. He encourages others not to dwell so much on their failures.

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The Best Places to Apply Crown Moldings

Crown moldings have the power to change the ambiance of a room. These provide attitude to a simple room and add architectural interest. Depending on the dimension and decoration of a place, you can apply them in any volume, from bulk to minimal and even nonexistent. Only the right application can perfectly complement a room and enhances its cosmetic value.


The key to a successful molding installation is to know where to put it. Previously, homeowners could not think beyond the edge of the ceiling, but the concept has changed nowadays. Using the moldings in some certain places in your home can really give the entire space a new look.


Door & Window Framing: It can hide any imperfections you may have around the door and window frames. It’s a lovely replacement of the average trim. It adds a stylish flair to a room and creates the impression of a smooth transition from the inside to the outside of that place. In case if you are bored with the ceiling moldings, install these for a change of taste.


Around the Mantel: Crown moldings can add just the right amount of bling to a lifeless piece of furniture. So, if a shelf looks too drab or the fireplace mantel in the living room needs a bit of pizzazz, add some trims. It won’t cost much as decorating one or two furniture does not require a lot of moldings. Besides, it could be a great DIY project if you want to install the trims yourself.


Shaping the Headboard: You may not have thought about it before but it could be a nice addition to your bedroom. Such a fixture will make the headboard look more elegant and sophisticated. Even if you choose to repurpose an old door or used fabric and foam to make the headboard, the addition of a good-looking feature like the crown moldings will give it a fresh look. It could also be an easy project to start your DIY journey.


Frame the Mirror: Do you think the mirror in your bathroom needs a bit of sprucing? If yes, why don’t you try to dress it up with crown moldings? These could be the perfect choice to uplift your entire bathroom without breaking the bank. You can even use decorative moldings too for a traditional style bathroom or to create a focal point. You can apply the same idea to all the large mirrors you have in the entire house.


On the Walls: Molding for walls could be a good alternative to the traditional style trims that are often seen between walls and the ceiling or the wall and the floor. Although using them at the meeting point of two surfaces create a seamless appearance, trims on the walls look great and dress up a room in a lovely way. Some decorative moldings instead of some fancy artwork or costly wallpaper can accent the walls. Use a different color for the moldings to create a chic look.


The chair rails could be a nice alternative too as they not only protect the walls but also add the aesthetic value. You can create an interesting look by painting the upper and lower portions of the rails in two different colors.


Kitchen Cabinet: Kitchen in a good place for installing crown moldings and the cabinets could be another place for adding the trims. You can use the moldings both above and at the base of the cabinet boxes. Installing them above the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling will give the place a unified look.


Painted cabinets will be the better than wooden cabinetry for such a project because it will be much easier to match the paint than wood stain for the moldings. However, some people choose wood trims for a painted cabinetry to create an exotic look.








These ideas will come handy for people who are tired of seeing the traditional application of crown moldings. These are a beautiful architectural feature. So, try to get the best out of them by thinking of something out of the box.



Brian Torchin Discovered The Way To Fill Critical Positions Quickly And Professionally

Brian Torchin has an extensive education that began at the University of Delaware. His major of exercise science would be beneficial for his later career. He additionally achieved a Bachelor’s in Science and a pre-med while attending the university.

Once his undergraduate studies had been completed he was accepted at the New York Chiropractic College. His studies encompassed 1992 through 1995 when he was awarded his degree as a doctor of chiropractic medicine.

He became board certified and licensed and then established his own offices. He helped a lot of people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while acquiring knowledge, experience, and skill in his occupation.

In 2007 there was a shift in the career of Brian Torchin called HCRC Staffing. He became involved in providing highly qualified staffing to medical facilities and legal firms. The positions he filled in the healthcare field varied and included a wide variety of therapists and practitioners.

The assistance he provided to fill necessary positions was a great benefit to his clients and his company began to grow.

When critical positions remain empty the effectiveness of the organization suffers and Mr. Torchin provided candidates that were well qualified to fill the open positions. His services were beneficial to employers and employees and his company soon became successful.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin created his business with the goal of filling critical positions in the worlds of legal and healthcare within 72 hours. He succeeded beautifully with a company that was well run, honest, and efficient.

He saw the problem employers faced due to the time he spent in his practice and realized this presented an enormous challenge.

The turnover in both industries can be staggering and he made the decision to fill the need. Realizing the importance of filling vital positions quickly he decided this could be accomplished within three days.

HCRC Staffing now has more than 200 clients who count on their services to fill critical positions. Many of their clients are internationally located and rely on the services Mr. Torchin turned into a reality.

Brian Torchin also releases consistent publications discussing employment, hiring, and recruitment and is generally the author.

EOS Releases New Lip Balm Products

Upstart beauty brand Evolution of Smooth (also known as EOS) has already taken the lip balm world by storm with its now iconic packaging . The colorful and vibrant egg-shaped containers that its organic lip balm come in have famously given other more established lip balm products such as chapstick a run for their money. As a result Evolution of Smooth catapulted to the top of the lip balm category and outsold drug store stalwarts that been around for nearly a century longer than they had.

According to, the company’s founders gave to the business publication known as Fast Company magazine the lip balm brand was able to do this because of its focus on intentional and beautiful design. It was pointed out that the design of lip balm which most often came in the form a short tube had not changed for nearly a century. The founders of Evolution of Smooth saw this fact as an opportunity and an indication that the lip balm industry was ripe for disruption. They seized upon this opportunity by making time to invest in the design of their product. First they surveyed women who bought and used lip balm to understand how they experienced the products that were currently on the market and what exactly those products were lacking.

Market research taught the founders of Evolution of Smooth that the lip balm that came in the form of a short tube was often difficult to keep track of because it rolled under furniture and became lost within the caverns of a customer’s purse. This led the founders of the company to ask themselves the following question: how could they create a lip balm product that could counteract all of that? The founders answered that question by approaching the creation of Evolution of Smooth’s packaging as though it was an art and employed a clay artist to help them come up with ideas. The result was a product design that was beautiful to look at, fun to use and most importantly would not be easily lost and defeat the purpose of a customer buying it in the first place. Today Evolution of Smooth is continuing to compete on design with the release of its newest product: crystal lip balm. Its crystal lip balm comes in two flavors: hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid and it is beautiful to look at due to the translucent appearance of the lip balm itself, browse more products here on

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The Evolution of Smooth Gives People Access to Abundant Flavor

The Evolution of Smooth as a company that is taking off in a major way. This company has been around for many years promoting things like shaving cream and lotion. These have been moderately decent sellers for the Evolution of Smooth, but it appears that the EOS lip balm is the thing that people are taking a lot of interest in. This is a marketing campaign that has received a crazy amount of consumer buzz. More surprising articles here on

So many people have started taking interest in this type of product because it actually connects people to lip balm that has a whole lot of flavor. This is one of the most interesting lip balm products on the market today. People are buying these sphere shaped containers, and they are making a lot of noise about the exciting things that they can do with EOS Lip Balm, buy here at People that have seen the pastel colors are instantly drawn to these different lip balm offerings from the Evolution of Smooth.

Most people would instantly recognize these as excellent products to give away many party favors, see this site. A large number of women that are having baby showers are going to have their parties will use the colorful containers to decorate. The other thing that has made the marketing campaign work is the imagery that is connected to the marketing of this lip balm.

It is a product that has been geared towards helping people that want smooth kissable lips. This is the thing that has been stated in the commercial. It is not in the way that Chapstick has been advertised over the years. This is the company that EOS is overshadowing right now. This company has been connected to helping people prevent chapped lips. EOS, by contrast, has been connected to keeping lips smooth all year round.

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How Adam Milstein Advocates For Israeli-Americans And Israel

Over the years Adam Milstein has worked hard to establish himself as one of the largest Jewish community activists and philanthropists in the world. He gives money to other Jewish and Israeli-American organizations and causes through his Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. One of the big things they do is both support and mentor young students and teach them about their histories and the importance of Israel. They have provided this experience and teaching to hundreds of students across the United States.

Adam Milstein is also a very successful real estate investor. He is the managing partner of his firm, Hager Pacific Properties. His company now owns $2 billion worth of real estate including those that are residential, commercial, and involved in manufacturing. While he is based in Southern California his company owns properties all over the nation.

Over time the philanthropy side of the equation has become more and more of a focus of his. He has seen that there is a rising tide in the nation against Israeli-American and Israel itself. Antisemitism has increased in many places, especially on university campuses. Adam Milstein supports Jewish students and their work to push back against the prejudice they too often face.

Adam Milstein has been an advocate for Israeli-Americans by also starting a number of organizations that work on the national level. He created the Israeli-American Council which advocates in Washington D.C. for issues that are very important to Jewish people. He has also been a big factor in pushing for close relations between the federal government of the U.S. and that of Israel. He has also been a leader in a large number of other Israeli-American focused organizations.

Adam Milstein has written extensively about issues that are important to him in a number of publications. He is also a public speaker who, among other issues, has explained to his listeners on why it is so important for Jewish people to be able to both read and write in Hebrew. He says it is important on a fundamental level as it is necessary so that they can truly understand both their culture and religion.

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